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[G] Cozy studio APT central 5 mins to Eaton Centre

Toàn bộ căn hộ. Chủ nhà Richie
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100% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho vị trí này.
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100% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho quy trình nhận phòng.
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Địa điểm này không phù hợp với trẻ em dưới 12 tuổi và chủ nhà không cho phép mang theo thú cưng, tổ chức tiệc tùng hoặc hút thuốc.
Cozy and affordable studio apartment right at the heart of Toronto Downtown Core. ~5 mins walk from Eaton Center/Yonge-Dundas Square (100 walkscore). Perfect for travelers seeking to immerse into the life of a true Torontonians.

Chỗ ở
The unit is an entire studio apartment located inside an apartment building. With a 100 walkscore, guests will be within walking distance to several attractions in Toronto Downtown Core (Eaton Center, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto City Hall, etc.). The unit includes a full size bed, perfect for at least 2 travelers. Guests will also have access to the microwave, oven, fridge and the water kettle can be used to make some delicious coffee/tea.

Feeling busy? High-speed wireless internet and a desk is included to serve all business need of guests. Rest assured, you can always de-stress with the 43-inch Smart TV.

Fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner and body wash are included for the duration of your stay.

For this apartment, we provide you with a very centrally location in Downtown Toronto (5 mins from Eaton Centre) for a very affordable price in comparison to other listings in the area. You can expect a safe, clean and comfortable space to stay in, with amenities such as coffee, tea, your own kitchen and bathroom fully stocked with soap and a cupboard to hang your clothing items. We will also be here to assist you with any question or problems should they arise.

Tiện nghi khách có quyền sử dụng
The entire unit is available for guests.

Những điều cần lưu ý khác
[***PLEASE READ***] As per the provincial order on COVID-19 lockdown on 20/11/2020, we can only host you if your booking intention is for the need of an emergency housing only to observe a period of self isolation, to be quarantined or the need to keep your family safe from COVID-19 exposure. As per this requirements, we will need you to sign a COVID-19 booking declaration and agreement after the booking is accepted. The agreement will be sent over your email via DocuSign and can be signed electronically. By booking this reservation, you agree to signing the above stated document and agree that by not signing the document, you are forfeiting this reservation and we will not be able to release the check in instruction to you. [***PLEASE READ***]

Parking is free in front of the building from 9 PM to 8 AM (Mon - Sat) and 9 PM to 1 PM (Sun). Other than that, you can park at 202 Jarvis St garage of Ryerson University that is very nearby to the building (3 mins walk). Their pricing schedule is as follow:

- Daytime (Saturday in after 7 AM out by 6 PM) ----- C$7.00
- Daytime (Mon-Fri in after 6 AM out by 6 PM) ----- C$15.00
- Overnight (Mon-Fri in after 5 PM out by 7 AM) ----- C$7.00
- Overnight (Saturday in after 6 PM out by 8 AM) ----- C$7.00
- Flat Rate (Sunday only in after 8 AM out by 7 AM) ----- C$7.00

Please be advised that their hours and price might change so please check carefully before you park to avoid overage fees.

We want our guests to be happy and know what to expect. We are by no means a 5-star hotel and we do not see ourselves as a luxury option for travelers. Having said that, a lot of guests have that wrong impression and it really caught them and us off guard at their check-in dates. So, if you are comfortable with staying in a place similar to a home rather than a luxury condo or hotel, then we are the right choice for you and we cannot wait to host you in Toronto!

In addition, the residential building you will be staying in is an older building in Downtown Toronto. In the middle of the many modern condo buildings that are sprouting up around us in downtown Toronto, we are still keeping it classy and provide a clean, convenient and affordable living space for you and many other. Even though many features of the building appears older due to its age, please know that we are always actively working with the building managements to ensure that the place is well maintained and the cleaning crews will be cleaning it throughout the day. Should you have any request about any common areas, we are always close by so you can always inform us and we will be there shortly to help.

Please note, during the current pandemic, we are maintaining our operation as usual to support people with housing in need or emergency accommodation in the Toronto area


1. Please keep windows close at all time to maintain your privacy

2. A fine of $150 will be administered via Airbnb if any trace of smoking is found after your stay. Please help us and your fellow travelers in keeping our accommodation smoke-free.

3. All guests need to be registered in the reservation, no visitors and/or non registered guest will be allowed in our unit.

4. This unit’s occupancy limit is 2 people. Any occupant in exceed of the occupancy limit might be vacated for trespassing.

5. Any undeclared guest exceeding the occupancy limit will be charged a $50/person/night fee.

6. Local guests must contact host before booking.

7. Keys should be kept by the guest at all time and returned to the host at the end of the reservation. A $50 key replacement fee will apply if the guest fail to return the keys to the host.

8. An additional cleaning fee of $49 might be administered after check out if the unit is found in excessively messy condition.

9. Our check out time is 11 AM. A $30 fees will be charged for each hour being stayed beyond the check out time without permission. A full base price (no discount) nightly fee penalty will be charged if late check out is beyond 2 PM of the check out, and guest cannot stay for that night even if the penalty is already applied.

10. Only the person who booked is allowed to check in, any additional guest must be registered in the reservation to be able to check in.

11. Guest must have a working phone number. The host reserve the right to cancel a reservation without refund if the host find that a reservation phone number is not working as this is a violation of Airbnb ToS.

12. If guest have any complaint about the unit, upon notifying the host or Airbnb about the issue, guest immediately authorize the host or an associate of the host to enter the unit to correct the issue up to the standards that the guest require.

13. Due to COVID-19, if the host receive complaints for find out that a guest is using the premise for a gathering of more than the maximum occupancy allowed and/or is having a party, the host reserve the right to cancel the reservation without a refund.

14. Due to COVID-19, all registered guests and their fellow guest(s) are required to provide a copy of their acceptable governmental issued ID (Driver's License or Passport) (Health card not accepted) to the host for reservation approval from the building management. We will not be able to host you if your reservation is not approved by the building management. By booking your reservation with us, you have given your testimony that you fully agreed with this rule.

15. Due to COVID-19, building management is tightening up their requirement for tenants who can stay in the building. Guest who book with us will be subjected to a screening by building management (the government ID is for this purpose) before and upon arrival.

For the safety and well being of the current tenants in the building, the building management might refuse reservation during the current pandemic. If such case happen, we require the guest to cancel the reservation and we will provide a full refund (up to the amount we receive from Airbnb for the reservation, Airbnb guest service fee will not be refundable). In addition, you also agree not to pursue us for any host penalty for cancellation or get us to cancel the reservation on our end.

Please note that with this rule, once you book your reservation with us through Airbnb app, you have given your testimony that you agreed to all of the above and your reservation will not be considered automatically approved. We will have to contact you with the number you provided and confirm with the building management for the reservation approval.

16. No illegal drug use or trafficking is allowed in our unit and on the building premise. We reserve the right to notify and report to Airbnb for reservation cancellation without any refund if we receive any report of illegal drug usage and/or trafficking from any of our Airbnb guest.

17. By booking a reservation with the host, the guest agreed to abide by all house rules during the guest's stay and understand that a breach of any of the above house rules might result in a cancellation without a refund.

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Cozy and affordable studio apartment right at the heart of Toronto Downtown Core. ~5 mins walk from Eaton Center/Yonge-Dundas Square (100 walkscore). Perfect for travelers seeking to immerse into the life of a true Torontonians.

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The unit is an entire studio apartment located inside an apartment building. With a 100 walkscore, guests will be within walking distance to several attractions i…
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chủ nhà Richie

Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2021
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Host will be available for questions or emergency situations.
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