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Doce Aguilas is located in a green and small cattle valley for cows and horses. It is a stone and wood bio-construction cottage, with a furnished and sheltered garden porch. Fireplace (firewood (free), kitchen, refrigerator, coffee maker, oven, hot water, ... everything you need to make your / your stay something to remember with smiles. The best and the truth are the written words of our guests We invite you to read the references, for us they are a real honor.

Chỗ ở
Doce Águilas is a 5000m2 farm designed with permaculture criteria. It is located in a strategic enclave, as it is on the outskirts of the village of Las Bodas, from here you have very easy access to the three most beautiful valleys of the Los Picos de Europa Regional Park. Those of the Porma, Curueño and Esla rivers.
As we love people very much, we try to give them the best of what is in our hands. Especially those special corners, between waterfalls and mountains, that in those years we added to our most endearing moments and to the altar treasures of light, water, earth and consciousness.
If you love art and nature, this is your place, ... you will be surrounded by nature, paintings and artistic details. The cabin is built with environmentally friendly materials and also salvaged materials. We love rustic and romantic settings. Equipped with wifi, hot water, shower, ..... even with a large electric blanket, so that going to bed is a blessing.
The floor is solid wood and carpeted. The roof is made of wood with a small attic which brings in the golden light of the sunset. The porch is oriented towards the sunset and the evenings among the stars, invite all the best follies and thanks.

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Boñar (Las Bodas), Castilla y León, Tây Ban Nha

Our region, Alto Porma, is that of the famous salmon trout, which can give you an idea of ​​the purity of nature in all seasons. In our village, Las Bodas, is the oldest granary in Spain. Two hundred meters from the house there is a hot spring between sacred elder trees, here Ms. Urraca, Grace Kelly, Dalí came to take care of themselves ... our air and our fountains and forests help many people. In Boñar, which in Roman times was called Balneare (place of medicinal baths), there are 40 sources of water and among them one that is the most nitrogen-containing in Spain.
Both in the Porma and in the Esla, you can go rafting and hire horseback riding with a lovely family. Our region is an open secret for those who like to go out to mushrooms. Ah, if you like to drink real milk, freshly milked, two hundred meters away are Luis and Begoña who take care of their herd of pardina breed cows and calves with real care. Ten minutes away, one of the best botanical gardens in Spain, in which Chema protects with ascetic knowledge and dedication, many trees and plants from all over the world, some in danger of extinction. At the Fundación de Antonio y Cinia de Cerezales del Condado, 15 km, you can attend important artistic events, international exhibitions, art and science workshops. Almost half an hour away are the famous Llamazares and Valporquero caves and three-quarters of an hour, the Los Forgones waterfalls, the ports of Tarna, Las Signals and the San Isidro ski resort.

Chủ nhà Gregorio

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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
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Bienvenid=s !! Será un placer conseguir que vuestra estancia sea muy agradable. Es una casa ecológica tanto en materiales, piedra, cal, madera, ...como en el diseño de las formas. El resultado es una casa muy confortable y saludable. Somos nuevos en Airbnb y nos encantaría que os alojéis. Nos gustan mucho las personas y en especial l*s niñ*s y los maduros de todas las edades.
Bienvenid=s !! Será un placer conseguir que vuestra estancia sea muy agradable. Es una casa ecológica tanto en materiales, piedra, cal, madera, ...como en el diseño de las formas.…

Trong thời gian ở

Normally there are always some of us living in the big house, so if you need us for something, we will always be at your disposal. It is also possible that we go out and be in charge of your cabin and what you may need from the big house.

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