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Chủ nhà này đã cam kết thực hiện quy trình vệ sinh tăng cường 5 bước của Airbnb.
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90% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho vị trí này.
An architectural gem. Built by boulders gathered from the surrounding mountains during the 60’s and 70’s, floor to ceiling windows. Come and stay in this villa, on breathtaking 5 acres in this visionary environment. So many Joshua trees it’s almost unreal. We welcome all. You will love it here!!!! We are available 24/7 for all questions and concerns.
You must see it to believe it.
Please note, our pool feature is for floating and wading only.
We a long list of add ins we will send a/bookin

Chỗ ở
Rock home with floor to ceiling glass windows. Simply breath taking. 100% Instagram-able from every angle.
100% cotton linens.
Soft and support pillows.
Warm duvets.
Coffee/ French press.
We have an archery range with some equipment or you are welcome to bring your own.
Concierge service with firewood at an additional charge.
The pool is drained Nov 1 st-April 1
Facials and make service now available. 48 hour advance booking required.
In room massage also must be booked 48 hours in advance
In spring and summer instead of private chef we are offering charcuterie boards (delivered via JT charcuterie) at 30$ per person, or steak/bourbon dinners. Steaks cooked for you while you sip a Manhattan. Private chefs available with notice. We have sound baths available with 48 hour notice.
We offer a picnic service and also portable projections if you are interested. We sell all the boutique vintage in our house and are setting up a square system for contactless purchasing..L’chaim

To turn on record player

You turn on the speaker, the light will turn green when it’s on, when the light on the speaker is green tap the Bluetooth button so that the light on the speaker is blinking blue. Make sure the vinyl player is turned on by making sure the button on the back left side of the vinyl player. Then hold the Bluetooth button on the vinyl player or tap until it’s blue. It will auto pair eventually

Vintage closet
The clothing is available for purchase and you are welcome to borrow it for photos.
Please return it and sanitize it with the available supplies. Have fun

Being that our property is situated on 6 wild acres you will occasionally find desert creatures. Spiders lizards, palmetto bugs, Beatles, we get spray service every month and do all we can. Just be aware. We have never yet had a snake in the house.

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Yucca Valley, California, Hoa Kỳ

Our place is very close to all restaurants, vintage shops, Pappy and Harriets. 15 min to Joshua tree national park entrance. Very secluded
With a gated entrance.

Chủ nhà Colleen

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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Fun loving easy going artist and musician, vintage hoarder, and seeker. Love to travel and go on culinary and spiritual adventures. I enjoy yoga, meditation, sculpture and live music.

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The entire place is for you. We offer turn down/concierge service that includes building a fire in our huge rock fire place. An additional charge will apply.
We also offer a mobile facial and make up service. Must be booked 48 hours in advance.
Mobile massage advance booking.
Sound bath/ requires advanced booking.
The entire place is for you. We offer turn down/concierge service that includes building a fire in our huge rock fire place. An additional charge will apply.
We also offer a m…

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