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A great studio - one minute from a secluded beach

In the middle of an olive grove, this spacious private studio is perfect for a romantic vacation.

Simple in its style it provides full amenities and a wonderful terrace overlooking the bay.

Perfect location to enjoy the island (7 minute drive from town) with plenty of beaches and tavernas close by.

Chỗ ở
Rear closeness to a semi-private sandy beach.
5 min to Skiathos town
5 minute walk to Rigas supermarkets & several taverns
below bus station 11 - regular bus into town & Kukunaris beach

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Thessalia, Thessalia Sterea Ellada, Hy Lạp

Our recommendations

A beautiful 5 kilometer walk: Kalamaki, a near by mushroom shaped peninsula, offers a walk with fabulous views of Evia and Pillion. Walk/drive 1 kilometer to the west (left from the house) until you’ll see signs to Nostos and Kanapitza bays. This is where you start the walk, following the main circular road which will eventually bring you back to the main road at the 2nd entrance (45-60 minute walk). If you’re with a car, ride to the 2nd entrance of Kalamaki, park there and walk back carefully 100 meters on the main road to the first entrance and begin walking.

Taxi boat going to town: every half hour – living from Nostos beach (entrance to Kalamaki, about 1 kilometer to the left on the main road).

Tzougria island – across the bay, has a heavenly beach worth getting to one of your days here. Thelocal Kayak boats from the old port leave from 1000, and probably 1100 and 1200 (but check yourselves at the port at the eveinig there are signs on the boats with destination, price and timetable), offer a round trip, There are two beaches and 2 tavrenas for lunch and drinks on the island.

Intimate boating & fishing trip: Kostas and Yanis are two good friends, fishermen, that in summers take groups of 10 people on their classic fishing “kayikee”. Call them directly, tell them you are staying at the Bailey’s villa, and inquire about joining them one day. They are also open for renting their service privately and they will come and fetch you from the beach bellow. Kosta’s cell phone is: ++30-6988617590.

Mandraki beach walk: This is one of the north side beaches, which you can get to by car or by taking a wood 1/2 hour walk. It is close to the western end of road to Koukounaries beach. Drive is through the turn to Agias Eleni beach, the walk starts from a point you should inquire about with locals at a supermarket close to Koukounaries pond.

For water sports there are two options - on Nostos Beach (Thasis +30-6974740246) and Kanapitza Beach (Gabi and Kosta +30-6945334999). If you call they will co,me and pick you up from the beach. Also offer boat rides to Tzugria and Kutseri.

Recommended restaurants:

Close by:

“Sklithri” – Greek food, including fresh fish and seafood, is just a 3 minute walk from Mythos (west) , on the next beach, right on the water. open for lunch and dinner. +30-6946932869

“Stathis” restaurant – 1 kilometer to the west. Sophisticated Greek cuisine. +30 -24270-23508.

“Diamandis” - best beach taverna (you literally sit on the sand!) on the island. You cab get there by boat (7 minute ride to the west - four bays down the coast), or drive on the Kanapitza Peninsula dirt road - until you see the small sign…and walk down to the beach. Highly recommend. +30-6982027468

In Skiathos town:

Chủ nhà Benny

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Hello and welcome ! I am always happy to host honest and easy going people, give tips for a great vacation and be supportive as best as I can. Professionally I am a doctor of Social Work and deal with family violence intervention and prevention as a researcher and a therapist. My wife is a fashion designer who does special hand-knitting artifacts. All the best, take care, and do good - Benny
Hello and welcome ! I am always happy to host honest and easy going people, give tips for a great vacation and be supportive as best as I can. Professionally I am a doctor of Socia…

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We are available for whatever you need all the time - prior, during and after your stay. Contact us by phone or WhatsApp (Mike +972506931831 / Benny +972528838477) or email (
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