Heritage Cottage "Platypus Retreat" built in 1899

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This is Gold Miners’ Cottages Style 1850–1875 Heritage, Now for rental, Only 4 PEOPLE ONLY.beautiful, picturesque valleys surrounded by rolling hills, dirt roads that lead into sub-alpine bush, and paddocks filled with horses, cattle, sheep - welcome to one of NSW's prettiest rural districts. At Gloucester Tops within Barrington Tops National Park you can step behind the green curtain into a dimly lit world of ancient Antarctic beech.To have A dog by my approval

Chỗ ở
My house is very comfortable, has everything you need to relax. Very quiet and relaxing place.Always fresh Linen, towels, Cottage has 2toilets,shampoo,soap,coffee, tea,and plus more,Read my profile,The Cottage is only For 4 people, guests can have only ONE PET with my Approval, It Is Additional fee and no any dog allowed to sleep on sofas and guests beds, Please,clean after dogs hair on carpets,No huge dog allowed insight of premises,Please.
Take in consideration ONLY KEEP ONE DOG, WITH MY APPROVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is most suitable for family 2 Adult with 2children. There are 2 bedrooms: one with a double bed and another with 2 single beds.
Extra little cot for kid under 1 year old.
For family 2 adult+ 2 children, or about 3 +child! I have Some toys and books for children , make family stay together in happy environment .
There's a nice and neat kitchen, which I do supply frypans, saucepans, cutlery,for bakery,if you wish to cook during weekend,Please, Clean up your cooking,,,PLEASE!!!! When the weather is cold outside,I have nice fireplace ,NOTE: firewood is yr. purchase!!!!, reverse cycle air con, TV, .Plenty books,pencils for kids activity, interesting books to read Are not for taking them from the house, I am collecting them and buying for guests to read,and..Thank You to understand it))))))
(Please note there is no Wi-Fi).  Exchange your life-style on weekends from Technology to Ecology. No problems for Parking ,a lot of spaces on Manning street road in front of the house with excellent View of Gloucester Mountains.I have big Backyard for childrens outdoor activities.B&Q area with gas bottle to have meal outside of the house as well,nice outdoor table with chairs,and nice little cute sofa with soft cushions.

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Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia

Gloucester won the Tidy Towns Award in NSW in 2014, and this compact country township has everything you need for a few days away, or stay for a week holiday!!!!
Brightly coloured fungi, towering tree ferns and pure mountain streams tumbling down mossy cascades. The magical nature of Gondwanaland…. rare and pure but still visible after millions of years at Barrington Tops. (And always take care when walking or swimming at waterfalls and waterways within Barrington Tops.)
Gloucester, near Barrington Tops, just over three hours drive north-west of Sydney. After a chilly winter in the city, (and being a country girl from way back), I couldn't resist the lure of Spring and the opportunity to get out in some wide open countryside.
You can make your stay as relaxing as you like, doing very little apart from breathing in the fresh eucalypt-scented air, or as energetic as you like trying out all the recreational facilities.

Hiking: There are some lovely ambles around the township. Gloucester River runs through town and a path follows the riverbank. It's shady and there are plenty of spots to stop and rest or have a picnic. Pick up a brochure from the Tourist Information and try the Antarctic Beech Forest Walk or the Gloucester Falls Walk. Both take in sub-alpine woodlands, wetlands, and eucalypt forests. If you're up for something a bit more strenuous, check out Buckett's Scenic Walk, which is steep but short and takes you to the top of a rocky escarpment and gives expansive views over the valley and town. Also check out the Hidden Treasure Track and, a little longer, the Basin Loop Track.

Walk the Main Street. A museum, art gallery, lolly shop, book shop, shoe shop, clothing boutiques and homewares stores offers plenty to browse through and wile away a couple of hours. The gallery was having its Spring Exhibition the night I was there, showcasing some lovely water-colours and oils done by local artists. There's a Native Garden to wander through, and the District Park with swimming pool, skate ramp and tennis courts.

Do Scenic Drives: I did the very leisurely and picturesque 40-minute loop around the Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts Mountains). The road circumnavigates the rocky outcrop, passes farms, and has a couple of shallow river crossings, which gives you the opportunity to stop for a picnic. I pulled over in the shade of a willow and just sat to watch the water babble by. Birdlife included herons and waders catching insects, and there was always the cackle of kookaburras and magpies in the towering gums that lined the banks. Paterson and Dungog to the south-west of town, or Stroud and Nabiac to the south-east of town, are historical and quaint townships with antique and bric-a-brac stores, under one hour's drive. It's easy to make up your own itinerary and have a great day out exploring the countryside.

The Tucker Patch, Gloucester, Barrington Tops, NSW

Markets: Every Friday morning The Tucker Patch has a farm-gate stall, plus check out their website for workshops in organic growing, preserving, gardening without pesticides, and how to make your own jam. Gloucester Farmers Market is the 2nd Saturday each month. Gloucester Community Market is on Saturday of long weekends.

Eat and Drink: Of course there are a couple of pubs to try. 'The Kitchen' at the Round-about Inn is really family-friendly, has outdoor seating, and music on weekends. There are some lovely cafe's - such as Thunderbolt's Café, Perenti's for healthy options, and Roadies which is full of biker memorabilia. The Bowling Club has a Chinese Restaurant, and there's a Thai restaurant at the southern end of town.
Craven Creek Concerts Gloucester NSW

Special Events: I came to attend the Craven Creek Concerts. Set in an 80 year-old barn on a beautiful rural property, The afternoon was sublime and entertaining. Set amongst gum trees and cow paddocks, this annual spring-time event is a not-for-profit charitable organisation run by Craven Creek Music Association and made possible by owners Greg and Jenny Lindsay. Other events include Gloucester District Show in March, a Motorcycle Expo in April, a BBQ Competition in May, Pix from the Stick in June, Gloucester Chillout in July, Monkerai Sringers B & S Ball in August, Floral Festival in September, and Aero Club Fly-in in October.  For more information, go to "Info Centre"

The Firs is an unusual picnic area high within Stewarts Brook State Forest high in Barrington Tops. Surrounded by old Douglas firs (a type of pine tree) you’ll think you’re in Vancouver until you realise the dozen different bird calls (& even the motorcycle sound) are all coming from that lovely lyre bird perched on a log in the cool deep shadows. He’s singing to attract his mate, if you’re quiet you may see her sidle up to hear his performance. Very Australian.

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Town Gloucester in Barrington Tops area. Gloucester is a great destination for a 3-4 day trip or a longer holiday. It is located near the Barrington National Park and surrounded by state forests.

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