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Enjoy the adventures of camping in the beautiful rolling woods of the Ozarks at one of our two HAVRE Campsites. You will enjoy peace and privacy, as the campsites are over 100 yards apart and surrounded by trees, as well as shared access to a flushing RV toilet in a "pop-up" outhouse, and a solar shower. Each campsite also has a folding table, BBQ grill, trash can, and a fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows. There is also a scenic 1/2 mile hiking trail that you have access to enjoy! :)

Chỗ ở
SUPER IMPORTANT TO NOTE: once you arrive at our property, there is a short but bumpy and narrow gravel/dirt road that curves up the hill to the campsites. Signs are posted and reflectors are placed for your safety, but it is a rough and rowdy ride, so please be careful and take your time going up/down this road.

The campsites are super green in the spring, summer, and fall, and the woodland sounds are so peaceful. When you arrive, you are welcome to pull into your campsite with your vehicle for ease of loading/unloading and safety! You are welcome to place your tent anywhere in the campsite, move the table/trash/grill to a more convenient spot, etc--arrange it however you would prefer! It gets DARK at night, so don't forget your lanterns! You are welcome to use surrounding logs for seating, but we recommend bringing some camping chairs if you have them! We have an extra tent, hammocks, chairs, and firewood available for rent/sale if you need it!

We have had each campsite professionally sprayed for ticks, mosquitoes, and other nasty pests, but as any camper knows, its never a bad idea to keep the bug spray handy. Cell service is hit/miss out here in the woods-but would you have it any other way on a camping trip? :) We have internet and cell service at our home that you are welcome to use in case of emergency.

Please, no RVs or motorized campers.

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Lincoln, Missouri, Hoa Kỳ

We live in the hilly woodlands of the Ozarks, with a few farms around. We are about 15 minutes from Cole Camp, which has a grocery store and a couple of restaurants, and about 30 minutes from Warsaw, which has a WalMart, more restaurants, and the beautiful lakes.

Chủ nhà Paul + Raquel

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My wife and I live on the property, but we have a separate driveway and our house is quite a ways from the campsites. We are available 24/7 if you need us! There is a trail off the campsite road that leads to our home if you need assistance.

We will try to come by and greet you unless you would prefer the privacy.

Each afternoon that we have campers, we will refill the solar shower and clean/empty the commode, so that your experience is as nice as possible!
My wife and I live on the property, but we have a separate driveway and our house is quite a ways from the campsites. We are available 24/7 if you need us! There is a trail off the…
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