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Borsalino Two-Storey Maisonette in Laganas!

Toàn bộ tầng lửng. Chủ nhà Elena
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The property of Borsalino consists of Studios & Apartments. It also features an outdoor swimming pool, garden, children's playground, parking; Right next to swimming pool you will also find a snack-bar & a playroom. Enjoy a relaxing sunbath, or take a light meal and enjoy a refreshing drink.
Tip: The snack-bar's menu has offerings that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Light meals, fresh salads, locally produced fruits and delicious ice-creams

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The Two-Storey Maisonette has a size of 80sqm & feautures 2 bedrooms, equipped with 1 double bed each, air-conditioning, closets and are located on the attic type floor. On the lower floor, you will find a spacious open plan living room, dining & kitchen area. The sofa in the living room can sleep 1 extra person. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary ameninties & the living rooms` french doors open out to a furnished balcony with pool & snack bar views.

On the same level you will find a utility area with a washing machine, the bathroom with a shower & the inner stairs that will lead you to the attic type 2nd floor

This type of accommodation can accommodate up to 6 persons, as 1 folding bed can be added. Any type of extra bed or baby cot is upon request and needs to be confirmed by the property.

* The propertys' Swiming Pool is outdoors, not heated & seasonal (operating from May the 1st until the 30th of September).

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Laganas, Hy Lạp

Borsalino's" location is uniquely capable of providing the best of two worlds: The tranquillity of the Zakynthian nature and the intense, colourful cosmopolitan life of Laganas, just a few meters away.

Laganas area offers a unique combination of the Greek sun and the sea as well as the tranquillity with entertainment. Laganas is the most developed tourist resort in Zakynthos. In the center of Laganas (about 800m from "Borsalino") the visitor may shop at the very competent local market. The nearest super market is only 200m away.

The wonderful beach of Laganas with its many bars and restaurants is only 1500m from "Borsalino" apartments and studios. The wide, shallow beach, one of the most beautiful in Zakynthos is perfect for children and easily accessible, since every road in the area leads to some part of it.

The area is under the supervision of the Greek National Marine Park, due to the fact that it is one of the reproduction sites that the world-famous sea turtle Caretta-caretta uses.

"Borsalino" is located in a distance of 8 km from the town and port of Zakynthos, 5 km from the airport and only 300m from the nearest bus-stop.

Chủ nhà Elena

Đã tham gia vào tháng 7 năm 2018
    Yiannis is an extremely lively person who adores adventure besides choosing to do unusual things! He likes fishing in the open sea, training hawks, and paragliding. Moreover, together with his wife, Elena, they both take care of their guests in the ''Borsalino'' apartments. His great love for the sea, began when he was a young child as he used to go fishing with his rod in a small family boat. For many years, he has worked as a chef on cruise ships travelling around the world and gaining rich experience. Having gone fishing in many great seas, Yiannis has transformed his love into a highly special activity, ''the big game fishing''. He has been participating in this global sport for almost thirty years. Having taunted swordfish, tuna fish and Dorado, he is the only captain on Zakynthos island who, with his properly equipped boat, offers to the sea lovers the unique opportunity to take part in the big game fishing and turn their vacation into an unforgettable adventure! Join him and you will definitely have good fish!
    Yiannis is an extremely lively person who adores adventure besides choosing to do unusual things! He likes fishing in the open sea, training hawks, and paragliding. Moreover, toget…
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