Kefalonia cute 1 bedroom apartments Anemy, Spartia

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This lovely family-run mini-hotel offers spacious, stylish 1 bedroom apartments in the town of Spartia on the charming Ionian island of Kefalonia in Greece. At your disposal: a living room with a compact kitchen, bedroom, dining area and sitting area, bathroom with shower/WC/sink, balcony overlooking sea or garden. To the nearest shop and tavern is about 400 m. Spartia Beach will delight you with soft sand, picturesque coastline, warm, transparent water. Kefalonia apartments. Kefalonia hotels

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In the cozy, pretty and very welcoming village of Spartia, our family mini-hotel offering two types of apartments.

One apartment is located on the first floor and offers living room, bathroom and one bedroom. It willl delight you with a lovely view from the balcony. Other three are located on the ground floor with a loft-type bedroom.

Recently renovated, the apartments are decorated in calm, cozy colors and stylishly furnished.

In the compact kitchen area, you will find all the necessary kitchen utensils, dining area. The sitting area will offer a TV and comfortable sofa, which can accommodate an additional guest.

All apartments are quite spacious, have an area of 45 square meters and are designed for 3-4 people. Each apartment offers nice balcony or patio.
The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink, WS.

Spacious parking near the house will easily accommodate the cars of all guests.

The center of Spartia is just a few hundred meters (about 400). Here you will find a mini-market, a bar and the popular Cavo Liakas tavern: drop in here to taste delicious Greek cuisine, enjoy glasses of aromatic wine, and have a cup of coffee.

The apartments are located about 1,7 km from the beach of Sparta. The road from the sea goes uphill, therefore, in our opinion, it is necessary to have a car. If you need help with renting a car, please contact us, we will be happy to organize everything.

Spartia Beach (Klimatsias) is a charming, small lagoon framed by a picturesque coastline. There is both soft sand and small cliffs: families with small children will appreciate the shallow, warm waters, while those who like diving and snorkeling will appreciate the rocky ledges, underground islets and grottoes.

On the way to the beach, there is another original tavern Isalos serving dishes made of freshest seafood!

In Spartia, we advise you to visit two more charming beaches: Thermanti and Ema at Cape Liakas. Thermanti delights with the transparency of the water, and Cape Liakas with its unique surreal landscape.

There are magical lagoons and beaches nearby, which we recommend you to visit: the lagoon in Pessada, Agios Tomas, Avithos, Lourdata, Lassi...

If you decide to buy something in memory of Kefalonia, take a look at the wonderful Sp-Art-ia gallery shop not far from the apartment. You will surely find here something special for yourself, because all the items presented are made by hand with sincere love and inspiration.

We sincerely hope that your stay in our apartments will bring you true pleasure!

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Spartià, Hy Lạp

Spartia is a charming, cozy village with pretty houses and narrow streets.

Within 400 meters from the apartments you will find a mini market, a bar and a tavern called Cavo Liakas, where you can taste Greek cuisine.

An original shop for cute, unique souvenirs is also located nearby.

There are 3 picturesque beaches in Spartia, which are no more than 5 minutes away by car.

Chủ nhà Giorgos

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Our family lives in Kefalonia, and we really love our fabulous island and especially the cozy town of Spartia. Our small family run hotel has recently been renovated and became even more attractive and comfortable. We will be happy to see you in our apartments, and we hope that your vacation will be truly unforgettable! Our own house is located near the apartments, and we are always at your service. We also run a Greek restaurant in the center of Spartia, which is deservedly popular with both locals and tourists - we invite you to come in and taste delicious dishes, amazing Kefalonian wine, or have a cup of coffee! We hope that the coziness of our apartments and the warmth of our hearts will help you feel the true beauty and uniqueness of Kefalonia!
Our family lives in Kefalonia, and we really love our fabulous island and especially the cozy town of Spartia. Our small family run hotel has recently been renovated and became eve…

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I live 5 mins away from the apartments and I'm available to answer your question, solve your problems and suggest you places to visit - just call me or sms if you need my help.
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