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Double room in luxury Villa lagoon

Phòng riêng tại biệt thự. Chủ nhà Villa Sacchetta
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Chỗ ở
There is only one place
where the magic of Venice
and the poetry of nature
intertwine ...

VILLA SACCHETTA : all the luxury of an exclusive villa in the enchantment of the Venice Lagoon

A hidden jewel between the islands and the lagoon

Surrounded by a magical panorama and a unique natural environment – that of the very ancient fish farms of the Venice Lagoon - Villa Sacchetta is an exclusive villa thought out for those who desire to discover and experience with the utmost discretion a distinct Venice, enjoying a convenient, yet secluded location and at the same time remaining in the background of the marvelous wonders of the city.
In June 2010 Villa Sacchetta opens its doors revealing the beauty of a luxurious and sophisticated haven peacefully surrounded by silence offering every kind of modern comforts and services 12 months a year.

A new kind of vacation is now possible

In a pollution free marine ecosystem as that of the Venetian fish farms, that have been unaltered since the days of the Serenissma, Villa Sacchetta offers the privilege to enjoy a purely private stay within a natural envirnoment unknown to many and now accessible to an elite group of guests.
The desire to capture a unique holiday opportunity, as well as sensitivity to perceive the value of this special corner in the lagoon, still unexplored and immune to mass tourism, are the only requirements requested to appreciate the extraordinary nature of this lagoon residence, first of a kind and unique in its gender and available to guests worldwide.

Living in a fish farm : a unique experience

Extensive hunting and fishing are activities traditionally practiced in the fish farms since the sixteenth century : amongst the islands, lakes, dams and canals, it seems that time has stopped in this corner of the lagoon. A large population of fishermen, boat and water connoisseurs dedicated to hunting and fishing have been living here for centuries in harmony with the environment. It is a fantasy like microcosm that pulsates around Villa Sacchetta, surrounded by the vegetation of nature and the sea, overlooking two of the thirty fish farms in Venice : the Sacchetta and the Sacchettina fish farms.
Arriving to Villa Sacchetta, by land or by sea, it seems like you are being catapulted into one of Canaletto’s paintings : the soft amber light of the sunset caressing the still water and the view that extends from Burano to Saint Erasmo towards infinity revealing the magic of an unusual Venice far from the noise and fanfare.
It is right in these Venetian fish farms that we are able to captivate the bond between Venice and the water : the sea is the so called “road” in which the Serenissima extracted its wealth, trade, conquest and glory from; the sea is the “cushion” on which one lays its head on ( like a sort of forest of upside down tree trunks) the lavish Venetian palaces ... in short, the element in which the myth of Venice would not exist.
One can hear the music of the swans, cormorants, herons, gulls and the pink flamingos along the fish farms at sunset, that peek throught the reeds, rummaging among the tamarisk trees and hide among the branches of willows and poplars waiting to catch their prey.
There are several equipped ponds for extensive fish farming along the riverbank, which marks the border between the fish farm and the lagoon. The so called “lavorieri” which regulate the inflow and outflow of water, located at the main entrance, cross the river that follows into a set path which bond the fish to be caught. The “Cason di valle”, that is the fishermen’s home, process and preserve fish and provide shelter for the boats and the gear.
In every season you can see different and fascinating activities : in springtime you can see the birth of the newborn fish followed by the end of the summer when the fish are called out to sea and are then sorted and captured from one reservoir to another. Once caught, the fish are then selected according to size. The fish that are about 2 or 3 years old are caught and processed while the younger ones are destined to the winter ponds.
Those who choose Villa Sacchetta, ancient “Cason di Valle”, luxuriously restored, can easily see the different stages of the fish farm within the comfort of the Villa. The residence is surrounded by 120 hectares of exclusive private lagoon property that is an ideal scenario for bike trails, long walks in the silent paths or hunting in the misty muffled autunmn.
Venice is 10 minutes from the Villa navigating from Pordello channel with a private boat or with a taxi-boat that picks up the guests directly from the private docking bridge right outside the Villa. Art, history, culture, museums, events, monuments and boutiques of the most romantic city in the world are always at your fingertips thanks to the English mother-tongue speaking guide available to the guests at during their entire stay.

A luxurious, eco-design, traditional and hi-tech stay

Uniqueness and confidentiality are the characteristics of the context that surrounds Villa Sacchetta. The main residence, that is, the traditional “Cason di Valle”, accommodates 4 people and a separate residence is located just behind the main Villa that can accomodate another 2 guests and the personnel. The Villa is surrounded by a private park with a natural filtered and purified seawater pond and bathing facilities which calls for lounging and relaxing in the sun.
The Villa has been completely restored based on the bio-housing scheme criteria. It offers its guests the pleasure of a refined luxury and the comfort of a high, and at the same time very discrete, technology from touchscreen to projector concealed comands, alarm system, the latest wireless connection to the modern floor heating and cooling system, which also makes it an extremely functional and relaxed environment for business meetings and gatherings.

A warm welcome caputured from beams and stones that speak of ancient

The Villa maintains the original red color : the gate, the exterior plaster and the fragrant rose bushes along the property is red. The entrance gate, shielded to guarantee maximum privacy opens up to the porch of the Villa and therefore leading to the main entrance ... opening its door into the living area, furnished with designer leather armchairs. A central fireplace is placed on the left corner of the room great for sharing warm moments during the winter season. A modern and fully equipped kitchen furnished with wood and stone, every chef’s dream, is located on the other side of the room. The lounge which opens onto the walkway that leads to the bedrooms on the second floor, is a spacious bright environment looking out into the garden and the entire valley through a large glass sliding door. A very modern wall-to-wall fireplace and wall-to-wall bookcase lie on the sides of the elegant white sofas placed in the center of the family room, the heart of the home. There are two attic bedrooms on the second floor both furnished with especially designed modern four-postered beds dressed with designer linen. There is an integrated LCD TV equipped in the wardrobe along with many linens in the linen closet for the guests. One bedroom’s color scheme is black accompanied by a modern-chic black granite and marble bathroom. The other bedroom is white with a matching white bathoom furnished with natural toned stones. A white leather bench in the room invites you to cuddle up with your loved one while gazing out of a small window overlooking the lagoon.
The guests can count on the daily presence of a housemaid and on the best labels that make up a very prestigious wine cellar. Car rentals, taxi-boats, guided tours by boat or car with or without the driver or sailor, excursions, baby sitting services, personal shopper, beauty treatments and a private chef are many of the requests that the guests may simply ask for while a special host caters to all the needs 24 hours a day.
Chỗ ở
There is only one place
where the magic of Venice
and the poetry of nature
intertwine ...

VILLA SACCHETTA : all the luxury of an exclusive villa in the enchantment of the Venice Lagoon

A hidden jewel between the islands and the lagoon

Surrounded by a magical panorama and a unique natural environment – that of the very ancient fish farms of the…
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Cavallino-Treporti, Veneto, Italy

Chủ nhà Villa Sacchetta

Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2013
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Villa Sacchetta Luxury villa in Venice Lagoon
  • Ngôn ngữ: English, Français, Español
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