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Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chủ nhà Kevin

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2012
  • 236 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
Welcome to Accolade Hostel & Retreat Campground:) Our product is a dream in the making:) We are working towards living and being 100% organic so please no shampoos, soaps or scented products unless organic and environmentally friendly as we care to make a difference by making a difference:) Thank you. By being accountable, respectful, loving with empathy, compassion and with a care to make the world the difference, assuring communication and safety with a comfy, cozy, clean, cool, organic accommodation & walking distance to Gypsum Mine Lake our is second to none. Our ancestors thought me to never say no and a complaint is always an opportunity to do bette, differently, organically with today’s education and technology this shall be epic. Building for the future, one day at a time, securing, reinvesting from the ground up with the skills and respect of our forefathers thrived. Accolade Hostel and Retreat Campground is in the industry to set standards straight and abide by them as our life depends on it. We at Accolade Retreat Campground With Covid-19 Pandemic Disruption we at Accolade have stepped up to Health Agri-tourism & AI Technology with Attitude enviro friendly, disinfectants, cleaners, detergents & toiletries. We are wha you see, eat, hear, and do at Accolade Hostel & Retreat Campground:) There is no difference between our life & business. as it’s the same to avoid all confusion as I am only one & believe only in one kind of love, it’s unconditional & everlasting you will never forget. With organics and back to basics, aiming for zero target emission. Accoladens establishing a world class retreat isn’t easy but we been doing it for a lifetime. I am of proud Acadian/Micmac/Scottish/ Irish descendants that stem from Laurie’s original 6 cabins in Canada History along the famous Cabot Trail in the world 1938… My ancestry originated from St Malo France as privateers worked with First Nations in early 1600’s & my other side came from Scotland originally our name was MacKeown and became Mc Keown as they resettled and married in Ireland et voila that’s my heritage.. We come from the poor of the poor people and we love being poor as it keeps us humble yet we we are rich in life as we live off the land and that’s the Accolade’s Dream wild organic living in harmony & nature:) Eventually we settled on this beautiful land of Acadia wrapped with pristine oceans, laced with streams, lakes and dreams to live and thrive with farming, hunting, fishing as building our future is now so crucial with pollution and global warming on the rise. Born, baptized & raised here in Cheticamp, we together, the good and the bad must reunite and make it better. Accolade Hostel & Retreat Campground invites the world to see the difference by making a small change with ourselves now... Our upcycled century old barn once a food supply barn for Sacred Heart Hospital that fed WW11 veterans over 90 yrs ago, was dismantled in 62 pieces moved aprox 4 Kms up along railroad at entrance to Gypsum Mine Lake & reassembled with same nails to run 100 head cattle farm for aprox 40 yrs. There after transformed into a ground fishery building “the northern cod era”, later off shore, inshore crab and lobster. Cheticamp has the highest winds in the province gusting over 142 mph. Accolade is expanding with a third level and decks overlooking La Grand Falaise, jacuzzi, pool, sauna and it’s acreage. This barn and acreage with nine head of cattle and 3 draft horses nearly broke me physically, mentally and financially and so it became more feasible to provide shelter for stranded tourist all the reason I developed Accolade Hostel & Retreat Campground our of fear with an unconditional love, pride and passion to reincarnate history at its best. Life isn’t always easy in this world. It’s what we make of it and dreams do come true if we work hard enough at it. We are building an off grid organic retreat at its best by making better choices, target zero carbon footprint, back to basics, organic & going off grid soon:) Come join us. Little things mean sooo much more when you have less. People eat to live and we live to eat making the best of what we have. Recycling, up-cycling, composting, re-purposing and bringing back the old to the new with a green thumb. We shall rise to the top together as one who cares about this world we live in. Our ancestry is what made Accolade all possible. Great for singles, couples, families, small groups, to bus tours. Private guiding, shuttle services available. Step back in time with sticks and stones, ice cold artesian wells, pristine nature on 25 acres farmland. We look forward to hosting your stay at Accolade Hostel Retreat Campground your home away from home. We have cleaning fee for groups 6 people and over:)Everything you ever thought of doing on the Island Accolade is the gateway to it all:))) Yours truly, Kevin John Mc Keown
Welcome to Accolade Hostel & Retreat Campground:) Our product is a dream in the making:) We are working towards living and being 100% organic so please no shampoos, soaps or scente…
  • Ngôn ngữ: English, Français
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một giờ
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