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Enjoy the elegance of your traveling while staying in this Casa de Tan home. Beautifully decorated and featuring an elevator, modern stained-glass windows, elegant wood furniture, and a stunningly unique emerald green jacuzzi pool.

Perfectly located along the World Famous My Khe Beach in Son Tra District, Da Nang City. The Casa de Tan suites will have you surrounded by the most iconic Da Nang sights when you’re out and about in the neighborhood and steeped in rich Vietnam culture

Chỗ ở
[Before making a Reservation]
- The current price is 4 bedrooms
- Under 8 adults, we open 4 bedrooms ( We lock the other 2 rooms)
- 10 adults, we open 5 bedrooms (We lock 1 room)
- 12 adults, we open 6 bedrooms
- Above 12 adults, we can maximum provide 3 extra beds (1m2x2m bed)

[5 REASONs to choose "Casa de Tan 3"!]
- We boldly aspire to create a new model that answers Vietnam's hospitality challenges today and in the future!
- Locating at the VERY CLOSE of My Khe Beach. (400M)
- The whole house is BRAND NEW the facilities are neat and tidy!
- Posting on CafeNaver and Instagram about Luxury Villas with Affordable prices.

Located in the heart of Son Tra District just a few steps from My Khe Beach, Casa de Tan is a villa house that places you front and center in the most elegant part of Son Tra District and immerses you into the beauty of My Khe Beach. Guests can visit the most important monuments of Son Tra Areas and explore the many tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops in the area.

Laid out over five levels, the spacious Casa de Tan (400 Sqm) was completely built by a Vietnamese architect who reframed the interiors for modern living, using materials and subtle design updates that honor our lovely guests.

The emerald green jacuzzi pool, are paired with both contemporary and modern style, with prestigious furniture and artworks that were contributed by famous photographers.

The apartment is located on the 5th floor and can accommodate up to 15 guests. It has 5 levels:
- 1st level:
+ Living room and front desk area
+ The emerald green jacuzzi pool
+ Dining Area
+ Kitchen

- 2nd level:
+ Room 1: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 1
+ Room 2: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 2
- 3rd level:
+ Room 3: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 1
+ Room 4: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 1
- 4th level:
+ Room 5: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 1
+ Room 6: (Living room, small kitchen, queen bed) + Bathroom 1
- 5th level:
+ Rooftop for BBQ
+ Laundry Area: Washing and dry machines

To make our guests feel extra special, we also offer the following services:
- FREE welcome snacks such as water, snack, and coffee
- FREE Hotel amenities (beddings, towel sets, toiletries, etc)
- Early check-in starting 10:30 AM (bag drop-off only, send us a message first to check availability)
- Return transfer from the airport/train station/port/etc (*fee)
- Luggage storage on your check-out
- Motobike rentals
- Restaurant and bar recommendations (non-touristy)
- Change of linen / middle-stay cleaning (fee)
- Baby crib & chair
Please send us a message to get the prices of each service. We are also available for any other requests! :)

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Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam

The Villa is in a prime location. Everything is at your doorstep! Walk to everywhere: Han River, Han Market, Pink Church, Dragon Bridge, etc.

Or simply booking a "Grab" car all over the city. Or catch a taxi to the world-famous My Khe Beach. Dragon Bridge is readily available on Saturday and Sunday. Restaurants, cafes, and bars in Danang are big news. You’ll find absolutely masses

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Bonjour, welcome to Case de Tan house, OUR VISION BE THE WORLD’S LEADING PROVIDER OF EXPERIENTIAL ADVENTURE TRAVEL. Our strategy is to continually build a growing collection of world-class experiences. In our search for inspiration, we focus on refreshing, improving and expanding our collection in outstanding places around the world. OUR MISSION TO CONNECT GUESTS THROUGH UNFORGETTABLE AND INSPIRING EXPERIENCES We are spiring by living and working in some of the most beautiful places on the Earth, and we feel compelled to share its magic with visitors. As local experts, we believe these places will transform you, just as it has us. Best, Tan
Bonjour, welcome to Case de Tan house, OUR VISION BE THE WORLD’S LEADING PROVIDER OF EXPERIENTIAL ADVENTURE TRAVEL. Our strategy is to continually build a growing collection of wor…

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