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    Upgrade your listing photos

    Two pro photographers share five ways to make your Airbnb listing stand out.
    Bài viết của Airbnb, đăng ngày Nov 20, 2019
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    • Choose a cover image to show the personality of your home

    • For the best images, clear clutter, shoot at eye level, use the best natural light, and thoughtfully frame your composition

    • Show a mix of wide, mid, and detail shots

    • Choose a range of images that will best tell your story

    Did you know photography is one of the main deciding factors for guests when choosing a listing? Jeff and Candida are professional photographers who leverage their creativity to attract more bookings to their freshly renovated desert bungalow, El Rancho, in Joshua Tree, California.

    After remodeling the space, the couple began sharing what they created on social media and started gaining a fan base. El Rancho has since become a creative oasis. Their secret? Their ability to make a place look and feel beautiful in photos. Here, the couple shares their expert tips to improve your listing photos.

    Superhosts and photographers Jeff and Candida share their tips for highlighting your home with great photos.

    1. Clear the clutter

    Jeff: “We are sometimes surprised to see how many people forget to clear their spaces of random objects before taking photos. We try to keep our living spaces free of excess clutter, so capturing the photo we want—without distractions—becomes a lot easier.”

    Candida: “Choose objects that are right for the environment, and add a human component to the shot, whether it be a person, a blanket, or shoes on the ground. It makes a place so much more welcoming.”

    2. Frame your hero

    Candida: “When I look for an Airbnb, I always go straight to the photos. So think about what sets your place apart from others. What makes it special? Do you think people would be able to see themselves here? Explore other Airbnb listings for inspiration and to find what works.

    “Really think about what the [cover] image of your home will be—it is the first thing that people see, and what may make them want to stop and see more. We love to create meaningful, beautiful spaces and experiences that foster community, creativity, and inspiration. We keep this in mind when we think about setting up our space for photos.”

    3. Find your light

    Candida: “The secret to great listing photography is the light. What does the light look like inside and outside of your house throughout the day? Try capturing different moods and different angles to give guests a clear idea of what they can expect. Experiment and shoot as much as you can. Here are a few suggestions on how to master your light.

      • Observe your light. Experiment and explore what the natural light looks like inside and outside of your home throughout the day.
      • Shoot at dusk and dawn. When shooting outdoors, we recommend just after sunrise and before sunset—magic hour—the lighting is softer and less direct. It’ll give your space a nice warm glow.
      • Go natural. If you’re shooting indoors, find the time of day when you get the most direct, natural light—it’ll look warm and welcoming. Artificial lighting should always be a last resort, as it tends to appear too drastic in photos.
      • Play with shadows. Also try experimenting with shadows and how they can bring in visual interest and contrast.”

      4. Craft your composition

      Jeff: “To improve your listing photos, think about how you want to frame your compositions. If you have any special pieces that you love in your home, try centering them in the photograph so that they stand out. If you need inspiration, create a moodboard or follow photographers and artists whose work you appreciate. We follow artists and interior designers, and we always get inspired by various looks and spaces from around the world.

        Things to consider when crafting your composition:

        • Shoot at eye level. This helps to avoid any angle distortions, ensures the image is well-balanced, and allows viewers to see the space closer to how they would in person.
        • Use the rule of thirds. If you imagine dividing your frame into thirds, place elements of interest where those lines intersect to create intrigue in your composition.
        • Think symmetrically. Symmetry makes your special pieces stand out. Think about all the elements together—symmetry, lines, and balance.”

        5. Showcase your space

        Candida: “It’s important to curate and choose a range of images that best tell your story. What will your guests love about the space? What surprises might they need to know? How can you show the details but still give an overall idea of what the room looks like?”

        Jeff: “We’ve seen listings that skew too much in one direction—for example, they’ll have too many detail shots so you don’t actually see what the space looks like. Find the right mix of wide, mid, and detail shots. The goal is to give guests a clear picture of what the rooms look like, as well as the elements that make your home special. Also remember that there’s a whole culture around the place you’re in, the town, the neighborhood. Not every image has to be about your home.”

        Candida: “If you want to create an Instagram account, showing people the journey of creating your space goes a long way. The before and afters, the progression, it’s all relevant and fun to look back on.”

        Jeff: “We built a following by visually sharing our story. We think about everyone who has passed through and what a wonderful community we’ve been able to build. Two couples even got engaged at El Rancho! It’s events like this that remind us of how fun it is being hosts.”


        • Choose a cover image to show the personality of your home

        • For the best images, clear clutter, shoot at eye level, use the best natural light, and thoughtfully frame your composition

        • Show a mix of wide, mid, and detail shots

        • Choose a range of images that will best tell your story

        Nov 20, 2019
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