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Spacious, clean, freshly renovated double room with a private bathroom, super comfy bed, a desk to work on and a garden view is the best option for travellers looking for comfort, tranquillity, friendly hosts and great value for money.
Book with us, experience our hospitality, immerse yourself in nature and... find out yourself why for the past 6 years El Cielo has consistently been considered to be Montanita's best guesthouse.

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This spacious, clean and cosy double bedroom constitutes a part of our bamboo-made guesthouse. The room is located on the ground floor, it has a private bathroom, a closet, a desk and a fan. The entire room is over 20 square meters big. The room is freshly redecorated and created with much care and love for your maximum comfort.
All our guests have access to our large, bamboo terrace with a beautiful lush green view- a perfect spot to relax, lose yourself in the sounds of birds singing right above your head. There is an extra toilet on the ground floor and an extra shower outside. Our big, fully equipped kitchen is available to you 24/7. We also have a lovely, outside dining/chilling area connected to the kitchen, in the garden, right at the back of the house.
There is hot water and exceptionally good wi fi in the whole property. For our guests' security we have security cameras installed all around the property and lockers available 24/7.

Our property is a no 1 guesthouse in Montanita called El Cielo. Our guesthouse is small, homely and family run. We do not live in the property but we are here to assist you between 7am and 10pm every day. The maximum occupancy of the hostel is 17 people, so it never gets too crowded but it's perfect for socializing.

We not only accept but are very happy to host guests with children. We have a three years old daughter who is happy to share her toys, swimming pool, sand box and play area with your little ones :) 
We own and love pets. We love nature! 
We keep our house very clean and tidy- we provide daily house-keeping services free of charge. The cleanliness of your room and common areas is guaranteed!
Additionally, if you visit us with children and you fancy a romantic night out you can also count on our professional baby-sitting services provided by Monika, the hostess with a decade of teaching and child-minding experience.
We also serve delicious breakfast with homemade freshly squeezed juice and fruit salads from our own 100% organic fruit for an extra fee of 3.50$.
We are 100% committed to ensuring that your stay in El Cielo and Montanita is as wonderful and flawless as possible. We truly hope you will feel right at home at our place.

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Montañita, Provincia de Santa Elena, Ecuador

We are in a really safe, quiet and green neighborhood called El Tigrillo.
Please note that we're not in the centre and not on the beachfront!
Our house is located 10mins walking distance from Montanita's centre and the beach.
We love our location because it enables us and our guests to be close to Montanita's action when we feel like it but at the same time have our 'countryside' lifestyle and enjoy exceptional peace and silence at night.
We are surrounded by greenery and its inhabitants. You will be falling asleep to the sound of crickets and frogs mating and waking up to the sound of birds chirping.

Chủ nhà Monika And Daniel

Đã tham gia vào tháng 9 năm 2014
  • 75 đánh giá
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Hi Everyone! We are Monika and Daniel, a young couple that recently moved from Brazil to Ecuador to start a new, exciting chapter of life on this side of the continent. We have many things in common. We both love music A LOT, we love nature, people and human interaction, stories, sun, good organic food, science. We are very fond of having guests and hosting, be it our friends or our guest-house´s guests. We are passionate about learning, growing and sharing knowledge, skills and experience. Recently we have been uber passionate about our new home in Montanita and we have put our hearts, hands and minds into renovating our house and making it as nice as possible for our guests and us :) Monika is almost 30, originally from Poland but for the past 12 years she has lived, worked and studied in the UK, Russia, the Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Israel and Brazil. She is completely totally addicted to travelling and proudly calls herself a nomad, a Bedouin, a vagabond. Monika´s greatest passion has always been hitch-hiking and extreme, low budget travelling that took her to the most spectacular, remote places ranging from the Patagonian ´end of the world´ through tiny islands on the Indian Ocean, mini settlements deep in the Amazon jungle to mountain villages of Afghanistan. It was thanks to her travel-mania that in June 2014 she discovered Montanita, fell head over heels in love with it and decided to finally settle down (well, until the next destination ;)). Monika cannot live (Website hidden by Airbnb) She also wouldn´t find life as exciting and pleasant without hiking, sailing, cycling, STORY-TELLING/STORY-LISTENING/STORY-SHARING, teaching and learning, music in general but mainly Daniel´s concerts, papayas, good movies, good wine, good coffee and cats of all types. She is really into cinema, languages and linguistics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geo-politics, neuro-science, pedagogics, art and culture of all kinds, especially street and ethnic art, photography, especially travel and social photography and many many other things, mainly continous process of learning and self-development. Dani is just a bit older, Brazilian, originally from the beautiful Northern state of Bahia but has lived, worked and studied all over the country. He is an all in one food engineer, teacher and musician, recently a carpenter, roof maker, decorator, welder, gardener and much more. He is also a great cook and the ´brain´ of the family :) Any questions regarding science, IT and technical issues? Now you know whom to refer to! Dani talks a bit less than Monika (thank god!) but sings and plays several different instruments, especially his beloved guitar far better than her. Dani is a master of finding the coolest, informative, enlightening stuff on the Internet and sometimes even applying it in practice. He is into MUSIC MUSIC and once again MUSIC both listening and playing, social and environmental issues, alternative energy solutions, alternative gardening and cooking. He definitely couldn´t live without samba, reggae, his guitar, regularly consumed huge portions of food and good coffee. Our life motto is LIVE AND LET LIVE, laugh, love, grow, share and dream BIG no matter what! As a natural consequence of our life motto, we are both very liberal, flexible and understanding. We laugh a lot, sing a lot, show a lot of warmth and affection to each other and the world, talk a lot and always try to make our dreams come true :)
Hi Everyone! We are Monika and Daniel, a young couple that recently moved from Brazil to Ecuador to start a new, exciting chapter of life on this side of the continent. We have man…

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We love to host and we are always happy to help you, provide information, improve things, give food recommendations, book tours and all kinds of activities (surfing classes with Daniel, Spanish classes, diving, snorkelling, Isla de La Plata, horse-riding, paragliding and much more). We also have a team of great volunteers who assist us with guest attendance and daily chores. Our whole team is here to make your stay the best possible! 
We love to host and we are always happy to help you, provide information, improve things, give food recommendations, book tours and all kinds of activities (surfing classes with Da…

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