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Địa điểm tuyệt vời
100% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho vị trí này.
A new and elegant self-catering apartment with a privileged location in the city ("Zona Velha").
In the first line of the Sea with a fantastic view to the city and the Sea.
You can relax and enjoy great sunbathing either in the garden or on the beach, just in front of the apartment.

Chỗ ở
The car is not necessary.
General Description and Areas
Studio 1: with 40 m2
Bedroom / Beds: two single beds, linens included.
Bathroom with shower and hair dryer, towels included.
Equipped kitchen: including a refrigerator, a stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, and dryer, toaster, cooking utensils, glasses, among others ...
Free wireless broadband access - WIFI
LCD TV with cable channels.

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2 giường đơn

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Nơi bạn sẽ đến

Funchal, Madeira, Bồ Đào Nha

All facilities at your doorstep (walking distances in minutes)

• ATMs - 3 minutes

• Health Clinic - 2 minutes

• Market - 3 minutes

• Pharmacy - 3 minutes

• Post Office - 2 minutes

• Shopping - 5 minutes

• Supermarket - 3 minutes

• Taxi stop - 5 minutes

Suggestions (walking distances in minutes)

• Restaurants: For fish, "The Violin" (best restaurant in town);

• Sweets: "Penha d 'Águia" (2 minutes): try delicious "queijadas" and "pastel de nata".

• Bars: "Espanada da Barreirinha" (10 minutes): for a pre-dinner drink with views of the sun. "Old Sale" and "Poncha Grocery" drink the most famous drink Madeira, the Poncha. Not to be missed: those with passion fruit and tangerine.

• "Barreirinha" beach (10 minutes): The public beach with a solarium of the sea level.

• "Relief Church" (10 minutes), also known as "The Greater Church of St. Mary".

• Rua de Santa Maria (4 minutes) - Strolling through the narrow streets you can enjoy some of the old culture that remains in this specific part of the city. Many of the old buildings still exist, some of which have been transformed into restaurants and bars. In addition, there is a new attraction, the "Art of Open Doors," which is a public art program to transform the Old City into a permanent outdoor art gallery, exhibiting more than 200 works of art by invited artists, painted on the Rua de Santa Maria. This colorful design has helped to revitalize this part of the city and make it more culturally meaningful to locals and visitors alike.

• Farmers Market (3 minutes) - The Farmers Market is a must-see! It is one of the highlights that Madeira has to offer, where all the aromas, colors, flavors and traditions combine to delight those who visit. Built in 1939 in a graceful combination of art deco and modernist style, the main entrance and interior are decorated with tile panels produced in Lisbon's once famous ceramic factory. Here you will find the best Island products. Exotic fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and flowers in a picturesque setting. The flower vendors are dressed in the typical, colorful Madeiran costume adding even more vivacity to this magical place.

Inside, there are two floors and a huge central courtyard where vendors engage in the sale of day-to-day goods. You will still have the possibility to do a bit of tasting before you buy. (The popular exotic fruit flavor is a cross between a passion fruit and banana). In the back you will find in the fish market. Here you will see fresh fish (some are still brought alive) from all over Madeira. Well-known will be the black swordfish, with its huge eyes, sharp teeth and long eel-like body. Taste, smell, vivid colors, fun and tradition!

• São Tiago Fort (8 minutes) and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The beautiful Fort of São Tiago, which was used to protect the city of Funchal from possible invasions is also in the old part of the city. The fort has small towers and sentry boxes from the seventeenth century. In the Museum of Contemporary Art, there is a collection of contemporary Portuguese art from the 60's to the present day, with works by some of the most significant national artists.

• Madeira Story Center (4 minutes) - A modern museum about the history and culture of Madeira. The Madeira Story Center will take you on a journey through the great historical events in Madeira, from the volcanic formation to the days of Dom Henriques, the first landing of an air-sea plane, Napoleon and Churchill. It offers a hands-on interactive experience where you feel the environment of different periods of time.

• Cable car (2 minutes) - This is an interesting way to show the hidden beauty of Madeira's delta on some of the beautiful landscapes of Madeira. The departure station is in the park of Almirante Reis. You climb 560 m (1,737 ft) over 3,718 m (12,000 ft) in 15 minutes to the Monte, located near Monte Palace Tropical Garden, amidst a charming setting.

Market Warehouse (4 minutes) - The Old New Market. A blend of traditional and contemporary, a place to experience flavors, urban culture and childhood memories. Includes Toy Museum with a collection of 20,000 pieces: dolls, toy soldiers, miniature cars, games, dating from the 19th century to the present.

Chủ nhà Luis Miguel Carvalho

Đã tham gia vào tháng 6 năm 2015
  • 580 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
I like to welcome my guests. I am always available to help. I like the beach and to get along with friends. The sport for me is a passion since I was little.

Trong thời gian ở

I leave my guests at ease, but I am available whenever they need me

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