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Toàn bộ cabin. Chủ nhà 森のログハウス Twig

4 khách, 2 phòng ngủ , 2 giường, 1 phòng tắm
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Mori no Log House is a log house limited to one group per day, with an antique log house of 20-year-old three-tiered logs as accommodation. A discerning log house carefully hand-made by log house craftsmen one by one.

This rental villa is also recommended for those who want to enjoy the feeling of a log house owner with their family as a base for sightseeing, have fun memories with friends, and spend a special day only with a special person.

Chỗ ở
[Corona measures]
① We will measure the temperature upon arrival.
(Under the guidance of the health center)
(2) We strive to ensure sufficient ventilation and disinfection in the facility.

One King size living sofa bed x 4 single beds
2 bedrooms, nonsmoking in the entire building
For 4 people

It is a full-scale three-tiered log house made by a log house craftsman. The structure consists of a living room, dining room, toilet, washroom, dressing room, indoor bath, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and deck.

[Services / Equipment]
* About the kitchen:
・ For those who wish to prepare their own meals, we have cooking utensils and tableware. * Please prepare the ingredients.
・ Tableware, cutlery, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster oven, kettle, rice cooker, cassette stove, sukiyaki pot, hot plate, pot, cooking utensils (frying pan, pot, kitchen knife, bowl, cutting board, etc.)
・ Seasoning… Salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, oil, mirin, cooking liquor
* Currently, we are preparing the minimum measures for corona.
Please bring the necessary materials as much as possible.

* Pizza pot:
You can use the pizza oven freely. Please bring ingredients, firewood, etc. when using.
* If you have any problems purchasing firewood, please feel free to contact us.
* Cannot be used in rainy weather or snowfall.

* Other equipment:
TV, washing machine (detergent available)

* About air conditioning equipment:
Fans, natural air conditioners, heaters

* Barbecue:
・ BBQ tool rental: 3,000 yen [Coleman road trip BBQ grill / dedicated gas bomb x 2 / paper plate / paper cup / chopsticks / cooking tongs / table / chair]
・ It's OK even in the rain. You can have a BBQ under the tent.
・ Always available on the covered balcony
・ It is not included in the room rate, so please contact us if you wish.
Please pay at the local accommodation on the day.

● Recommended supermarkets: Tsuruya Karuizawa store, Delicia Karuizawa store, Super Otsu Kitakaruizawa store ● Greengrocers: Kubo farm ● Meat: Asama meat

* Fireworks OK:
・ Fireworks are possible on the road in front of the log house.
・ Only available on hand.
・ Launches and noises are dangerous and will cause inconvenience to surround villa guests, so it is prohibited.

There is a parking lot for 2 cars in total

Face towel, bath towel, hairdryer, toothbrush, razor, comb, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, lotion, milky lotion, cotton swab

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2 giường đơn, 1 nệm trải sàn
Phòng ngủ 2
3 nệm trải sàn

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Sân hiên hoặc ban công riêng
Sân sau riêng – Chưa được rào kín
Máy sấy tóc
Tủ lạnh sharp
Không có: Máy phát hiện khí CO

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Tsumagoi, Agatsuma District, Gunma, Nhật Bản

★ Nearby restaurants:
・ Takakoi Kogen Brewery An Italian: restaurant with an exquisite thin pizza. Craft beer is recommended
・ Ayame-Tei (breakfast/ dinner): Recommended for those who want to try Japanese food
・ Asagiri (lunch): You can enjoy delicious handmade soba noodles.
・ KAFE coffee is delicious

★ Nearby golf courses:
・ President Country Club (also for low-handed people)
・ Karuizawa Kogen Golf Club (also supports junior golfers)
・ Taiheiyo Club Karuizawa Resort (2 courses, 36 holes, luxury course)

★ Nearby hot springs:
・ Hotel Karuizawa 1130 [Onioshi Onsen] 15 minutes by car
・ Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa [Akatsuki no Yu] 10 minutes by car
・ Azalea hot water 20 minutes by car
・ Kusatsu Onsen ・ Manza Onsen 40 minutes by car ・ 1 hour

★ Other leisure facilities:
・ Luom Forest (restaurants, cafes, adventures in the forest)
・ Karuizawa Toy Kingdom (See, touch, experience! A theme park where adults can play)
・ Asama Ranch (you can interact with animals)
・ Onioshidashien [The art of lava created by the eruption of Mt. Asama in the 3rd year of Tenmei (1783)

Chủ nhà 森のログハウス Twig

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2021
  • 1 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
はじめまして。森のログハウスTWIGです。管理人は近くにあるレセプション兼喫茶店で珈琲を淹れています。お越しの際は、ウェルカムドリンクでお迎えします。 素敵なご滞在の一助となれれば幸いです。
  • Số chính sách: Đạo luật Kinh doanh khách sạn và nhà trọ | 群馬県吾妻保健所 | 群馬県指令吾保 第000941-00000022号
  • Ngôn ngữ: 日本語
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một giờ
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