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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tại Santa Cruz

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê được xếp hạng cao nhất tại Santa Cruz

Khách đồng ý: những chỗ ở này được đánh giá cao về vị trí, mức độ sạch sẽ và nhiều tiêu chí khác.

Serenity Seaside Studio / Attached to house.
Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê · 2 khách · 0 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Serenity Seaside Studio / Attached to house.Get the full flavor of Santa Cruz 1.5 miles to the SC Beach Boardwalk, UCSC 1.2 miles. Walk to downtown This studio is simple, clean, stylish and unique, and meets all your traveling needs. Located in a very quiet neighborhood on the west side of town. It’s cute and comfortable with fridge, stove top, microwave and toaster oven . Easy walk to restaurants, bars, laundry-mats , health food store and bakery’s. Rent a bike , visit Donnellys world renowned chocolate , in-studio massage on request.

Charming West-Side Pied-a-Terre
Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê · 2 khách · 1 giường · 1 phòng tắm

Charming West-Side Pied-a-TerrePrivate studio on the dynamic west side of Santa Cruz. Inside you'll find a queen sized bed with natural fiber linens, brushed fir floors, and reclaimed redwood detailing. The studio includes a well appointed kitchen with granite countertops.

Country Garden Private Guest Suite (Dog friendly)
Phòng riêng · 2 khách · 1 giường · 1 phòng tắm riêng

Country Garden Private Guest Suite (Dog friendly)Căn hộ dành cho khách trong vườn quyến rũ với lối vào riêng & sân riêng, nằm dưới đường cách Công viên Bang Henry Cowell, Sân Golf Pasatiempo & cách Đa năng 1440 dặm với lối vào đường cao tốc tuyệt vời và chỉ cách bãi biển và đi bộ đường dài vài phút. Phòng bao gồm phòng tắm riêng, hành lang, tủ lạnh mini, lò vi sóng & cà phê. Chúng tôi chào đón tất cả mọi người bất kể chủng tộc, dân tộc, quốc tịch, tôn giáo, liên kết chính trị, giới & định hướng. Chó ngoan ngoãn, thân thiện cũng được chào đón.

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Nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê tuyệt vời khác ở Santa Cruz

  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Santa Cruz
Redwood Retro Surf Retreat
  1. Toàn bộ căn hộ (chung cư) cao cấp
  2. Santa Cruz
Welcome to Harbor House. Your Favorite Home at the Beach.
  1. Toàn bộ nhà khách
  2. Santa Cruz
SC Boat Harbor/Boardwalk Hideaway
  1. Phòng riêng
  2. Santa Cruz
Quiet near beach, greenbelt, town!
  1. Nhà trên cây
  2. Santa Cruz
Luxury Treehouse in the Redwoods
  1. Toàn bộ bungalow
  2. Santa Cruz
2 bdrm Bungalow 3 blocks from the Beach
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Santa Cruz
Cozy garden westside king suite STR18-0122
  1. Toàn bộ nhà ở
  2. Santa Cruz
Charming Tropical Paradise near Beach & Redwoods
  1. Toàn bộ nhà nghỉ thôn dã
  2. Santa Cruz
Cozy & Sunny 2-bedroom cottage in Seabright
  1. Toàn bộ phòng dành riêng cho khách
  2. Soquel
Beach Dreams🏖 Cozy Private Suite Retreat ❤️ 181153
  1. Phòng riêng
  2. Santa Cruz
Vintage Charm Close to Downtown and Beaches
  1. Phòng riêng
  2. Santa Cruz
Master Bedroom w/ Soaker Tub

Những hoạt động hàng đầu nên trải nghiệm tại Santa Cruz

Những hoạt động độc đáo do các chuyên gia địa phương tổ chức, đã được thẩm định về chất lượng

  • Forage Edible Plants & Mushrooms
    Find out what you can eat in the woods! We'll hike in the lovely Santa Cruz mountains where I'll guide you on a beautiful, quiet 2.5-mile hike in the unique coastal oak & redwood forest. Together we'll learn the ancient ways of identifying edible and medicinal mushrooms, plants, roots, flowers, nuts and seeds (depending on the season). Along the way we'll discuss proper harvesting and preparation techniques while connecting to the beauty and abundance of our ecosystem. This experience is a fun, hands-on way to connect to what can feed, heal and harm us in the wild. You'll walk away with a whole new appreciation and understanding of nature! The hike is doable for all skill levels. See you on the trail! Other things to note: Secure your own transportation to Verve Coffee and we'll caravan to the hike start. Bring: layers (it can get chilly in the redwoods), water bottle and comfortable hiking shoes. Optional: hiking poles, camera, hat, sunglasses. Interested in a private group or offsite for your business team? Get in touch with me at
    Từ Giá:$65/người
  • Tune In to Subtle Realms of Redwoods
    Because of COVID-19, we are only booking GROUPS consisting of your household/pod/family. If you want a SOLO experience you MUST book as a Private Group. Because of the Santa Cruz mountain fires last summer, some forests are unavailable. Based on your group's needs, we will take you to a beautiful and age-appropriate local redwood forest. There may be a $10/car entrance fee at some locations. Is the Redwood Forest calling you? Would you like to know it in a new way? In this guided experience you will make a personal connection with the Subtle Realms of the Redwood Forest. We will meet in Santa Cruz, and then caravan to the trailhead in the heart of Redwood country. Going into the Redwood Forest together, we will walk, pause, energize all our senses, and attune with the Subtle Realms of Nature. The gift of music will set the tone, and our loving presence will open the way. We will call on the Elements---Earth, Air, Fire and Water---to bring us to a new understanding of the aliveness and interconnectedness of the natural world. At the end, we will spend a few minutes writing about our experience. This will help you to recall how to connect with the Subtle Realms back home. As we complete our time in the Forest together, you can choose to stay longer on your own, or walk out with the group, fully energized with a new vision of our interconnectedness.
    Từ Giá:$77/người
  • Take the Dog to Family Nacho Dance Party
    We'll meet in the zoom room and introduce ourselves and our dogs, A few icebreakers will tell me how to cater to your interests. You'll be in your kitchen, I'll be in mine. I'll guide you through the Nacho assembly, an easy and fun cooking activity for beginner or seasoned cooks, aimed at keeping it simple so we'll have time to play with our dogs. All ingredients should be prepped beforehand. Chips, cheese and salsa and you're good to go, but creativity is encouraged to "Create Your Own Nacho Adventure" (suggestions in "What to Bring") The ingredients are layered on a tray and put in the oven. The results are delicious and will become a family favorite. Your kids can learn to make them. Substitutions can be made easily for dietary restrictions. While the Nachos cook, we'll do a little Dog Show and Tell with our canines, taking turns giving them screen time. This is your chance to show us your tricks and tell us your dog stories. I may even share a few dog tunes on my ukulele! Come with a sense of humor, things could get chaotic in our Virtual Dog Park! We're all Dog Lovers at this party! When the Nachos are done, Voila! Dinner's ready. Time allowing we'll play some dog games and dance. Who let the dogs out? Woof! No dog? Come anyway. Download and print a mask, see link. These crazy times call for comfort. Let's bring it with comfort food and our beloved fur babies. Other things to note All ages, families and dogs are welcome. Choose your own ingredients,but make sure everything is prepped ahead: cheese grated, meat cooked, olives and veggies chopped, cans open, etc. Keeping it simple will give us more face time with our pooches. Flexibility is the name of the game.
    Từ Giá:$11/người
  • Beginner Surf Lesson - Santa Cruz
    Beginner Surfing l is our popular 3-hour surf clinic. So what will you be learning? This clinic was designed with the beginner in mind – we welcome complete newbies as well as people who have tried surfing on their own for a while and still need help. We will walk you through all the basics to get you started and catching waves! There will be a short land-lesson to start, and after that we'll head out to catch some waves. You'll get approximately 1:45-2 hours of "water time" in the 3-hour class. FAQ: Why are some of these class times SOOO early?! Answer: When it comes to surfing, mother nature sets a lot of the rules - that's what makes it such a unique sport. If we don't go on the right tide, we won't get any waves! While those early morning sessions might be hard to wake up for, they are also truly magical. Great surf conditions, no wind, no crowds - it is about as epic as it gets. If you make the commitment go early, we can promise you'll be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime!
    Từ Giá:$119/người
  • Get Hands-On with the Mares and Foals
    Covid Relief is Here! We are open! July 2021. Upon your arrival, we'll get right to meeting the horses. We will stroll the small ranch and you will experience horses 'at liberty'. In other words, not living in a box/stall. I will explain the history of the rescue, why it is needed and why we are different than every other horse rescue. Our horses are treated like the sentient beings they are, and it shows. They are warm and relaxed and look forward to visitors. My goal is to get you hands-on and up close. They will casually approach you to say hello and you will experience 'horse' in a very different way. We like to give each visitor a special experience touching and connecting with these magnificent beings. We will share a demonstration of how we begin the gentling process with the foals. We show what to encourage, and what to avoid. When the opportunity presents itself, we like to let you participate. This is entirely up to our foals! We end the tour relaxing in the shade, at the tack shed. Questions are answered and you can take pictures of your favorite new friend. Other things to note: Boots are preferred, tennis shoes/comfortable walking can suffice for visiting. No opened-toed shoes. No sandals, no playing catch with baseballs or footballs. no flying drones. Tobacco is not allowed. Disruptive screaming and a general lack of manners will end the tour.
    Từ Giá:$50/người

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