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El Paraiso Secreto, Islas del Rosario

Toàn bộ biệt thự. Chủ nhà Alvaro
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Queremos darte la bienvenida al paraíso dentro del paraíso y agradecerte por darte la oportunidad de escapar del bullicio y redescubrir tu esencia. Secreto es un complejo de descanso y entretenimiento natural construido como un conjunto de villas de verano. En este ecosistema de encuentro y descanso podrás apreciar la herencia natural y cultural de un rincón caribeño colombiano
Estamos en Isla Grande La llegada es por vía marítima, pero no te preocupes sólo es 1 hora en lancha desde Cartagena.

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Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Playa Blanca, Barú, and Taganga are some of the most searched beach spots in Colombia. Places visited by those who are searching for heaven on Earth in the relative isolation, calmness, and uniqueness of tropical islands.

Some of these places were kept or regarded as secret spots of pleasure and relaxation for many years, kept as exclusive destinations for the most fortunate; places where the lucky ones could unwind surrounded by virgin landscapes of wonderful beaches, welcoming locals, clear water reefs, and tropical flavors. The secret spread, and now these places are visited by thousands of tourists each year, taking some of the magic away.

What if we told you there’s still a secret untouched paradise waiting for you? Could you keep the secret? Are you ready to discover it?
Imagine a picture-perfect collage of white sand Islands, dry tropical forests, mangroves, and reefs overflowing wildlife, and the most charming little fishing town, the perfect spot to get lost for a while. Eager to know where it is? Isla Grande is the biggest island in the tropical key of Islas del Rosario (Rosario Islands), located just south of Cartagena in the Colombian Caribbean.

Island Hopping, Sunset Kayak, and Complete Relaxation

The Secret is Out
The Colombian Natural Park of Islas del Rosario is one of the country’s most important natural reserves and is located primarily underwater in the shape of mangroves and coral reefs, letting you experience its wonders as nature intended.

Just 50 minutes away from Cartagena, paying a visit to these wonderful islands is easy even if your trip to Colombia is not that long. This feature gives you an easy escape if the touristy Cartagena scene gets too busy.

Another great thing about this secret paradise is that it has something in store for every kind of traveler. If your thing is adventure, then you’ll be able to kayak through a unique ecosystem of majestic mangrove tunnels and lagoons of Isla Grande and out onto the sea. You’ll be able to go diving, or snorkeling around a mysterious aircraft sunk in the middle of the ocean, while the more relaxed visitors can easily idle away for a day on the beach, chilling in a hammock, or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Once you get there, you’ll be surrounded by a picturesque mixture of blue and turquoise waters that have shaped the rocky islands and their wonderful white sandy beaches. Isla Grande in particular is blessed by a variety of landscapes that you can enjoy while staying at one of the seven different summer villas located in the former luxurious mansions of Emerald barons. They are as opulent as that fact suggests, with great swimming pools, airy terraces, and well-appointed rooms – as well as privileged locations right on the seafront. (Previously known as Paraíso Secreto Hostel, in case you’re curious to know).

Magic Never Ends at Isla Grande
Visiting Isla Grande and the rest of the keys is a never-ending magical trip. So please don’t get tempted by the common practice of a single day-trip or “Pasadías” that are not only highly expensive for what you can get, but also take you away from a life-changing experience.

At dusk, you can take a private tour to visit the brackish water lake at the heart of Isla Grande to bask in its stunning and surreal spectacle of phosphorescent or bioluminescent plankton which, on a dark night, glow and oscillate with light at every touch of the water. Submerge yourself in the lake to dance with tiny green lights all around your body.

Do we need to say more? If you’re looking for the most amazing island in the Caribbean that you can visit in an easy one-hour trip from a wonderful international vacation spot (Cartagena), then Isla Grande at the Islas del Rosario is the secret you’ve been seeking to discover.

Pack your bags with nothing but your desire to relax, your need to unwind, your wish for adventure, and a huge desperate will to feel free. Were you looking for Paradise? Secreto Isla Grande is waiting for you!

Chủ nhà Alvaro

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Johnathan is our cool co-host who lives on the island and will be available for your requests and needs.
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