Charliey n Hyde Elegance in the heart of Bellingen

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Contemporary one bedroom apartment walking distance to Bellingen’s eclectic shops, cafes and Galleries. Cross the road to monthly Markets or a swim at the Bellinger river. Stroll to Fennel Seed for breakfast, lunch at Diggers Tavern, have Japanese cuisine at Qudo Restaurant or check Bellingen Brewery for gourmet wood fired pizzas. Go sightseeing along Roses or Glennifer Loop Roads. Whatever your reason for visiting our location is ideal and convenient for all that Bellingen has to offer

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When we decided to do an Airbnb, we envisioned a modern, stylish yet homely place where our guests could unwind, relax , be pampered and feel at home. We envisioned offering our guests comfort and country hospitality with warm, friendly, personalised service. We saw our aim as not only providing a great place to stay but also assisting our guests to have a enjoyable and memorable experience so that they would fall in love with Bellingen and its locals the way we did 25 years ago and so keep coming back.

So we the owners have painstakingly purpose built this home ourselves over 18 months for our Airbnb guests adding some little luxury and comfort details that we ourselves love.

We have ensured that the whole home feels big and spacious with high ceilings, open plan living.

The oversized floor to ceiling tiled bathroom has a with walk in shower big enough for two. The heated towel rail ensures that your towels feel dry, warm and fluffy every time you wrap yourselves in them. The heated flooring will keep you warm during those cold Bellingen winter nights.

The home is designed and furnished to keep you comfortable with ducted air conditioning, double insulation in the ceilings and walls, ceiling fans and blinds.

The large picture windows and triple sliding door to patio allow lots of natural lighting and breezeways.

The kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, glasses, serving ware, pots and pans for your dining purposes. There is a large fridge, microwave, sandwich press, blender for smoothies and 2 hot plates for cooking The Weber Family Q bar-b-q is also great for roasting meat and vegetables.

The large screen Smart TV is equipped with google play and comes with free Amazon Prime Movies and Spotify. We also have free NBN internet for streaming your own online movies or music.

We provide you with tea and coffee to start your day. We have opted not to provide breakfast as we are located in town where you will have a wonderful choice of cafes for breakfast. Please see our Guide Book for suggestions. The kitchen however will have cooking essentials oil salt and pepper should you wish to prepare your own.

We are happy to consider any reasonable requests and would gladly accomodate them if possible. We would like to make sure you enjoy your stay in Bellingen and would happily visit again.

We always look forward to meeting you our guests but would also like to respect your privacy.

Please let us know if you would like us to meet you upon arrival or if you would prefer checking in yourself so that we may provide the right amount of interaction for your purposes.

Thank you once again for choosing Charliey on Hyde as your preferred stay in Beautiful and Vibrant Bello as we the locals call it

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Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

We are located in the direct middle of town and so equal walking distance to both ends. You can easily walk to camp creative venues at the high school , to the Butter Factory Shops and cafe or to the Golf Club for an afternoon game. At the other end of town you can easily walk to the IGA for shopping or to the pub and restaurants and cafes. Go for a walk around town or bring your bikes and go for a scenic cross country ride to the promised land stopping for a swim at the never never river. Come visit and discover all that Bellingen has to offer or catch up with old friends from past visits

Chủ nhà Jasmin

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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
COVID -19 PROCEDURES Dear Guest We would like to inform you that we are taking new precautions to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and seek your cooperation in this measure We ask that you and your party be registered on the COVID Safe App We ask that you and your party please inform us if you have at any time tested positive for Covid-19 and whether or not you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive We also ask to please be informed by you about any flu like symptoms you or your party experience before, during and up to 5 days after your visit. Please note that any symptoms occurring before a visit will result in a cancellation. We are stipulating that only booked guests stay at the property. No third party is to visit under any circumstances unless it is for medical reasons. All dishes used are to be placed in the dishwasher and turned on upon leaving. Absolutely no hand washing of dishes. We assure you that a deep clean according to Airbnb Procedures is conducted after each stay Whilst we cannot guarantee non infection from Covid-19 we are taking these extra measures to minimise transmission to you our guest and to our community
COVID -19 PROCEDURES Dear Guest We would like to inform you that we are taking new precautions to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and seek your cooperation in this measure We…

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We are happy to be available at any time and for as much as needed

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