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Steps from the beach! Villa w/private pool, balcony, hammock, WiFi & partial AC!

Toàn bộ biệt thự. Chủ nhà Vacasa Belize
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*Gold Standard Certified

This enormous villa in Placencia Village, Belize, is an ideal place for your next tropical getaway! With a private pool and enough space for 14 guests, it doesn't get much better than this home.

Located just a few steps from a gorgeous stretch of beach and also within easy walking distance of the friendly Placencia Village, where you can find restaurants, shops, equipment rentals, and much more. Whether you're here to relax on the perfectly soft, sandy beach or take a guided tour around Belize (this country boasts Mayan ruins, amazing wildlife preserves, rivers, caves, and much more) and explore the terrain, you can find all sorts of activities to suit your tastes here.

This villa is actually made up of three smaller units - one three-bedroom, two-bathroom mini-villa on the upper level plus two smaller one-bedroom, one-bathroom sections on the ground floor. Each part of the home has its own private entrance, full kitchen, and living room. The upstairs level has a spectacular balcony with seating and a hammock, and the lower sections have lovely deck areas.

While you're here, you will enjoy all sorts of modern amenities, including WiFi access, cable TV, partial air conditioning, and a laundry room. All in all, with five bedrooms boasting a variety of bed sizes and two additional futon beds, this large home can accommodate up to 14 guests. With three kitchens, three living spaces, and plenty of room - both indoors and outdoors - to roam, you can easily bring a crowd of loved ones to share this adventure with you!

Best of all, there's a private pool just for you! Enjoy a dip in the refreshing water, use the charcoal grill to cook up some lunch, or sit at the shaded table and chat with your family or friends.

This home has plenty of space, a fantastic location, and all the modern amenities you could hope for, so it would be great for a family trip, an unforgettable getaway with your friends, or any other sort of gathering. The Placencia Peninsula has a diverse selection of activities, including some of the world's finest scuba diving, snorkeling, and ocean fishing, in addition to the many other varied activities available.
Bring your loved ones to this villa in Belize and enjoy a truly memorable vacation together!

* Please note that there are active surveillance cameras on-site.

Parking Notes: There is free parking for 0 vehicles. No parking available at the property. You can only reach the home by foot. If you do bring a car you can choose to park it either at the basketball court (3 min walk from the home) or by the pier of Placencia Village (5 min walk from the home)

Water Access: The home is close to the beach, off of Placencia Sidewalk in the heart of the village.

Air conditioning is only available in certain parts of the home.

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Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize

Chủ nhà Vacasa Belize

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Greetings from Team Vacasa! Yes, we’re a professional property management company—but we’re also real people, trusted by the owners of vacation homes to take care of all the heavy…
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