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This lovingly renovated Victorian duplex in the Central High viewscape, is steps to the National Park HQ . With apx 900 sq. ft, the flat boasts high ceilings, elegant living and dining room, comfortable bedroom, private garden, W/D, fast WIFI, parking, and overall great vibe. It’s curated for easy living with fun, eclectic, high quality furnishings and art, plus a real cook's kitchen. The host is an award winning preservationist, with restored homes, all nearby. It's living history at its best.

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This large one bedroom apartment is in a completely renovated 1905 Victorian duplex, across the street from the Central High field house and a short walk to the Central High National Historic Site museum on the corner. It has eleven foot ceilings, transom doors, gleaming floors, a large living and dining room separated by double glass doors, an eat in kitchen, charming bedroom overlooking private gardens and wainscoted, tiled bathroom redone in a period appropriate style. There is a large, fenced rear garden for the sole use of the apartment, with patio seating under an umbrella, and one off street private parking spot. The house is entered from the front through a lovely flower garden, carefully tended by the long term tenant in the smaller apartment on the east side of the house.

The home was empty for around 20 years and had suffered fire damage when bought by Urban Frontier LLC, which has owned it for 15 years. It was taken to the studs and completely renovated as a certified historic rehabilitation in 2010. All new plumbing, wiring, insulation, HVAC, sheetrock, custom trim and kitchen were installed then. Original doors were restored, and all original windows were retained, with storm windows. The place has all the delightful parts of a Victorian classic, minus the fussiness and all modern convenience.

In 2021, the house was redone yet again and put into even better condition than when first renovated. It is freshly painted and well loved, inside and out. It of course has dedicated WiFi, which supports an Amazon TV plus exterior security cameras, with ample bandwidth for streaming, Zoom meetings and visiting home office use. The apartment has been decorated with a fun and practical mix of antique, vintage and useful furniture. The decorating goal was quality, comfort and ease for guests. Enough stuff to have what you need plus a bit, and not too much to feel cramped.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, Hoa Kỳ

The neighborhood was built as one of the City's first streetcar suburbs, mostly between 1900 and 1935. It is a diverse transitional area, with many beautifully renovated homes and many still needing reinvestment. The house is in the heart of the Little Rock Central High School National Historic District, as well as the Central High viewscape.

The neighborhood has had its ups and downs, and is, in many ways, symbolic of both integration's successes and failures. Over the past 20 years, many older homes have been renovated, especially as younger, educated people move in to buy great old places needing love. Now, it is an integrated, still majority-minority area, with all sorts of folks living here. If you like living history and seeing cities come back to life, give this place a try. This house had a fire and was empty for well over a decade before the host renovated it years ago. Now it gleams. The host lives a short walk away, and has more rental properties in the area than he knows what to do with - all rented almost all the time to great tenants.

For walking, take to the streets to the east from Park to Marshall, and from Daisy Bates to 18th St. There are many lovely homes, great old trees, sidewalks and (usually) quiet. Summit is especially nice from 14th to 17th St. To the west on the other side of the tracks, especially around Woodrow and 12th, is not recommended for walking.

The neighborhood is very close to UAMS, Children's Hospital and the Capitol Complex, and a quick trip to SOMA and the rest of downtown.

The house overlooks the Central High field house, Central is city high school with 2500 kids, so during school and when there are games, there is some traffic and noise, but it usually does not last long, though afternoon band practices in football season can drag on. Mornings around 8 and afternoons around 4 are high points for school traffic - and game nights are busy. Daisy Bates is through street, and people can drive too fast, especially going downhill after the stop sign up the block. If you jaywalk across Daisy Bates, look both ways first. Teenage drivers...

Chủ nhà Paul

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2014
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I am a lawyer, international consultant and re-developer of historic properties in the Little Rock Central High School National Historic District. I have lived in the neighborhood for 17 years, after moving back to the US after 13 years in Germany and the former USSR.
I am a lawyer, international consultant and re-developer of historic properties in the Little Rock Central High School National Historic District. I have lived in the neighborhood…

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  • Joseph

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The owner lives a couple of blocks away, owns quite a few renovated homes in the neighborhood and he or an agent can usually be available if needed, but otherwise, interaction is limited to text or the occasional call.

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