Yurt in the Forest

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Step into the serenity of trees and sky. The yurt has been crafted to relax and refresh you with comfort and convenience and the simple joys of peaceful proximity to nature. The round common room has a kitchenette, queen-size bed, table, chairs, and a futon which opens out to a double bed. A shower room completes the setting.

Chỗ ở
Our yurt, a round structure 24' in diameter, is secluded down in the woods with a huge deck that looks out over the wooded valley. The drive goes to the end of the walkway that leads to the door so unloading is easy. The interior is finished for your convenience, comfort and detailed for your delight. The clear dome on the top lets in the light in the day and at night you can watch the moon and stars cross the sky. Outside your door is a deck curving around the yurt. It is very private, looking out into the trees and across a small ravine. Sit at the table and sip your morning coffee or tea. Cook on the grill, or simply watch a fire burn in the small brazier. Maybe you'll just lie in the hammock and soak in the peace and quiet. Listen for the birds, feel the breeze, let go of the buzz of your busy life. Like Bob Dylan sang: "Can you imagine someplace... Where you're always safe and warm? Come in, she said, I'll give you...Shelter from the storm."

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7 đêm tại Holts Summit

11 Thg 09 2022 - 18 Thg 09 2022

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Holts Summit, Missouri, Hoa Kỳ

We are 12 minutes from Jefferson City MO. We enjoy the Three Story Coffee shop and many of our guests visit the old State Penitentiary and the State Capitol. It is seven miles to The Katy Trail State Park, which is a great place to walk or bike. The Runge Nature Center on the west of Jefferson City has great displays and lovely trails. We also have a trail that goes down the hill beyond the yurt, to the creek. It is a steep 1/4 mile.
In addition, we have two other listings that might interest you if you had a larger family/friends group coming. We have a pretty little cabin which you can view on airbnb.com/h/cozycabinbesideapond and a Bunkhouse that could sleep three or even four teenager sized. airbnb.com/h/small-but-comfortable-bunkhouse Just contact us if you're interested.

Chủ nhà Bill

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Bill is a fun, happy, hairy (former) computer programmer (etc.) who loves cycling and drinking strong black tea. He likes math games, canoeing the Ozark rivers and talking about great ideas while waving his hands. Louise is retired from 30 years of homeschooling, and loves to introduce little kids to dirt, bugs and the perimeters of their abilities. She was a massage therapist and enjoys gardening, reading and talking about how people work... inside and out. We live close to the land, and fairly simply. We value real food, fresh air and homemade togetherness. We get real excited when we can visit one or another of our kids who live overseas. We like God.
We are happy to share hearts...chat...or leave you to your own peace and solitude.
Bill is a fun, happy, hairy (former) computer programmer (etc.) who loves cycling and drinking strong black tea. He likes math games, canoeing the Ozark rivers and talking about gr…

Trong thời gian ở

We are generally here at the house, which is 100 yards away from the yurt. We will let you know if we will not be home when you visit. We enjoy getting to know our guests but can leave you alone entirely if that is your preference.

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