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Single Room in The Maycliffe Hotel by Paymán Club

Phòng tại khách sạn. Chủ nhà Paymán
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• Located at the very heart of the English Riviera
• Set within ambling distance from the Torquay Seafront beach
• Private rooms with a communal kitchen fitted with all the essentials
• Comfortably sleeps 1 guest/COMFY SINGLE BED
• perched on a charming and calming street
• A lift available
• Free Wi-Fi available
• The world-renowned Agatha Christie’s hometown and the setting for many of her best-seller novels.

Chỗ ở
**Please note that, according to the government restrictions, The Maycliffe Hotel by Paymán Club is not currently taking leisure travellers. The policy is in effect until the limitations are lifted in due time.**

The three-storey Maycliffe Hotel (by Paymán Club) in Torquay boasts 30 ensuite rooms of various sizes and bedding arrangements to cater for a delightful and cheerful stay for all kinds of travellers. The rooms come as single, deluxe double, twin, and double with bunk beds. 28 rooms are on the first and second floors, with 2 located on the ground floor for those looking for easier accessibility. That being said, the hotel features a lift to access the rooms on upper levels with no hassle.

Maycliffe Hotel (by Paymán Club) in Torquay is currently being offered as private rooms with a communal kitchen fitted with almost all the essentials. There are also 7 free parking spaces on-site, and free street parking is also possible.

★ Please note that there are more than one Deluxe Single Room available at Maycliffe Hotel (by Paymán Club). Their bed arrangements, amenities and facilities are the same, but their interior decoration is different. You may see the photos of all four apartments in the gallery. Please be aware that you might be accommodated in each one of these based on availability.

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Torbay, England, Vương quốc Anh

• The seaside resort towns are dotted with numerous beaches, attractions, shops, cafes, and bars stretched out along the water.

• Want to let the gentle waves lap at your feet, the genteel warmth of the sun beat on your face and beam into your eyes? The waves may roar, even crash onto the shore, and rush you a bit back but not for long. You have definitely chosen the right holiday resort! The balmy clean and fresh air is sure to add to your feeling of solace, joy, and gaiety.

• The nearest beaches to The Maycliffe Hotel (By Paymán Club) are Torre Abbey Sands and Torquay Seafront, both situated about 10 minutes away on foot.

• Torre Abbey Sands is probably the most spectacular beach and the main one in town, offering stunning views.

• Other equally amazing beaches stretching along the water are Oddicombe, Hollicombe, Babbacombe, Paignton, and Meadfoot.

• To take in the breathtaking beauty of Torquay, you are highly recommended to take a stroll across the palm-lined Princess Pier that is said to be the spot Agatha Christie frequently roller skated with a group of friends.

• The coastal town hosts activities and attraction all year round to amuse and surprise all groups of tourists of all tastes.

• Most of such landmarks and spots are in the vicinity of The Maycliffe Hotel, seemingly secluded but ideally accessible to everything Torquay has to offer.

• The 800-hundred-old Torre Abbey Museum and Torquay Museum with Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, the gallery are located on the east and west of The Maycliffe Hotel, both taking a 5-minute drive or a 20-minute leisurely stroll to reach.

• Cockington Park, filled with countryside parks, gardens and various events, is a popular destination in Torquay, and merely 10 minutes away.

• Other must-visit attractions nearby include Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves, Babbacombe Model Village, Bygones, Prince Theatre, and Little Theatre.

• Don’t forget to take a refreshing walk along the South West Coast Path to enjoy the view of the swaying palm trees and sweeping sandy beaches.

• Agatha Christie Mile is undoubtedly a route you want to walk along as you will get the chance to visit the premier spots, 11 specific locations, linked to Agatha Christie’s life and works in one way or another.

Chủ nhà Paymán

Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 năm 2014
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At Paymán Club, we offer a wide variety of quality serviced accommodation and hotels all across the UK. Some of our locations include London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Hinckley, Newport, Stratford upon Avon, Coventry, Sunderland, Leicester, etc. Find us on your favourite search engine or social media by typing our properties' names or Paymán Club!
At Paymán Club, we offer a wide variety of quality serviced accommodation and hotels all across the UK. Some of our locations include London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Hinckle…
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