Casa Hamaca Guesthouse

Phòng riêng tại chỗ nghỉ phục vụ bữa sáng. Chủ nhà Tyler

6 khách, 3 phòng ngủ , 3 giường, 2 phòng tắm
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This traditional three-story home that is a short two minute walk to the beach. The home has been designed with comfort and view! In the most quite secure area of Olon. Close to everything Olon has to offer. Large living and bedroom spaces with a traditional style in a modern design and amenities. Incredible 360 views over looking our Town, Beach, & Mountains. Relax in our back yard terrace enjoying Chef Tyler Gray's Eatable Garden, sipping your morning coffee.

Chỗ ở
Cozy Sun Light Rooms with twin size-bed with Canadian Confronters topped with Ecuadorian Made Blankets, wardrobe. Shared use of the kitchen with fridge, washing machine, coffee maker, toaster and water dispenser. Bathroom with shower and hot water. Back yard terrace filled with fruit trees and eatable plants.
The has home three rooms

Room 1 - Private Bathroom with shower, sitting area, out door balcony

Room 2 - Twin Bed, Sitting Area

Room 3 - three-house style room with Twin bed and 360 degree veiw of Olon, you need to climb stairs to reach it

Our home offers a verity of services that set us apart from other home stays in our area.

- Tours
- Airport Transfer
- Surf Lessons
- Yoga
- Chocolate Making Work Shops
- Concierge Services
- Shopping
- Translations
- Spanish Lesson
- Menu Planning
- Shopping
- Message

The operator of the home is International award winning Canadian Chef Tyler Gray. Each summer Chef Ty returns to Canada to operate his chain of signature restaurants. Chef Ty specialty is farm to table, and Each and every Saturday he offers a Chef inspired organic Farm to Table Five course meals. All food prepared is harvested locally. All meals will be pared with wines, beers, and liquors. Max 12 seats per Saturday night. Booking confirmation for dinners most be made Thursday by 9:00 p.m. Menu and dinner price will be released the Sunday before hand.

Each and every morning wake up to the sounds of the songbirds well sipping on our custom roast organic coffee. Well you await Chef’s Ty’s morning creations from fresh fruit and fresh roasted granolas, fresh yogurts, gluten free breads, home made jams, Canadian bacon, and eggs cook any way you like them.

Chef Ty also offers fill meal planning and cooking for your stay. Chef Ty has had the chance to train in Canada, France, Japan, United States, & the Dominican Republic. He is well versed in all styles of cooking. Vegan – Vegetation – Gluten Free menus all can be planned for your enjoyment.

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Olon, Provincia de Santa Elena, Ecuador

The Beach of Olon is one of the longest of the Ecuadorian Coast, with a length of over 7.6 km. Along its path you can find a lot of local Flora and Fauna, and some great places to relax, eat, drink and stay! The Mangroves are green and pristine, and the little rivers are alive with shrimp and birds all year round! Olon Town is Small, Safe and Relaxing, with wide street with streetlights, low traffic and plenty of Shops, Stores, Restaurants and Cocktail Bars!

Olon and its surrounding area have had inhabitants for thousands of years. Many Archaeological Finds are displayed at the Main Office of the "Junta de Agua Potable de Olon" (Olon Water Company), who have several display cases with original artifacts and some huge burial pots that can be viewed (with an appointment). They have found these while digging wells and tubing, and they are 100% original.

In more recent history, the hills of Olon and the wide are have been used for Agriculture, specifically plantations of Banana, Cacoa, Coffee, Oranges, Passion Fruits and Papayas. All of these Haciendas have been abandoned, and only very few ruins are still visible.

However, one can still find a variety of Fruit, Coffee and Cacao Trees in the Forest if you have a keen eye! Thousands of birds, howler monkeys and the locals have probably already taken most of the ripe fruits from them before you reach it though!

Over 200 years ago, the first "modern" dwellings were build in the Town area of Olon by the Gabino, Potes & Pozo families.

Olon got its name from the big northbound waves that would break on the Punta of Montañita (the hill between Olon and Montañita) and roll along Olon's Beach.
Olon is another word for "Ola Grande" or "Big Wave"!

Chủ nhà Tyler

Đã tham gia vào tháng 1 năm 2015
  • 2 đánh giá

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The home is a traditional Ecuadorian Three story home. The guest’s rooms are separate from the lower section of the home. With their own secure entrance. I live on site on the lower level. Any service or question we can take care of for you. We have traveled extensively, so we understand the local’s perspective on things, and love shown that to other travels.
Casa Harmaca Guesthouse is: inclusive Not exclusive; comfortable NOT luxurious; friendly Not Condescending; it feels like home.

Where great experiences become the best memories because the deep you dig, the richer the reward

Don’t just visit Olon… Experience it!
The home is a traditional Ecuadorian Three story home. The guest’s rooms are separate from the lower section of the home. With their own secure entrance. I live on site on the lowe…
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