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Elegant apartment with incredible views of the sea and Cabo Tortuga. Better than a hotel:
The building is right in front of the beach, 2 adult pools, 2 children's pools, 8 jacuzzis, 4 saunas, gym, game room, ping pong, golf simulator, squash, restaurant service. 10 minutes from the airport and shopping centers.

Room 1: Queen bed and 1 seater sofa bed.
Room 2: Option king bed or 2 single beds.
Room 3: 2 single beds.
living room: 3-seater sofa bed 3 children or 2 adults comfortably

Chỗ ở
The buildings in Santa Marta require the payment of a bracelet to access the facilities. In this case, each guest should pay a (COP) $50,000 per bracelet, (value not included in the accommodation).

NOTE: The value of the bracelet depends on the age of the building and the quality of the facilities. Believe us: All our guests want to come back !!! The facilities are excellent, you won't regret it !! In the words of the architect who designed the project: “Samaria beach club” is not just a name, it is literally a CLUB ON THE BEACH ”,“ SAMARIA is also an inclusive project, all people, regardless of the moment in life in which are (children, the elderly) find in Samaria the most exclusive recreational options "

The building adjoins the beach. You will stay on the 22nd floor of tower 1, which is the highest in the condo. When you arrive you can look out on the balcony and you will see a mountain in the shape of a turtle that goes into the sea (cabo tortuga).

The apartment has air conditioners in all its areas and rooms, as well as blackout for a correct rest. Wifi and 2 televisions with Disney + and Netflix.

Towels (regular and beach), bedding and all textiles are washed and sterilized, the apartment has a washer and dryer both with sterilization function.

The condominium has private and direct access to the beach through a beautiful path built over a lakep (see photo), you can walk (there is a maximum of 300 meters from the apartment to the beach) or do the tour for free by transporting the condominium vehicle with an open roof (zafari bus type) so you can get directly from the apartment to the beach in less than a minute.

You can use a parking lot, if you need an additional one: tell us!


During your stay on the beach you must carry a kit that contains at least 60% glycerinated alcohol or disinfectant towels and face masks (Resolution 1547 of 2020).

By Decree, the District of Santa Marta prohibits the stay on the beach from 12:00 to 2:00 pm (lunch time) and from 5:00 pm the beach is closed.

Tip: if the beach is closed the pools will be open, the condominium adjoins the beach that is, you have direct access to the sea. The pools are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm except Monday and Tuesday after holidays when maintenance is performed

The maximum capacity inside the pools is 20 people in each pool at the same time (the pools are super large with 20 people they look empty), there are 4 pools in total 2 for adults and 2 for children, the good news is that the building has a low occupancy percentage and so far we have NEVER seen the capacity of 20 people per pool being met (we have been here for more than a year)

If for any circumstance (which has not happened until now) the pools are full (with a capacity of 20), he beach has no capacity limitations.

3 options: 1- cook in the apartment, 2- go to zazue or 3- eat in samaria next to the pool through an agreement with the chef del mar restaurant.

Go down to the beach:
If you go for a walk early in the morning to the beach it is also possible that you will find a live starfish (we share photos of a giant starfish that my husband found, during the morning walks) this has only happened to him once two months ago, but it was a difficult event to forget.

For children, being in the pools and making sand castles on the beach during the day will be exciting and seeing Disney + at night is paradise (at the end of the day they sleep peacefully) of course the pool is excellent, BUT if they go to the sea ​​(and the sea is calm) and they concentrate on looking at the ground, they will be able to see the fish fluttering near their feet, if they are agile enough they can catch a fish with the beach bucket, and if they are as good as my daughter ... they get a mini puffer fish, at first they won't know it, the fish inflates when it sees that you want to touch it)

The two children's pools are located next to two (2 jacuzzis) so that adults can take care of them while in the jacuzzi enjoying the
temperature and hydromassage (note: ask the Samaria staff for help in automating the jacuzzi ... it has a radio and colored lights)

Visits from third parties are not allowed during your stay ... remember that we are in a special time, let's take care of ourselves!

If you have any questions we are here to provide you with complete and reliable information that allows you to make the best travel decision for you and your family, we want you to visit us, but above all we want you to come back !! We are excited to welcome you !!!

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Gaira, Magdalena, Colombia

Nearby, 3 minutes by car there are Carulla, Olímpica and Ara, the first two have addresses and the local store called EL EXITASO also has addresses.

tip: if you go down early in the morning you can see the fishermen picking up the trammel! If the fishing is good, you will see them take the fish out and you can buy it right there to make your lunch. Did you know that fresh fish is ONLY the one that has been separated from the sea in less than 4 hours?
EXITASO is the store of a family in the sector that puts all the effort,
They attend quickly and they don't bother with the amount of the order, once they told my husband (that he just wanted a couple of batteries at 8:00 pm) “don't worry if you are asking for them, it's because the
you need it, I'll take it to you ”... so we thought: that's doing business!

In the apartment you will also find the telephone number of the local fishmonger to order fish and seafood; and cook at home (if you want to enjoy homemade sea food)

A 5 minute drive away is the Zazué shopping center restaurants: there are Crepes & Waffles, Los Pollitos, Little Italy, pizza by subway (which on weekends at night has a singing waiters event that is WORLDWIDE) and a local place that I liked it for its beauty and the quality of the food it is called sea food belt, it is very nice and worth knowing (my recommendations are sincere not commercial)

In the apartment you will also find the telephones if you want to order Zazué by phone (in this sector of Santa Marta there is no Rappi, which is strange because it is a fairly exclusive sector ...)

Samaria has a restaurant service with an agreement with the Chef del Mar restaurant and therefore, in the pool area that is close to the beach there is a very beautiful kiosk with a service of snacks, drinks (sodas, lemonades, and for adults: beer, piña colada, mojito) receives payments in cash transfer Bancolombia or DAVIPLATA (there is no dataphone).

Chef del Mar prepares the meals on his premises but sends them quickly to the condominium (no disposables will be served in a real plate) and serves breakfast, lunch and snacks in the kiosk next to the pool.

The menu is not cheap (normal-high price) but it includes
seafood delicacies such as sea bass fillet, ceviches, seafood casserole, shrimp rain, chicharrones and patacones. If you are not crazy about fish, the options are also quite varied, they offer pasta, chicken, red meat.

Chủ nhà Grace

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 12 năm 2019
  • 62 đánh giá
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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Me encanta la música, el ballet, los idiomas y viajar! Hace un año mi esposo y yo necesitábamos un lugar donde desconectarnos, para escaparnos del trabajo los fines de semana! fue así como descubrimos: Samaria. Allí adecuamos un apartamento con todas las comodidades. A los pocos meses, unos amigos nos contagiaron con sus ideas: nos hablaron de Airbnb y a partir de alli: Ha sido una experiencia llena de buenas energías!!! No nos imaginábamos que nuestro lugar de descanso pudiera tener tan increíble acogida!!! Todo en nuestro apartamento se inspira en la filosofía de dar el 100%, puedes esperar de nosotros: (i) las mejores comodidades (acá nada se hace a medias), (ii) la emoción cuando nos llega el mensaje de que has colocado tu reserva y la alegría más grande de recibirte (iii) la oración cada vez que llegas para que descanses y cuando te despedimos para que regreses con bien; y reparado a tu hogar!!! Bienvenidos!
Me encanta la música, el ballet, los idiomas y viajar! Hace un año mi esposo y yo necesitábamos un lugar donde desconectarnos, para escaparnos del trabajo los fines de semana! fue…

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I will be available by phone and whatsapp 24/7

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