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IL FRANTOIO one of 5 beautiful apartments in farmhouse set on 14 acres of olive grove, each with private shaded verandas perfect for dining "al Fresco" boasts a large infinity pool and gardens ,positioned so that the wonderful view can be enjoyed.

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The farmhouse is situated on 14 acres of land so a private area to read and contemplate,the pool and large panoramic terrace is in commune so if you wish to mix with other guests .

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Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Toscana, Italy

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful Italian regions, an area rich in charm and beauty, able to amaze and surprise to the wonder of nature and of his campaigns, but also for the charm of the monuments and ancient buildings that are located in the villages and in major cities.
In the heart of Tuscany, specifically between the Chianti hills and the city of Florence, is a beautiful farmhouse, I Gelsi, charming guest house will offer its guests relaxation and wellbeing, relying on extremely comfortable apartments with a private terrace and a beautiful panoramic infinity pool.
Very beautiful and interesting are the places that are close at I Gelsi, in particular:
The Hills of Chianti, probably between the tourist areas most appreciated in the world, known for their extraordinary beauty, among cypress and pleasant hills, become famous for the production of high quality wines, all awarded the recognition of DOCG.
Arezzo, wonderful city dating back to the pre-Etruscan, this is one of the most beautiful sights of Tuscany, a city rich in art and culture, from some of its most famous monuments, among which we must surely remember the Church of St. Domenico, the Cathedral, built in the Gothic style, the Medici Fortress, the Government Palace, the Archaeological Museum Gaius Maecenas Clinio and the Palace of Civil Engineers.
Siena, probably one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany, known around the world for the Palio that takes place twice in the course of a year, it is famous also for its ancient history, having been one of the most important Republics in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and for its monuments, among which we mention certainly the Mangia Tower, Piazza della Signoria, the National Archaeological Museum and the Town Hall, the Civic Museum.
San Gimignano, the charming village that is situated in the central part of Tuscany, San Gimignano has been listed as a World Heritage Site, the origins of the village are Etruscan and today, between the streets of its beautiful old town, you can admire monuments and ancient buildings of great beauty, especially the Town Hall, the Cathedral, also known as the Collegiate Church, Church of St. Augustine and the Old Palace of the Podesta.
Pisa, beautiful city full of charm and beauty, famous especially for the “Leaning Tower”, which is located in the Square of Miracles, UNESCO heritage recognized in 1987, among other buildings to visit in Pisa definitely remember the Baptistry St. John the Baptist, the Monumental Cemetery, the Piazza dei Cavalieri, where you can find the Palace of the Caravan and the Church of the Knights of St. Stephen, full of works of art.
Montalcino, a small town in the province of Siena, famous worldwide for the production of fine wine, Brunello di Montalcino, one of the main monuments that can be visited we mention the Cathedral of San Salvatore, the Abbey and the Sant’Antimio Palazzo del Podesta, on which there are numerous coats of arms of Governors of Justice who administered the town.
Lucca, the wonderful city of north-western Tuscany, it is a provincial capital of the region of Tuscany, this is one of the main cultural and artistic centers of Italy, the city is definitely worth a visit, especially for the monuments that are housed in the historic center, then the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Martin, the Basilica of San Frediano, the Church of San Michele in Foro, Amphitheatre Square, Clock Tower, Palazzo Bartolomei and Villa Torrigiani.
Valdarno, which is the area of the valley crossed by the River Arno, is divided into two main parts, the Upper Valdarno, which includes the areas of Arezzo and Florence, and Lower Valdarno, with the area that goes from Florence to Pisa.
“Le Balze”, probably one of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions of Tuscany, the full name is “Balze di Faella” and are located close to Figline Valdarno, it is a place of very ancient origins, sacred place and full of interest, in which were found remains of extraordinary archaeological importance, now kept in the Paleontological Museum of Montevarchi.
Florence, the capital of the region and certainly one of the most famous Italian cities abroad, cradle of the Renaissance and hub of culture and art, the city is a real gem of architecture and history, monuments and ancient buildings of inestimable value, among the main : Florence Cathedral, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Antinori, Boboli Gardens and the Fortezza da Basso.

Chủ nhà Vincenza

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Enza is an Italian born midwife who returned to Florence from the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. Her husband Paolo is a Florentine photographer and together they live in one wing of the main house with their two children enjoying a traditional Italian family lifestyle.
During Summer Enza takes advantage of the home grown produce to create preserves and sauces and of course, in Autumn, everyone helps with producing Olive Oil from the groves surrounding their house.
We would be deleighted to help,Paolo can give you some offbeat itineries!
Enza is an Italian born midwife who returned to Florence from the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. Her husband Paolo is a Florentine photographer and together they live in one win…
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