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Wi-fi nhanh với tốc độ 221 Mbps cùng chỗ dành riêng để làm việc trong phòng riêng.
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Relax & breathe at my renovated, unique, chic & tranquil guest house. Your stay includes: *Private entry code to front/back door & bedroom. Private bedroom with queen bed, sit/stand desk, chair, Roku TV, keyboard/mouse. *Shared living & dining room, kitchen, full bath, 1/2 bath, laundry, *Outside: dining table & chairs, umbrellas, zero-gravity chairs, hammocks, inground pool & accessories (in season), hot tub, fire pit & chairs, weber grill. High speed internet, WIFI, Smart house (Alexa).

Chỗ ở
Nestled in a beautifully maintained and quiet area of Perrysburg Ohio that is surrounded by kids parks, hiking and biking trails, share my peaceful and unique home with expansive cathedral ceilings, and skylights. In the shared spaces, expect a renovated chic-boho mix of Arhaus, reclaimed wood, fair trade-style furniture and decor. Common areas have personal & professional books, magazines, under-the-desk elliptical, yoga mat, exercise ball, light weights, bean bag chair, games, cards, VR, etc. Shared living room, dining room, full bath, 1/2 bath, washer/dryer w/detergeant. Shared kitchen includes water heater, loose leaf infusing teapot, Keurig, seltzer water, Nespresso espresso and froth maker. Provided by the host: loose tea, k-cup coffe, espresso pods, seltzer water flavors, half & half, french vanilla creamer, almond milk, as well as a variety of snack and meal bars, nuts, chocolates, fruit gummy snacks, and sugar candy. Other kitchen small appliances include a juicer, mixer, blender, under the cabinet fridge, air fryer toaster oven, insta-pot, microwave, etc. Available are dishes for indoor, outdoor, and children. Outdoor living area includes a deck and pergola with an 8x8 hot tub, hammock chairs, smart lights, two bistro table and 4 chair sets with umbrellas, and a family-sized natural gas weber grill. Surrounding the 32x16 inground pool and diving board are a dining table w/6 chairs and an umbrella, a propane gas fire pit table w/4 chairs and an umbrella, and 2 zero-gravity chairs. There is also a shaded area along the back of the property with 2 hammocks. Small and house-trained pets with kennels are welcome. My guest house does not offer cable, but there are Roku tvs in each bedroom and a larger one in the living room. I have high speed internet, guest WIFI, and streaming channels. This is a smart house with Alexa.

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Wi-fi nhanh – 221 Mbps
Không gian riêng để làm việc
Đỗ xe miễn phí trên đường vào nhà, trong khuôn viên – 1 chỗ
Bể bơi Riêng ngoài trời – có sẵn hoặc phục vụ theo mùa, mở cửa theo giờ giấc cụ thể, nước nóng
Bồn tắm nước nóng riêng – có sẵn hoặc phục vụ quanh năm, mở cửa theo giờ giấc cụ thể
Cho phép thú cưng
32" HDTV với Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Roku
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Perrysburg, Ohio, Hoa Kỳ

My community has tree-lined roads and sidewalks that connect to paths that lead to multiple parks and trail systems! This is a perfect community for people who like to be active outdoors! A 5 minute walk and you can be at the Rivercrest Park with a path surrounding the soccer & baseball fields, a kids park and pavilian, a sledding hill (great to get your stair flights in). From there, another 10-15 minute walk down Fort Meigs road and you can be at Levis Commons - an upscale area with shops, restaurants, salons & spas, a movie theater, bars, a commedy club, etc. Just a 10-15 minute walk down Fort Meigs road in the other direction will lead you to the Fort Meigs National Historic Site and Landmark! Trails from there can bring you to multiple additional parks and landmarks not limited to the Perrysburg monument, yaght club, and old downtown Perrysburg. Cross the Maumee bridge and make a left into Sidecut Metropark along the Maumee River, and see remains of the old channels. From there, you can continue on trails to many additional parks!

Chủ nhà Carol

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Là Chủ nhà: Tôi đã yêu thích trải nghiệm cho thuê nhà nghỉ dưỡng của mình đến mức người bạn tốt của tôi và tôi quyết định xây dựng nhà nghỉ dưỡng cho thuê của riêng mình tại và xung quanh St. Louis, Missouri. Gần đây tôi đã mua một ngôi nhà nghỉ dưỡng đáng yêu ở Perrysburg, Ohio và đã quyết định chia sẻ tầng trên của mình với khách. Nó bao gồm 3 phòng ngủ, một phòng tắm đầy đủ và một phòng chơi cho trẻ em. Mục tiêu của tôi là làm cho thời gian lưu trú của bạn thoải mái, đáng nhớ, vui vẻ, bền vững và 5 SAO hoặc tốt hơn. Tôi thích gặp gỡ những người lạ rời đi như những người bạn. Tôi thích khoe thành phố Perrysburg tuyệt vời này. Tôi thích làm điều này và hy vọng nó cho thấy!!

Phương châm của chúng tôi --> "Không phải tất cả những ai lang thang đều bị mất"
Là một du khách: Tôi đã đi du lịch nhiều nơi và yêu thích ở tại các nhà nghỉ dưỡng ở những nơi như California, Michigan, St. Louis Missouri, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Iceland…

Trong thời gian ở

I can be reached via the app, by phone or text. Please let me know your preferred communication style and I will do my best to match it. Please feel free to be social, as we will be sharing common spaces, but respect boundaries.

If you like to walk or hike, Leo and I might be open to show you our favorite trails, or I can point them out to you.

Please ask before you use a fire stick or lighter, candle, gas fireplace, gas fire pit, hot tub, gas grill, clothes steamer, washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher oven/stove etc. I will show you how or give you detailed instructions on useage.

I reserve the right to deny usage or access. Useage of the pool, pool accessories, hot tub, fireplace, firepit, grill, is at your own risk and host can not be held responsible.

Be extra careful with my belongings, more responsible than you would be in you you own home with your own things. A replacement cost for damages will be charged. This charge will increase if you attempt to hide it / do not bring it to my attention.

Alexa smart devices are throughout the common areas: doors, lights, speakers, plugs, switches, HVAC system, sprinkler system, garage door, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, cameras, etc. If this interests or concerns you, ask about them.

I have a pack and play, high chair, baby and kids toys & books available upon request.

Gain approval for any pets prior to arrival. Kennel and pick up after your pets.

Add the correct amount of people to your request.

Gain my permission before having company. Overnight guests must be checked in. There is additional fees for over 2 people.

1 driveway parking spot is allowed to the far right of the driveway. if it is not available, please park in the road.

No elicit drugs and no smoking anything, legal or not, on the premises or outside.

No underage drinking or drinking to excess.

No parties or drunken behavior will be tolerated.

No loud or obnoxious voices or music allowed. Music inside or outside is ok, but I have the right to decide when it is too loud, not acceptable, or not an appropriate time.

Remember, you may be here for only a short time, but this is our home.

Do not disturb the neighbors or talk to them about Airbnb.

Be polite to your host, and respect their boundaries. Do not touch the host or attempt to go into spaces that are not common or shared.

Overall, maintain the peaceful, serene environment that exists and is advertised. Stay somewhere else if you have other intentions. If you follow these simple rules, you will earn a 5-star review and be welcomed back time and again.
I can be reached via the app, by phone or text. Please let me know your preferred communication style and I will do my best to match it. Please feel free to be social, as we will b…

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