$1.5 Million - 5 Acre Buenavista Beachfront Estate

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Welcome to discovering "The Best Caribbean Vacation Destination" for American and Canadian families. Our beachfront estate is perfectly designed for a family of eight (8) or an extended family of up to twenty six (26). However, in any case, you'll have our entire 5 acre compound just for you and your family - we do not rent any other room to other guests. This tropical beachfront estate is majestically nestled in the paradisiacal bay of Omoa, between the Caribbean Sea and the Merendon mountains.

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Although, this is the first year (2021), we're offering our 5 Star - "$1.5 Million Buenavista beachfront estate" through Airbnb, it has been booked by hundreds of U.S. & Canadians guests during the last ten (10) years using our other advertised websites. Since 2019, we've been given by Airbnb the category of "Superhost". Thank you, to all of our previous Airbnb & other vacation rental's websites guests for their exceptional Five Star reviews!!!

Wake up in the morning with the sounds of nature all around the villa, tropical birds, howling monkeys and other exotic animals. Then, have a good cup of fresh Honduran coffee, while enjoying the rainforest within this Caribbean five (5) acre beachfront paradise located at the heart of the Cuyamel National Park.

During the year 2018, the National Geographic Traveler editors included Roatan, Honduras - "A divers' dream paradise" in the list of the world's Ten top places to visit. The estate is located just an hour's boat ride from this coral barrier reef; but away from Roatan's over crowded tourists places. Our hidden mainland spot is ideal for discovering Honduras' best kept secrets !

This eco-estate has spectacular views of the wide, truly unspoiled sandy beaches stretching as far as the eyes can see, up to an unexplored mangrove ecosystem; with no houses, no people and no hotels, but very safe. Untouched pristine beaches, whose only inhabitants are coconut palms, exotic plants, fruit trees, shore birds, iguanas, geckos, turtles and crabs surround this secluded property; yet, near city conveniences (e.g. restaurants, bars, grocery store, bank, police station, hospital, pharmacy, churches, parks, etc, are located within short driving distances.

Our friendly staff (on stays over five days) are the most gracious hosts you can ask for ! You will be pampered beyond your wildest dreams. First of all, you'll have the services of a gourmet chef, who will cook for you three (3) delicious meals each day, thereby you'll feel like you are eating at a 5-star restaurant every day; but only at a fraction of its price ! Also, you´ll have the services of a maid, who will clean up the house, rooms, make up the beds and do the laundry. Additionally, you'll have the services of the villa´s groundskeeper and handy man. Also, you´ll have the services of a professional driver & guide, who will take you to the most fascinating places in Honduras.

"It was great to have a lovely spot to accomodate the whole family for our Christmas vacation together/family reunion, seventeen in all, ages nearly three to seventy three. The kids took part in, and loved doing everything the growns-ups did; snorkeling, the zip line, boat trip to the lagoon, a visit to the seventeenth hundred fort and the wonderful overnight trip to Copan Ruins"; wrote in our guestbook, Linda Pauling Kamb, daughter of Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, the only person ever to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes-one for Chemistry (1954) and the other for Peace (1962) and ranked by the British Journal New Scientist, as one of the top twenty (20) scientists of all time.

At this Caribbean beachfront villa, families from United States and Canada have had unforgettable anniversary's celebrations, birthdays, weddings, Thanksgivings, winters getaways, Spring breaks, Summers vacations, Christmas & New Years' family celebrations, Missionary groups gatherings, etc.

"Because Americans feel safer, enjoy sandy beaches, sunny days and cheap lodging, they are increasingly visiting Honduras for a vacation" (The Washington Post - August 2016).


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Aldea Buena Vista, Departamento de Cortés, Honduras

Chủ nhà Evenor

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 năm 2017
  • 60 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Profesional universitario, hondureño, 60 años.

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Owner always available to assist our guests with any questions they might have by phone, text messages (Whatsapp, Telegram), email or personally... as the guests choose.

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