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Entire 2 bedroom apartment for your cosy stay

Toàn bộ căn hộ. Chủ nhà Subramaniam
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Comfortable, cosy, resort like, fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment for your very own, exclusive, private stay in the Eastern fringe of the city, a green locale called Pocharam . The place with 4 beds is ideal for you.

Away from the hustle and noise of the city, amidst acres of greenery, a resort like Serenity. Yet, fully secure with manned 24 hour security. A beautiful neighborhood. Close to the Infosys campus, Raheja, Axis Bank, Genpact, and Hyderabad East SEZ. Restful stay

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The Space

Since you have chosen this cosy, elegant, resort like fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment for your very own, exclusive and private stay, you won't have anyone else in the house, assuring your complete and unhindered privacy. The beautiful house with 4 well appointed, comfortable beds is ideal for your exclusive and private use. A maximum of upto 4 persons are easily and comfortably accomodated. It's ideal for unwinding, for holidaying or even to Work from home.

Located in a beautiful gated community in the Eastern fringe of Hyderabad, with sprawling walkways, greenery, mini marts, convenience stores right inside the campus.

Just a 40 minutes drive from the Rajiv Gandhi International airport. and very close to Tier I IT companies located near the Software Export Zone, East.

The IT parks, Infosys campus, Axis Bank, Genpact, are all within walking distance from the apartment.

“Smile, breathe and go slowly” "Find your inner tranquillity and mindfulness" "Do less" In our space, we would love it if you leave your fast paced life behind and just slow down, breathe easy and use the time to just be, in the clutch of tranquillity, and mindfulness, Situated in a charming gated community, a tree lined neighbourhood, this cozy space is an ideal getaway for anybody visiting Hyderabad. Whether you are on a business trip or on a holiday.

The spacious apartment has 2 lovely, well appointed bedrooms, each bedroom having comfortable beds with luxury mattresses and accommodates 2 persons in each room comfortably. One bedroom has 2 single cots with mattresses and the other bedroom too has 2 cots with mattresses. One of the two bedrooms come with an attached Western bathroom. The other bedroom can use the Indian style bathroom in the Hall. Each of the 2 rooms has a wardrobe, and a plug point to charge your mobile. Hot water is available for use in the main bathroom. It is recommended that you carry your own toiletries and your own bath towels. We do not provide the same.

This 2 bedroom apartment is located on the 3rd floor of a 4 floors block. 1 of the 2 bedrooms is air conditioned, both rooms have double beds and separate cupboards (almirah). There is a kitchen with a washing sink, stove, cabinets and refrigerator. Mineral water, basic crockery and cutlery like plates, glasses, pots, pans and spoons would be provided. There is a separate dining area which has a dining table with chairs. Coming to the lounge, it is adjacent to the dining area with 5 seat comfortable sofa sets, center and side tables. Attached to the lounge, is an open air spacious balcony/sit out area, where the guests can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view. There is a dedicated car parking right alongside the elevator.

Important note:- The apartment is suitable for a maximum of 4 guests only. First bedroom has 2 comfortable beds accomodating two, while the second bedroom has a 2 comfortable beds too, capable of accomodating 2 persons. If there are any newborn or toddlers (up to 3 years) only two per booking maximum, we wouldn’t mind if you accommodate them on the bed. There are no seperate toddler beds or cribs available.

For door step laundry service hellowash in is a good website.
For doorstep delivery of groceries and vegetables if you plan to cook then checkout bigbasket
For online food ordering Swiggy is recommended. We would recommend that you check out the campus grocery store, or the campus vegetable vendors for a fresh shopping experience.

Our Facilities & Services include:-
- Complete privacy in a serene ambiance
- Highly secure, guarded and gated facility
- Air-conditioning and running hot & cold water
- Car Parking for one car
- 1 western style private bathrooms and 1 Eastern.
- Linen and furnishing
- Comfortable mattresses for sleeping comfort
- Refrigerator in kitchen
- Stove
- Mineral water
- Access to the Kitchen
- Washing machine

The space operates on a zen model of self sufficiency. The guests are expected to clean, scrub and maintain the space by themselves. Though the guests may use the kitchen, and the stove, they have to buy their own supply of food and raw material.

ABOUT HYDERABAD Hyderabad is a city of juxtaposition – old and new, north and south, Hindu and Muslim. Once ruled by bejeweled Nizams, it’s now a global hub for biotech, animation, information tech, amazing food, and domestic travel. The sprawling city is an urban stew of construction, music, clothing shops, inconceivable traffic, food bazaars, department stores, global businesses like Microsoft and Amazon and magnificent ancient architecture. The city and its people are warm and hospitable.

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Secunderabad, Telangana, Ấn Độ

Pocharam is a green, tree-lined, charming neighborhood, whether you are on work, on business or on a trip of leisure. The place has a clean, green, fresh feel and is guaranteed to rejuvenate and energise. Away from the noise, the apartment is located in a beautiful area along the Eastern fringe of Hyderabad, so calm and quiet, that you can discover the zen in you and unwind.

My place is ideal for a quiet, calm, rejuvenating, resort like stay.

Chủ nhà Subramaniam

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