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Artsy 1 BR In University Park
Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê · 2 khách · 1 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Artsy 1 BR In University ParkĐơn vị này sẽ khiến bạn cảm thấy như ở nhà! Nó cực kỳ sạch sẽ và thiết lập hoàn hảo cho một cặp đôi hoặc một cá nhân độc thân. Khu vực xung quanh nổi bật và siêu an toàn, thân thiện và rất có thể đi bộ. Bắt đầu với một trong những trung tâm mua sắm tốt nhất ở Dallas, là Trung tâm mua sắm North Park chỉ cách đó 5 phút! Khu vực này có mọi thứ, đầy đủ các nhà hàng, quán bar, cửa hàng tạp hóa, đồ ăn nhanh, ngân hàng và nhiều thứ khác, tất cả chỉ cách chưa đầy 10 phút lái xe!

BRAND NEW apartment-Perfect Location
Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê · 4 khách · 1 giường · 1 phòng tắm

BRAND NEW apartment-Perfect LocationThis is an amazing brand new one bedroom apartment with a great balcony view towards courtyard. Located walking distance from Farmers Market. Close to downtown Dallas (5 minutes). All surfaces wiped and disinfected for your stay during this time. Perfect for all type of visits, travelers, business, single, couples and groups. Complimentary snacks, coffee and water available for guests. Stress free check-in!

The Blue Door Cottage NEW Entire 2bed/1bath
Toàn bộ nhà ở · 3 khách · 2 giường · 1 phòng tắm

The Blue Door Cottage NEW Entire 2bed/1bathWelcome to The Blue Door Cottage! Crisp, clean & modern two bedroom and one bath with designer finishes. Ideal for long and short term stays! Airy open concept with ample natural light. Wood floors throughout. Large covered patio for enjoying Southern nights. Minutes away from top Dallas dining, shopping, entertainment. Weekly and monthly rates available!

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tuyệt vời khác ở Dallas

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Artsy Eclectic Dallas Getaway
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Private Guesthouse Near Bishop Arts District
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Stylish Apartment Attached to Home By Bishop Arts
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Private Room & Bath in Old East Dallas
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Urban Retreat
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Entire Home sleeps 8🏡 near State Fair and DOWTN.🌇
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Heart of Las Colinas-Luxury Vibe
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The Crest Ridge Casita!
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⭐️ Queen Suite | Private BACKYARD | PRIVATE PARKING
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Private Guesthouse Close to Downtown, Deep Ellum.
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Modern Luxury Apt |DFW Airport| Parking|King Bed
  1. Toàn bộ tầng lửng
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Những hoạt động hàng đầu nên trải nghiệm tại Dallas

Những hoạt động độc đáo do các chuyên gia địa phương tổ chức, đã được thẩm định về chất lượng

  • The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
    First you'll discover the dark forces that shaped John Kennedy's life and resulted in his assassination on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Then we'll walk step by step though the crime scene and the Grassy Knoll using the latest in forensic science. We'll talk about the conspiracies and finish with the historical and cultural impact of President Kennedy's murder on Dallas, the United States and the world. This tour is Rated M for mature audiences; contains descriptions of graphic violence, sexual content, strong languge, smoking and drugs. Parents strongly cautioned.
    Từ Giá:$35/người
  • A Champion Mindset with Michelle Carter
    In this Experience you’ll need a pen and paper because you’ll want to take notes—you won’t want to miss a thing. First, we’ll start by getting to know one another. Next, I’ll share my five “champion's mindset” principles and walk you through how to apply these principles to different areas of your life. To end the Experience, we’ll each share the principle that’ll make the biggest impact. Share? Yes, share. Your words have power. When you speak, things happen—and champions make things happen. Are you ready? This Experience is great for team-building. Looking to reconnect with your colleagues and teammates while working from home? Send me a message! Other things to note Remember to find a nice quiet space where you can focus and have a good internet connection.
    Từ Giá:$25/người
  • Cuddle with Kunekune Pigs
    **We had 7 litters this year! Latest born Aug 17, 2021*** ***Follow @halbertfarm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch for updates and to meet the pigs before your visit*** We will start the experience in the backyard where you will meet Ripley the house pig. You'll learn about the history of Kunekune pigs and what makes them so unique. If we have younger pigs that are living in the backyard you'll get to meet them then too. I'll have treats prepared for you to feed the pigs and you'll learn how to make them sit and get their treats. Then I'll take you to meet the adult pigs first the girls and then the boys. We have 20 pigs that make up "Halbert Herd" and their ages range from 4 months to 9 years. You'll get to feed the adults treats and they love getting attention and being petted. Most of them will lay down and want their belly rubbed. If we have piglets you'll get to spend time in the piglet pen, depending on their age, you may be able to feed them treats and when they get to be about 3 weeks old they will crawl on your lap. Other things to note Make sure to wear closed toes shoes, pigs like to chew on toes. Rain, hiking, mud boots are great options. You will get dirty and we will be outside. Pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly. Long pants work better even when its hot because we may walk in tall grass in the pastures.
    Từ Giá:$50/người
  • Digital Designs for T-shirts
    You'll be guided in our design studio through the process of designing your own t-shirt with user friendly software, digital cutting machines and heat presses to design the t-shirt of your dreams. Each step in the process allows you to gain a new skill in creating your own product. We will provide the t-shirt, vinyl and all equipment needed to accomplish the project. Other things to note While we encourage creative ideas, profanity and offensive language in the studio or in your design is not acceptable.
    Từ Giá:$35/người
  • Photograph your way through Dallas!
    **Contact me for dates not on the calendar** This experience lasts for 30 mins, however 1 hr is the minimum filter on Airbnb. Ever felt like exploring Dallas while also getting those amazing Instagram shots? Come join us! I'll be taking you around one of the below 3 Dallas neighborhoods while capturing every moment on camera. If you didn't take photos during a trip did it really happen? We would either be at Bishop Arts one of our most Bohemian neighborhoods filled with lots of beautiful coffee shops, restaurants and stores. Another option is Deep Ellum! One of Dallas' oldest neighborhoods with lots of graffiti, art and fun! Or we would be at Trinity Groves. Beautifully lit with lights all year round and home to our famous Dallas bridge, we will enjoy some Instagram worthy spots here. You'll really love this! This tour gives you two things: 1) A tour of one of Dallas neighborhoods. 2) Beautiful photo spots for you to create great memories you'll never forget ever! Come hungry, come with a camera, even if it's on your phone! Other things to note We will be around restaurants, coffee shops and dessert spots so you'll probably be snacking on the way! Come prepared to eat while taking photos! - To schedule an experience on a day not listed on the calendar, let me know. I can sometimes make accommodation
    Từ Giá:$65/người

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