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Secluded in the Washburn Valley, this house makes the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the chaos of the city.

If you love to be greeted by friendly horses, watching cattle graze and a rooster keep his hens close to the coop, then this is the place for you! Sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee or a glass of tea while watching the animals graze. This is a place to relax and unwind from the the hustle and bustle while enjoying a little taste of farm life.

Chỗ ở
We are approximately 15 minutes from Greenwood, AR where there are a number of restaurants and grocery stores. You will have the house to yourself.

We live on 140 acres in a more rural setting with large, oak trees surrounding the back side of the house, an older traditional barn, and plenty of nature surrounding us! We have a back patio with chairs, a table, and a BBQ that we would love for you to use! *We provide propane. During the summer months the fire pit outside is a great place to make s'mores and gaze and the night sky! In the Fall and Winter months the fireplace inside makes for a cozy evening setting!

We provide bath towels, toiletries, cookware, a toaster, a microwave, a coffee maker, and bedding! If you have any special requests, please let us know and we are more than happy to accommodate if possible.

We love animals, we currently have 4 horses and 1 mule, numerous cattle, some chickens, 4 dogs and 2 barn cats. Our animals have the sweetest personalities, they each have a special place on our farm and we dedicate much of our time to them. You’re welcome to join us outside while we feed, we love introducing our animals and telling our guests their stories. Feeding time is an exciting time for the animals, so we just ask that you take extra precaution if you’re out there while we are feeding them. The horses and cattle are always kept behind the steel pipe fencing.
Please note:
-Adults must always monitor children at all times when interacting with animals.

Two stocked ponds, 140 acres of pasture and timber surrounding the house, steel pipe fencing and the old barn complete the charm and quality of the beautiful home. Couples & families can easily relax and enjoy the outdoors.

* We do offer fishing poles and limited tackle, a 12 ft boat with paddles and 2 kayaks to fish or explore the ponds. We have a few life jackets but if you need a certain fit please bring your own.

We have some great restaurants and coffee shops close by! All the places I recommend locally are about 10-15 minutes from our home.

~The Pizza Barn
~The Cup Runneth Over (Coffee Shop) and my wife's favorite
~Lins House
~Roma Italian Restaurant
~The Dari
~Oh My Eggroll

Other points of interest

Local Breweries
-Pridgin Family Brewery
-Fort Smith Brewing Company

State Parks that are great day trips

~Blue Mountain Lake (Waveland Park Recreation Area) - 31 miles
~Dry Creek Wilderness in the Ouachita Natl. Forest - 29 miles
~Magazine Mountain - 48 miles
~Turner Bend (float the Mulberry River) - 49 miles
~Devil's Den State Park - 70 miles

Wether you're looking for a family reunion, men or women's retreat, birthday parties, a wedding or baby shower or just the weekend getaway your family needs, you will find peace and privacy out here.

The number of guests able to sleep varies. We have 4 beds and 2 couches. However, the number of guests able to gather within the house can vary between 20-30 people.

We offer a smoker for an additional fee for guest to use during the stay at the ranch. Firewood is provided, along with a fryer, and propane. Please let me know prior to your arrival if you’re interested in using the smoker during the stay, it does get rented out around the local area at different events.

Please note a few important details:

*Guest will have the entire house to themselves.

*When you arrive chances are you will be greeted by friendly dogs!

*If you are nervous around horses, cattle, chickens or dogs then please take this into consideration before booking.The dogs are able to roam around the home, however the larger animals (horses and cattle) will not be able to approach you unless you cross through the steel pipe fencing.

*All of our animals are friendly. The only thing we ask is that the animals are never chased, mishandled, or treated improperly. This can stress them out. If you respect them, they will respect you! We will provide treats for all of the animals so that you can feed them and interact with them if you’d like.
Please note:
-Adults must always monitor children at all times when interacting with animals.

*This should go without saying, but there are livestock droppings around. Farm life, right?

*If you would like to join us while we feed the animals to learn more about them, please let us know and we will arrange feeding times around your schedule.

*We do allow pets, but please let us know before arrival if you’ll be bringing a pet so we are aware since we have dogs as well. We ask that the animals are fully potty trained, and that they don’t get on the furniture.

*We strive to respect your privacy and space at the ranch, however you may see us working on the property and taking care of the life stock throughout your stay!

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