Luxury 8 BR Estate with Pool and Tennis court

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The house is a beautiful 10 acre home located in Bedford Corners with 8 Bedrooms. It’s perfect for gatherings. Located minutes from downtown Mount Kisco. Pick up any of our provided rackets and play a set of tennis. Take a jump into our pool and cool off on a hot summer day. Enjoy our Eero mesh integrated WiFi system throughout the house with speeds up to 300 Mbps. Featured on a few TV shows, if you are looking for a quiet, secluded place north of New York, you have found your place.

Chỗ ở
- 8 Bedrooms
- 8 1/2 bathrooms
- 13000 sqft indoor living space
- 2 separate living rooms
- Study room with conference table and plenty of space to work.
- Billiards room
- Eero mesh WiFi system with speeds up to 300 Mbps throughout house
- Bottom floor has a bluetooth speaker system that you can connect your phone to and listen to music downstairs
- Note: First floor has 2 additional bathrooms (each 1/2) without shower not connected to any bedrooms


First Floor

Bedroom 1: Downstairs bedroom comes fully equipped with a walk-in closet, King bed, and a private shower.

Second Floor:

Bedroom 2: A beautiful pink landscaped room with a queen bed, walk-in closet, and a private bathroom

Master bedroom 3: A truly magnificent bedroom with a private study room, large walk-in closet, King bed and a private bathroom. The private bathroom comes fully equipped with a TOTO Japanese toilet, 2 sinks, large bath, and a steamed rain shower with optional omnidirectional jets. Also comes with an armchair massager. There is also a balcony in this bedroom.

Bedroom 4: A blue wallpaper room with a King size bed, private bathroom, and a walk-in closet.

Bedroom 5: A Japanese themed room with 2 queen size beds, large walk-in closet, and a private bathroom.

Bedroom 6: Our second largest bedroom, with a King size bed, large bathroom with a private walk-in closet, 2 sinks, large bath, and a private rain shower with jets.

Third floor:

Bedroom 7: This room comes with a walk-in closet, queen size bed, and a shared bathroom with bedroom 8.

Bedroom 8: Similarly to bedroom 7, comes with a queen size bed and a walk-in closet, and a shared bathroom.

Gathering areas:

Living Room 1: 85" sony 4k Smart TV, so you can log into Netflix and watch all of your favorite shows. Comes with an apple TV if you need it. Also a small dining table that can seat 6. There is also an olympic used table tennis table, along with 3 star butterfly table tennis balls and paddles for use.

Living room 2: A rustic style living room with 2 couches and a 100 year old Steinway piano. 2 smaller chairs face the fireplace, where you can cozy up during cold winters.

Billiards Room: A private room dedicated to billiards. A traditional billiards lamp hangs above the table. Comes with 4 adult cues and 2 child cues, as well as a bridge. Includes a full set of billiard balls and a triangle.

Dining Room: A magnificent wood finished 14-person dining room table underneath a crystal encrusted chandelier. Includes a serving table and formal silverware and plates for more formal occasions.

Gym: A magnificent gym filled with everything you need to get in shape and gain muscle: Speed ladder, Bike, Smith machine, Rowing machine, weight rack, treadmill, boxing heavy bag and gloves, medicine and BOSU balls, and a double functional machine.

Food is a massive deal when getting together. All you need to bring is your food.
- Rustic style marble plated kitchen with a beautiful island
- Wood finished panels, and a stone floor
- Viking gas range and convection oven
- Comes completely stocked with cooking needs, including a huge selection of pots, pans, serving dishes, platters, baking needs, steamers, cookie trays, cooking utensils, and more
- Plenty of Cusinart knives for the chefs in your party
- Sub-zero refrigerator and freezer
- Breville blender and waffle maker
- Enough silverware for everyone in the family
- 2 coffee pots, including coffee filters, coffee beans and a grinder, so you can start your day right with a coffee on the front area
- Full sized dishwasher, including dishwasher soap
- Outdoor propane grill, complete with a full tank of propane
- Grilling tools
- Includes plenty of paper towels, sponges, wipes, and many more things


Tennis Court:
- Our tennis court comes fully equipped with 8 different tennis rackets, all strung, so you can find the racket that best suits you
- A beautiful viewing area with a canopy-style umbrella so you can watch tennis in the sun
- Tennis balls also provided
- Our tennis court is resurfaced every year by the same team that resurfaces the courts at the US Open

- Our pool is open from May to Mid September.
- Pool area includes many lounging chairs for all your tanning needs
- Includes a circular table with another canopy-style umbrella
- Completely gated, and the pool is surrounded with luscious, beautiful plants
- Comes with all sorts of pool toys, including noodles and water-guns for the kids
- Optional heating for $150 extra/day

Front Porch
- The perfect place for lounging, a seating area complete with cushions and a canopy-style umbrella that can rotate and tilt to your needs
- View of gardens, tennis court and pool, as well as the grill

- Our luscious gardens include many herbs and vegetables for your use, as well as beautiful apple and cherry trees that blossom in the spring and summer
- Beautiful area to walk around and enjoy nature
- The garden is cut and maintained every week

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Mount Kisco, New York, Hoa Kỳ

Our home is located in a secluded neighborhood in a private town. This creates a very quiet and respected neighborhood. Mount Kisco and Bedford Corners are very exclusive neighborhood, but surrounded with friendly people.

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