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The Blue Room in The Beach House on the Lake

Phòng riêng tại nhà. Chủ nhà Jantina
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100% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho quy trình nhận phòng.
This private room is located in our Beach house on the lake. It's on the second floor.
You have everything you need, private bathroom and walk in closet. There is a coffee maker, Microwave and small Fridge for your use.
You will be in a house with 2 room mates. Me and James. We are mostly in our own rooms. house is within walking distance to all what the Bayshore Arts District has to offer.
Enjoy the Floating deck and use my kayaks in the lake behind the house on our small beach Cabana

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Naples, Florida, Hoa Kỳ

This is a brand new house. I build it myself. The house is divided into 3 units. Downstairs is the studio and a larger 1 bedroom apartment. Both are used as vacation rentals and visible in other listings
The view over the lake is simply stunning any time of the day.
This is a nature and birders paradise. Despite this we are so close to downtown and the beaches it is no wonder that this place people want to be. Kayak or fish in the lake or have a coffee on the deck. From here you can easy tour in the Everglades. Close to all Naples has to offer. The beach, downtown, parks, art & culture, restaurants and shopping, The Everglades right on our doorstep.
Play Golf or Pickle ball, visit the Botanical Garden or one of the many parks close by.
You are close to the Beautiful Naples Beaches. Restaurants and parks are within walking distance. The famous Botanical gardens of Naples are located within half mile from this apartment. Downtown is only 3 miles away. This fully equipped place has all what's necessary for a great vacation.
Naples’ Bayshore Arts District

This unique small community in the south east corner of downtown Naples. It’s main street is Bayshore Drive and it is surrounded by tremendous amenities: 1. One mile to the north is 5th Avenue South which ends at Naples Beach and is the most gorgeous shopping street in Florida,
2. Rte US 41 with its franchise row of highway businesses is the north boundary,
3. The Collier County Government Complex (our largest employer) is 500 yards east of Bayshore Drive,
4. At the Haldeman Creek Bridge are Celebration Food Truck Park and Three60 Market the amazing gourmet restaurants that attract hundreds,
5. 10 more unique and tasty restaurants, bars and breweries are in The Village at The Bayshore Arts District,
6. There are 6 yacht clubs and marinas in the village,
7. Naples premier tourist attraction, Naples Botanical Garden is in the Bayshore Arts District,
8. The huge US Pickle Ball center is in the village,
9. Sugden Park with Lake Avalon and its white sand beach is in the village. So, beautiful South Florida weather, beautiful homes in an urban village, on Naples Bay with great boating, walking, biking, jogging, great food and drink....
10.This apartment is smack in the middle of all this. I could go on and on but come and find out for yourself.
It could be the best neighborhood ever created!
Neighborhood overview
We are so close to downtown and the beaches it is no wonder that this a place people want to be. There are 4 stunning parks within 2 mile radius. The beautiful lake Avalon in Sugden Park is right around the corner. This park includes a small very safe beach. There is a water-ski center and a sail school. You can learn to sail within a week if you want. It is very economical. I believe 5 lessons of about 3 hours each cost about $150. You can also rent a sail boat, peddle board or kayaks or play sports. Or just walk or bike around the lake. This walk is about 2 miles and you will see all sorts of Florida wildlife.
This is an older neighborhood in transition. There are a number of older mobile homes. However, it's very SAFE and many people have been here most of their life. They know and care for each other. It's a hidden gem. Investors are building new homes. Restaurants and small businesses are settling close by. Many artists & nature lovers have also discovered the tranquility of this place. THERE ARE WILD ANIMALS LIKE ALLiCATORS IN THE LAKE. I can assure you there is not a pond or a lake in Florida, that doesn’t not have wildlife, like alligators or snakes, living in them. Just like there is no Sea in the world that doesn’t have sharks. It’s not really something to be afraid of as long as you use common sense. Don’t ever feed wild life. Not even those adorable ducks. If you do, they become a pest. Never touch a baby gator and don’t try to get close to gators lying in the sun. When a gator spots a human it usually dives under water and swims away. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
THE SUN. Please understand the sun is a lot closer to you than wherever your home is. This makes the chance of sunburn so much more likely. So please USE SUNSCREEN. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by sunburn. You can burn in 15 minutes if not careful even on the odd cloudy day.

Chủ nhà Jantina

Đã tham gia vào tháng 11 năm 2015
  • 981 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
I just heard I am Super host for the 7th time in a row. Yippy. Thanks you my beloved guests, I appreciate your positive feedback that makes this all worth while. My name is Jantina Hanna, I was born in The Netherlands. I have been living in Naples for over 25 years. I am the mother to 4 boys (that used to be 5 but my youngest son was killed when he was only 9 years old). However I am now the grandmother to 7 of the most wonderful grand kids in the world, so I have a lot to be grateful for. I love Naples but at the same time I love traveling and I hate hotels. They all look the same. I really enjoy giving you a personal welcome in my properties. Becoming a Super host is like the crown on my work. I am always improving the place to gave you even more reasons to leave me that 5* feedback. Our guest tell me over and over: This is PARADISE we live in. The lake is the biggest feature. I love to take out one of the kayaks early in the morning when most of our guest still sleep and just peddle around. It is so quiet and there is so much nature to experience that you forget we are only a couple of miles from downtown. I love to talk to my guests about it, and am now organizing Kayak tours from Holland House on request. I hired a Tour Guide who knows the area about as well as I do. Holland House provides 3 large and 2 small kayaks. I have more kayaks and a paddle board just around the corner at my new house. So I can at least take 6 adults and 2 kids. We also have canoes available. Besides all this there are some fishing rods free of charge for our guests. Just put them back the way you found them for the next guests. My motto in life is: You only live ones, you might as well enjoy it. Holland House is my creation. I am proud of it and at the same time I am trying to make a difference in this world. Besides HH, I also run a Sober house. The Sober house is a Non profit organization while HH is providing me enough to live off. In Holland House as well as the Sober house I'm trying to be as energy and waist efficient as possible without giving up those luxuries that make a vacation fun. There are so many ways to preserve our environment and not put an extra strain on it. The kayaks for instance are great fun to use and are very environmental friendly. Being on the water while it’s quiet you will see so many more animals than if you use any motorized vehicle on or off the water. If you don't want to paddle around just enjoy the view from the decks. The back yard is a wonderful place just to read a book or look around and discover all the animals that live here. I believe we live in the best neighborhood in Naples. Almost everything you can need is close by. Restaurants, bars, parks and the botanical garden can easy be reached by foot. There’s a bus stop right by the corner on Bayshore Dr. and buses bring you close to most places in Naples for a fraction of what your car cost. Recently I hired a house keeper: Kimi. You will probably see her around. She is the pretty Blonde, almost golden girl, with a smile on her face. If you need anything you can ask her, or contact me.
I just heard I am Super host for the 7th time in a row. Yippy. Thanks you my beloved guests, I appreciate your positive feedback that makes this all worth while. My name is Jantina…
  • Ngôn ngữ: Nederlands, English
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một giờ
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