Điều hướng về phía trước để truy cập kết quả được đề xuất

    Tôi có thể thay đổi hoặc hủy đặt phòng của khách trong khi chuyến đi đang diễn ra không?

    If you need to alter or cancel a reservation, it's important to let your guests know, as well as follow these steps.

    Changing a reservation

    To send your guest a request to change the reservation:

    1. Go to Reservations and click the reservation you want to change
    2. Click Change or cancel and click Change Reservation
    3. Make your changes—dates, number of guests, and price—and click Continue
    4. Review changes, then click Send request

    Once the guest agrees to the change, any cost difference will be automatically applied to their reservation.

    Canceling a reservation

    We don’t allow hosts to cancel a reservation mid-trip without contacting us. If something comes up and you need to cancel the remainder of a reservation, make sure you message your guest to let them know what’s going on, then contact us for help.

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