Palm Springs Desert Home Oasis

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Palm Springs Desert Home Oasis with Amazing Panoramic Mountain Views! Racquet Club location in Palm Springs. Huge living room area and open kitchen. The aerial tram is just right around the corner, downtown Palm Springs, dining, the airport, and all the attractions are all less than 5 miles away! Property has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with private pool and spa, built-in BBQ.

City ID # is 4436

Chỗ ở
Spacious property with private gated entrance and in the driveway up to 3 cars can park there. Convenient smart keypad lock to enter the property.

Please No more than 10 daytime guests (including overnight guests) are permitted by the city.

Additional Occupancy Tax of 11.5% (13% Starting in June, 2021) Will Be Due Upon Booking

Pool heat is NOT included in the price. Additional use of the spa heat $ 50 / night 5pm-10pm and pool heat $ 70 /day is available ( per your request).pool heat takes 6-8hours depend on the weather.

Twice weekly pool service is provided. Monday and Thursday around 3pm-5pm. The pool service person will only have access to the pool. The gardener comes every Saturday.They do not have access to the house. Please understand that you may see them working during your stay.

Swimming pools and spas, while providing exercise, recreation, and relaxation, can also can be dangerous. People can be severely injured or drown if the pool is not properly used. Guests are strongly cautioned that they, other occupants and guest’s guest must adhere to the following safe practices:
* No intoxicated person may use the pool or spa
*No diving into the pool or spa
*No one should use the pool or spa alone as there is no lifeguard on duty
*Children may never be left unattended as they may gain access to the pool or spa, not even for a few seconds

Guests agree to release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge host and host’s employees from any and all claims, liabilities or causes of action of any kind that guest, member of guest’s household or guest’s guests or invitees may have at any time against host or host’s employees resulting from guest’s use of the pool or spa~ by renting this property you are agreeing to the terms and rules above

Dog allowed, ( no cat , sorry we have allergy ) extra $35/dog, please clean up after your pet. Additional fees may apply for additional cleaning.

NIGHT TIME hours are between 10 pm and 10 am. Please move indoors after 10 pm. If you choose to be outside, please be considerate of the neighbors and use indoor voices. Please remember our neighborhoods are quiet, surrounded by mountains and voices can easily carry.

Amplified MUSIC is not allowed outside. Music may not be heard at the property lines at any time of the day (that includes music coming from inside of the home). Please, don’t bring the speakers outside and crank up the music, even if you think everyone will enjoy it. If your neighbors can hear music, you are in violation of the City Ordinance.

The City of Palm Springs Code prohibits all outside music and excessive noise at all times. Failure to obey this law will result in a $500 -2000 citation, immediate eviction, and no refund for the remainder of your rental.

A/C, Please Do Not set the A/C below 75°, or the system will freeze up and break. Please leave settings at:

• 78° when you’re home
• 85° when you’re away

BBQ propane. Please note that we will try to keep the propane tank filled as best we can.

Please dispose of chewing gum or cigarette butts properly, don’t throw it on or stick it around the property.

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Palm Springs, California, Hoa Kỳ

Exclusive Racquet Club area in Palm Springs. Located in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in Palm Springs. Great mountain views. Close to supermarkets, restaurants, and gas stations. Palm Springs Aerial Tram, Downtown Palm Springs, and the Airport are just a few minutes away.

Chủ nhà Green Lapis LLC

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I like to meet new people.

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You can reach me anytime via text or phone for any questions or concerns.
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