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    A hosting team may be a business or a team of people that manages long or short-term rentals on behalf of the owner or renter. They can manage vacation rentals, tourist apartments, or places available for longer leases. They also take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your home, handle booking requests, welcome your guests, and support them during their stay.

    Who can host

    Anyone who has a listing on Airbnb can invite their existing rental management service to access and manage their listings on Airbnb on their behalf.

    If you have a property in France, Spain, or Canada, you can also contact Luckey, an Airbnb subsidiary, which provides comprehensive management of your property. Find out more about Luckey and how to sign up. 

    Services a hosting team may provide

    Depending on the services the team offers, here are some ways a property manager or hosting team may help manage your listing:

    • Get the space guest-ready: Hosting teams may arrange for new photography and suggest changes to make the place ready for guests.
    • Manage listing details, pricing, and the calendar. Hosting teams can review and edit listing descriptions, photos, nightly price, and availability. They can also add things like seasonal pricing and weekly discounts.
    • Message and review guests: The hosting team can message guests using their own Airbnb account, and will appear to the guest as a named member of the hosting team. When a hosting team writes a review, guests are shown the listing owner’s name as the author. If guests have an issue during their stay, the hosting team can communicate with them and fix the problem.
    • Manage reservations: A hosting team can manage the listing owner’s reservation settings and accept or decline reservation requests.
    • Welcome guests in person: Members of a hosting team can greet guests in person, give them a tour of the space, and answer questions about the place and neighborhood.
    • Provide cleaning and maintenance: A hosting team can arrange cleaning and maintenance services for the place.
    • Get help from Airbnb: If there’s an issue with a reservation or guest, a hosting team can contact Airbnb to work on a resolution. 

    Listing owner access and permissions

    When you share a listing with a property manager or hosting team, you retain some control over who has access to your listing and info:

    • Manage taxpayer and payout info. No one else is shown your taxpayer and payout details.
    • Deactivate your listing. Only you can deactivate your listing to permanently remove it from search.
    • Add and remove hosting team access to your listing. You can remove access to your listing at any time. We recommend checking with your hosting team before taking this action.
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