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Our cosy Little Cottage Syringa offers a peaceful escape or a quiet setting for remote work; with bike trails, lakes, and local restaurants nearby, you can relax and enjoy the Finnish countryside. Walking distance to Finland's oldest village, Fiskars Village (Fiskarsin ruukki), there is plenty to do from art to local cuisine. The self-contained cottage located in our one-acre garden offers you privacy, comfort, cooking facilities, and use of the garden be it morning coffee or evening barbecue.

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Our garden borders the quite unique oak forests of Fiskars, which are populated with white-tailed deer and other wildlife. Indeed, the deer frequent our garden and you may well see on through the cottage window. You can look forward to a relaxing stay in the quiet neighbourhood and a good night's sleep in the silence of the countryside. For more pictures and updates, see Little Cottage Syringa (littlecottagesyringa) on Instagram.

Originally built in 1957 to house the grandmother of the family residing in the main house, the cottage has two rooms and a small porch. The main room is a cosy space with the custom-made comfortable bed situated in an alcove, overlooking the vegetable garden and the nearby lake (visible in the spring before the full bloom of the garden). The room also has a unique, handmade desk from the 1930s for you to use, as well as a seating area.

The adjoining kitchen is equipped with a brand-new energy-saving fridge-freezer, an induction hob (no oven), coffee maker, toaster, and a microwave, as well as a small water heater, so longer term visits are also possible. Please note there is no running water due to the age of the cottage, but a small water heater in the kitchen provides a reasonable amount of warm water for washing the dishes. Drinking water is provided from the main house in a large portable water container. The main house is not too far away and we are most often available as we work from home and will be happy to help. Should you want to use our washing machine, that can be arranged. Also, the shower is located in the main house and is available at pre-agreed times, although there is an outdoor shower available for the guests. There is also a clean and tidy outhouse directly next to the cottage for your private use.

The cottage is easy access from the small gravel road which leads to the main house, where you can also park your car. The cottage has a custom made double bed of 120 cm (extra bed available on request) with a brand-new mattress and bedding. For your comfort and a good night's sleep, there are blinds installed in the windows as the summer months in Finland are very light. If you visit us in the winter, there are electric radiators to keep you warm.

We also have a family-friendly dog, a rough collie called Paavo, who roams the garden freely and loves a good belly rub. He is a very gentle soul, but he does like to chase away the deer from our garden in the evenings. However, don't worry, he sleeps in the house with us. The cottage itself is pet-free.

Finland is famous for the midnight sun, and at our little cottage, you can enjoy the nightless nights throughout June and the long light nights of July. Due to the very early sunrise in Finland in the summer moths, the birds like to get up early to welcome you to the new day.

Our cottage is perfectly situated near to the bike trails of the Fiskars Village Trail Center, the historic Fiskars village with its artisan and artist shops and community, restaurants, cafes, and even a museum. Fiskars village also has its very own Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery, and Noita Winery by the riverside. We are also surrounded by many lakes where you can go swimming, kayaking, or fishing, and the sea is just two kilometres away. We are located 90 kilometres from Helsinki and 80 kilometres from Turku, both easily reachable for a day-trip, but there are other interesting destination nearby, including Tammisaari (a part of Raseborg) and Lohja with its lakes and nature reserves.

For food lovers, Fiskars offers two great restaurants, Wärdhus and Kuparipaja. You can also enjoy the fruits of the forest in the autumn, or alternatively, for a small extra charge, you can enjoy our vegetable garden, our home-made sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls, and other vegetarian home cooking.

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Raseborg, Phần Lan

Backers Bakery and coffee shop is a ten minute walk away where you can enjoy the local delicacies with a view over the fields. More cafes, restaurants and bars in Fiskars Village, a lovely 25-minute walk along the river and cow pastures, or five-minute car ride (with ample parking space in the village).

Fiskars Village also hosts art installations and art exhibitions displaying both local art and guest artwork. There is an Artist Residence in the village where visiting artists collaborate with the local artist and artisan community. Fiskars is also known for the many award-winning carpenters and designers.

If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect place for you with plenty of forests to hike, bike trails, lakes, the sea, as well as a nature reserve. Fiskars Village Trail Center offers bike rental and maps of the bike trails. You can also rent a canoe if you wish to go paddling.
For history lovers, the Raseborg Castle Ruins is only a half an hour’s drive away.

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We are a Finnish-British couple who love travelling and meeting new people, learning about their language and culture. We love good food and good company. We're into growing our own vegetables, home cooking, and sourdough bread baking. We have travelled all over Europe as well as the Americas, staying in hostels as well as with Airbnb so we know what is required for a relaxing and pleasant stay. We hope you will enjoy staying with us in the beautiful and quiet Finnish countryside.
We are a Finnish-British couple who love travelling and meeting new people, learning about their language and culture. We love good food and good company. We're into growing our ow…

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  • Robert

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We live on the premises (in the main house, you have the cottage all to yourself) and work mostly from home, which means we are normally available on short notice. If we are not home, you can easily reach us by phone or text.

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