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    Recaps and next steps

    Recaps and next steps

    Here’s a review of everything you’ve learned, plus how to get started welcoming guests.
    Bài viết của Airbnb, đăng ngày Dec 17, 2020
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    Congrats! Now that you’ve watched the 5 videos in our Beginner’s Guide to Hosting, you’re ready to make changes to your listing and host with confidence. This checklist will take you through next steps.


    1. Upgrade Your Listing Photos

    Grab your camera phone, shoot additional photos of your space, and upload them directly to your listing.

    2. Describe Your Space

    Think about what makes your space unique and be honest and include lots of detail to help set guest expectations.

    3. Upgrade Your Interior Design

    Clear space for guests’ belongings and decorate to help show your personality.

    4. Make Guests Feel Special

    Provide the essentials and consider offering local treats and special amenities

    5. Attract More 5-Star Reviews

    Remember to communicate early and often with guests and offer a guidebook that showcases your local favorites.

    Extra credit

    Adopt Airbnb's 5-step cleaning process

    Learn the five steps of the process with added guidance, tips, and best practices.

    Dec 17, 2020
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