#6 La Amistad Cottages, Uruguay

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La Amistad are houses on the sand of the beach.
Important to know that beach sand can move and change the access setting. Sometimes the sand brought by the wind hides the streets of access.
An adventure!
On the other hand, everything you need is within walking distance - restaurants, markets, pharmacies, bakeries ...
Houses with suites and kitchens are complete. We have TV, wifi, linen, bed and bath.
The view of the sea is wonderful, framed by unique dunes!

Chỗ ở
La Amistad - a place to experience the rustic charm of contemporary architecture in refined integration with a unique place - the dunes of Punta del Diablo. A charming resort and warm sea in the north of Uruguay.
A complex of houses facing the sea, designed with the recommendations of Green Architecture to provide maximum comfort in any season, in harmony with the natural resources of the place.
La Amistad Cottages is a complex of houses built on stilts, right on the beach, 50 meters from restaurants, shops, pharmacies, pastry shops, etc. They are composed of a Living-Dining Room, one or two bedrooms, one suite, a social bathroom with a boiler, bed linen, LCD TV, cable TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, fireplace, barbecue, equipped kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, balcony, garage, beach accessories, and a concierge to receive and assist guests in any need, ensuring the comfort of your stay.
A dune that lives with us, a few meters from our balconies is a special tourist spot. The houses have balconies facing the spring and the sea. They are perfect for meditation and happiness with the landscape. Some love to do it with a red wine in winter or a chilled white in summer...
Sometimes the dune slaps our main entrance. In such cases, it is necessary to enter by another street with west access. Turn to Oceáno Atlántico street, turn left at Simón Bolívar. In 250 m you reach the west entrance. There it is safe to leave the car and the distance to the houses is 15 m, the width of a garden.

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Punta del Diablo, Rocha, Uruguay

The streets are not paved, they are beaten floors and with little signage, but because it is a small town, this is not a problem, quite the opposite, even a special charm of the place, added to the rustic architecture of the houses and restaurants. There are also lots of dogs, all docile and meek, who walk loose through the streets, beaches and shops. Punta del Diablo, as well as La Paloma, is a good base to explore the department of Rocha, being there it is possible to make trips to the Fortress of Santa Teresa, Ombúes Forest, La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio, etc.

Chủ nhà Mauro

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2015
  • 305 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
English Mauro is an architect and has designed La Amistad to be a special experience. He invested there his vision of living space, of relationship with nature and world. Believe in friendship as the most perfect form of understanding. But he knows that we need spaces of integration for it to develop. He has family, with children, with which he usually enjoys his leisure time. Whenever possible in La Amistad. His family includes very carefully collected lifelong friends with whom he deprives this viable and challenging world view. Challenger in that we are responsible for facing the natural difficulties we encounter along the way. Built La Amistad as a haven to recharge the batteries of creativity and courage to follow. The same way. Portugues Mauro é arquiteto e projetou La Amistad para que seja uma experiência especial. Investiu ali sua visão de espaço de vida, de relacionamento com a natureza e mundo. Acredita na amizade como a forma mais perfeita de entendimento. Mas sabe que precisamos de espaços de integração para que ela se desenvolva. Tem família, com filhos, com a qual costuma aproveitar seus momentos de lazer. Sempre que possível no La Amistad. Sua família inclui amigos coletados com muito cuidado ao longo da vida, com os quais priva essa visão de mundo viável e desafiador. Desafiador na medida em que somos os responsáveis por enfrentar as naturais dificuldades que encontramos pelo caminho. Construiu La Amistad como um refúgio para recarregar as baterias da criatividade e coragem para seguir. O mesmo caminho. Espanho Mauro es arquitecto y tiene La Amistad diseñada para ser una experiencia especial. Allí invirtieron su visión de espacio de estar, relación con la naturaleza y el mundo. Cree en la amistad como la forma más perfecta de la comprensión. Pero sabemos que necesitamos la integración de los espacios para que se desarrolle. El tiene familia con hijos, que a menudo se aprovechan de su tiempo de ocio. Siempre que sea posible en La Amistad. Su familia está compuesta de amigos, colectados con gran cuidado durante toda la vida, con los cuales priva esta visión del mundo viable y desafiante. Desafiante en la medida en que somos responsables de hacer frente a las dificultades naturales que encontramos en el camino. La Amistad fué construido como un refugio para recargar la creatividad y el coraje de seguir. De la misma manera.
English Mauro is an architect and has designed La Amistad to be a special experience. He invested there his vision of living space, of relationship with nature and world. Believe i…

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  • Claudia

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Probably, I will not be there. But there is a caretaker living in the property, who will receive and help you in case you need support.
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