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The Red Fox Deluxe

Chủ nhà siêu cấpBlowing Rock, North Carolina, Hoa Kỳ
Toàn bộ nhà. Chủ nhà E
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High quality exceptional retreat venue at affordable prices. We're committed to over the top cleaning & antiviral programs that make our cabin the safest getaway for you & your family. If fresh mountain air is what you’re needing, then come stay with us at our completely sterile & professionally cleaned mountain retreat. We have followed all COVID-19 standards and have taken all the proper precautions. There couldn’t be a better place to hunker down and truly live. We're ready for your arrival!

Chỗ ở
The ultimate mountain retreat, unlike anything else available with this big view mountaintop private venue. We are literally on the very top of the mountain and literally at the very end of a dead-end road with massive views out both sides of the house enjoyed from the many massive decks and massive three-level picture windows taking up entire walls for maximizing exposure to nature's surrounding beauty in the clouds looking out over and down on Boone and Blowing Rock and off to the surrounding mountain chains. The extremely private getaway retreat house allows major seclusion and privacy while being only 3 minutes from Boone's excellent array of restaurants and only 7 minutes from historic Blowing Rock's many shops and attractions. The interior decor is somewhere between stunning and jaw-dropping, and many of our guests have shared their realization that they are walking into and staying in a unique art masterpiece. The natural edge all-real everything is over the top. Finely crafted antique furniture is superb. The house layout, cathedral ceilings, fabulous kitchen open to the great room are all adding up to extraordinary.

Unique accents and special craftsmanship touches abound in every direction – in and out at “The Red Fox” – As you move around the house and yard. The bold architecture and décor have been compared and likened to a cottage in the German Alps by our pleased German visitors. The unique approach delights the senses of all of our guests, local or abroad. Our creative eclectic approach is impossible to pigeon-hole. We are opposite of cookie-cutter. If we had to label or put words together to convey our architectural decorative sculptural creations, we would best sum up the new approach by coming up with our own coined title; presenting: Appalachian Bling – We hope you enjoy it as much as our other guests have. If you want to experience the cutting edge of a new wave, come stay a spell with us. No cliché; there really is nothing quite like it in the world. We have gone out on a limb, and we really like it here. : ) We researched a lot of high end and well-celebrated venues and were very disappointed to see how much plastic pre-fab or fake and cost-cutting everything was. Our creations here at The Red Fox are all entirely real. Real Appalachian Mountain roots to our theme and personal family background. Real stone - locally harvested, real slate floors, real cut travertine floors, real oak floors, real butcher block, oak and granite tops in our kitchen, and real granite in our bathrooms, real iron, and steel individually hand-crafted blacksmithing works, real original hand-crafted solid wood, exquisite furniture, real solid wood tongue and groove paneling with a copious amount of real natural light spilling in everywhere through the view-filled, nature-oriented windows lighting, real original artwork displayed on our walls. We offer very large real wood-burning fireplaces and stock a kindling pile and firewood bin with locally harvested and processed firewood from our farm. We grow our own trees and custom-select each harvest, to mill into the timbers and live-edge trim that creatively and individually are fit into our interior decorating. We want to encourage and foster a real mountain experience for you to celebrate geographically the lore and history of our vernacular mountain culture. We are excited to offer an alternative to you that is different from the cookie-cutter, stamped-out, plastic-based, mass-produced, overused aspects of today’s dominant culture. Please explore and celebrate our different and simply real approach.

Celebrating nature is a true inspiration from our mountaintop decks. We have breathtaking views from all of the decks surrounding the house. It is worth setting an alarm and sipping coffee or tea as you watch the sun rise and spill light into the valleys below. The texture-rich decks are seriously handcrafted with bark textured live edge surround. The railings are crafted from our Locust trees left natural and bound to the post by hand-hammered blacksmithed in our family forge horseshoe straps. The child-safe heavy duty black mesh allows you to see through to the deer in the yard coming in to get apples from our tree. We have arranged four different tables and seating areas on the deck for even a large party.

Speaking of large party - our large and beauty-inspiring open kitchen is big enough and extremely well stocked enough for a chef to cook meals for more than a house full!

Above the kitchen, we have an open floor plan loft that has gorgeous long-range views out both sides of the house. We have handcrafted Hickory rocking chairs here on the loft as well as below to watch the sunrise and views from. Adjoining and open to the loft space is a large bedroom with very comfy King bed as well as a computer desk and luster-rich antique furniture. The adjoining bath has luxurious real stone floors and granite vanity as well as a view of its own.

The mid-level large bedroom also has a big King bed on Oak floors with its own squeaky-clean, clean, clean bathroom boasting two showers and a bath on gorgeous color-rich real slate floors. The view from this bathroom looks out onto the traditional stone work and stylish well house on the edge of the mountainscape.

We have set a goal to make the house and view orientation so awe-inspiring and captivating that our visitors will not even want to turn on a TV, but for those not ready to let go of "their show" we decided to do it right :) Enjoy our 65-inch Smart TV that has more apps and options than you will ever need. We offer many streaming options. Use the Netflix account that is currently logged in, just click the profile "Red Fox Guest." You may also stream Prime movies on our Amazon Account that is already logged in. Or you may log into your personal accounts, just make sure you sign them out on departure :) Coupled with our big screen we have Big Sound in store for you! The TV/sound experience is absolutely cinematographic! Our SONOS is the ultimate wireless home sound system that fills your stay with brilliant vibrant sound! No matter what you listen to, Sonos fills the room with clear, detailed sound you can feel all around you. It is already connected to the TV so once you turn the TV on, you just control the volume with the remote. Also you can download the FREE Sonos app and play music directly from your phone using the streaming services. Just download the app, connect to the Sonos system nearest you, and start jammin'! Our Sonos system is also set up with Alexa voice commands. "She" will play any unlimited Amazon music for you. The system is like our whole presentation, it is unforgettable - we guarantee that you will not want to leave and be sure to make your way back if you can catch it open.

Blowing Rock, our local town has long been cherished as an escape from the summer heat of the lowlands, Blowing Rock here in the high country has been welcoming visitors since its incorporation, growing to feature dozens of distinctive local shops, galleries, restaurants, and inns. Now, year-round events entertain and delight, many of them part of long-standing traditions. All of this, plus a laid-back mountain attitude, making Blowing Rock a pretty little town worth noting. The "village" has been featured by Travel & Leisure among a dozen "Prettiest Winter Towns in America" which followed behind a summertime granting of the title "Prettiest Small Town in North Carolina" by a group of southeastern travel writers. The town is appealing in any season, to be sure, but it's also close to a wide array of attractions and activities from National Parks to fine dining, climbing to fishing. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of mountain adventures or the slow pace of relaxation (or both) Blowing Rock is the ideal hub for a mountain getaway. We definitely are in the center of the hub for wild mountain beauty and recreation. The Red Fox is the perfect location.

If you come visit our artistic celebration and perfect location venue in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, we guarantee to you we will take our part of this obligation seriously. We want this to be the best mountain vacation you will ever have in your whole life! As hosts, we respond to our guests within minutes. We offer up a complimentary welcoming fruit basket and fresh baked bread and have fresh flowers for your stay.

If all of this sounds too much like an impossible fantasy to have something so nice, just give it a try - we want you to have this real, real, real fabulous experience and we will honor our commitment and honor the trust you will put in us. Come enjoy the one and only REAL RED FOX!

If a smaller package with only two levels of the house is all you need, you are in luck because for a reduced price you can rent this downsized masterpiece and enjoy the original Red Fox. We believe in options, so you can custom use the size/part of our venue that matches your needs. There is never anyone else in the house, it is exclusively private for your booking! Sign up today and let us know how we can assist, making this the best, most accommodating stay to our mountains. Rent the original Red Fox here by visiting our account page and clicking "The Red Fox."



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Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Hoa Kỳ

Chủ nhà E

Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2019
  • 240 đánh giá
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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Hello, my name is E! I am absolutely looking forward to hosting you and your family at one of my many properties. We see it as an honor to host you and look forward to making your experience the best as possible.
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  • Marcus & Merideth
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