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The HP Suite, St. Catherine, Jamaica - Real nice!

Toàn bộ căn hộ. Chủ nhà Betty
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Presenting ... The HP Suite, our unique Jamaican Accommodation offer (presented by Atlanta Short Term Furnished Suites). Located in Horizon Park, St. Catherine, Jamaica (which is just 18 minutes from Kingston, Jamaica), the HP Suite is a fully furnished 1 bedroom flat that is located at the side of a home. Your own space ... your own world.

The HP Suite features the following:
- bedroom
- bathroom
- kitchen
- drive way parking for 1 vehicle
- AC
- Internet
- Cable TV
- Hot Water
- Cleaning

Chỗ ở
The HP Suite comes equipped with built-in kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, ceramic tile flooring throughout the unit, lots of meshed windows to allow natural light and hotel styled bathroom. Because it's located at the side of a house, you also have access to a large verandah and a front yard.

The HP Suite is in Horizon Park (housing complex) which is only minutes drive from restaurants, grocery shops, gas stations, pharmacy and churches. It is only 5 minutes drive to Spanish Town and 18 minutes drive to Kingston, 20 minutes drive to Hellshire Beach, 27 minutes drive to Norman Manley International Airport, 30 minutes drive to Mandeville, 45 minutes drive to St. Thomas, 58 minutes drive to Ocho Rios, 70 minutes drive to Port Antonio, 80 minutes drive to Montego Bay International Airport and 90 minutes drive to Negril. Your drive to Kingston takes you to five star restaurants, night clubs, theatres, movie houses, shopping centers, museums and various attractions. Your drive to Hellshire Beach allows you to soak up the sun on the beach while indulging in Fried Fish, Fried Lobster, Festival, Bammy Cold Red Stripe Beers or Jamaican Rum Punch. Your drive to Ocho Rios allows you to explore several beaches, restaurants, river rafting, Dunn's River Falls and several other attractions.
PS: The HP Suite is also connected to Villa Retreat Jamaican Vacation Home (near Ocho Rios) Jamaica. Guests who stay at The HP Suite can transfer to Villa Retreat subject to availability. Guests who want to stay at Villa Retreat can transfer to the HP Suite subject to availability. Just ask for details*

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Spanish Town, St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica

This is a typical Caribbean neighborhood (middle income residential home subdivision) with neighbors to your right, left, behind you and in front of you. You can take a 2 minutes drive out to the main for restaurant, groceries, gas station, banking, pharmacy etc. or you can take a 18 minutes drive to Kingston (the larger town and also capital of Jamaica for higher end restaurants, entertainment, grocery shopping etc.

Chủ nhà Betty

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We are a professional family who have lived in other countries and appreciate the ability to explore God's creation through various cultural exchanges and travel destinations. We are proud to announce our unique Atlanta Short Term Furnished Suites' accommodation offers - four fully furnished accommodation offers including: - 2 private suites (in Stone Mountain/Atlanta, Georgia) that are used for short term stays; - a really nice furnished 3 bedroom/2 bathroom Vacation Home home in the cool rolling hills of Retreat, St. Mary, Jamaica (which is only 20 minutes from Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica); and last but not least, - a cozily furnished 1 bedroom flat/1 bedroom suite in St. Catherine, Jamaica (which is just 18 minutes drive from Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica). Atlanta Accommodation Offers: Suite #1: the biggest of the 2 Atlanta furnished suites (aka the GYO Suite) (fully furnished in-law suite/studio apartment) with private entrance, private bedroom, private bathroom and of course, a private kitchen) at the side of a home in a tranquil residential neighborhood AND Suite #2:- Our Atlanta Short Term Furnished Suites known as the GYO Mini-suite (fully furnished guest bedroom with private bathroom and it's own private entrance). Although this mini suite has no kitchen, it does have a mini-refrigerator, toaster, microwave and coffee services). Both of our Atlanta Short Term Furnished suites feature hotel styled house cleaning services, linens, towels, toiletries, high speed internet access/Wi-fi, parking on a two car drive way, cable tv etc. Both suites are steps to shopping, dining and world class entertainment. No smoking, no pets, no drugs and adults only for both suites. There is always some one on site. Our Atlanta Short Term Furnished Suites' packages include Complimentary continental breakfast. (Please note that dinner is optional and at extra cost). We are on the bus route, last stop on the train route and close to Hwy 285, Hwy 20, Hwy 78 and Hwy 85. We are also only 27 mins from the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport (which is also connected to us via the train - everybody loves the fact that they can get off their plane here at the Atlanta airport and literally get on the train that takes you up to our side of town). We are also 20 mins via car from Buckhead, 18 mins NE of downtown Atlanta (which houses CNN, Martin Luther King Center, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo and several other attractions)., The World's Famous Stone Mountain Theme Park is only 7 mins drive away from our doors. Jamaica Accommodation Offers: #1 - Villa Retreat Jamaica (a Vacation Home). This is a fully furnished 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home located in Retreat, St. Mary, Jamaica (which is just 20 minutes drive from Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica). This vacation home features, AC, Cable TV, Wi-fi, Hot Water Heater, Washing Machine, drive way parking that accommodates up to 2 cars, fenced backyard and front yard and lots more. #2 - The HP Suite - a fully furnished 1 bedroom suite (located) at the side of residential home. This suite features bedroom, full bathroom, full kitchen, a den/patio area, drive way parking, front yard and back yard, AC, hot water heater, wi-fi, cable etc. As Certified Tourism Assets Specialists, we take pride in helping you with tips regarding where to go, where to shop, things to see and what to do while checking out our beautiful city of (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) as well as (Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica) and (St. Catherine, Jamaica). So pack your bags and head to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the home of Southern Hospitality at it's best or Jamaica, one of the best that the Caribbean Region has to offer. And, when you do, check into one of our Atlanta Short Term Furnished Suite's accommodation offers where we see accommodation uniquely. We look forward to helping your stay here in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Ocho Rios area, (Jamaica) or St. Catherine (Jamaica) a PLEASANT one!
We are a professional family who have lived in other countries and appreciate the ability to explore God's creation through various cultural exchanges and travel destinations. We a…
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I wont be available in person (but) have partners there on the site (separate space)/same address who will be there to assist when needed. I am available via phone.
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