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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tại Øksfjord

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê được xếp hạng cao nhất tại Øksfjord

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  2. Øksfjord
Øksfjord beautiful vally called Vassdalen.

Very nice log cabin for rent. Cabin of approximately 53m2. The cabin lies in this beautiful vally in Øksfjord called Vassdalen. its surrounded by high mountains with many possibilities, in the summer there are many hiking trails of different difficulty and length. You can also fish in the freshwater about 80m from the cabin. In the winter you can start straight from the cabin to climb to high and wild mountains with lots of snow and extreme skiing, or you can walk in a light trail nearby.

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  2. Nuvsvåg, Loppa
Samuelsnes i Nuvsvåg

Nuvsvåg in Loppa is a popular place for the summit on skis and other outdoor activities, fishing and hiking. Here are the highest mountains in Finnmark where Loppatind is highest. Here are also excellent opportunities to experience the stunning northern lights. Nuvsvåg has grocery store. The nearest airport is in Alta.

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  2. Øksfjordbotn
Loppa, beautifully situated house by the fjord.

The house is from 2004, situated 25 meters from the sea, with a beautiful view from the terrace. It's modern equipped with dishwasher, microwave, freezer and all the kitchen equipment you will need, floor heating in the bathroom, laundry room and entrance area. The bedrooms are quite spacious with good quality beds. During spring, summer and autumn a boat for 4 people, with an outboard engine, is available for rent. Perfectly situated for day trips around the area :)


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  2. Øksfjordbotn
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  2. Alta
Langfjorden Alta
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  2. Langfjordbotn
Vidda Runners Huskies
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  2. Alta
Hytteidyll med nærhet til fjell og sjø
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  2. Alta
Noraførr Ranch // Tappeluft // Øksfjord // Norway