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Jui Chi MaMa is a natural, beautiful and peaceful space. This room has a shared bathroom. We offer a natural environment with big garden surrounded by trees of many types. We have a good internet connection supported by the town's electricity and backed by solar panels making our space one of the best options in town for digital nomads.

This is a place to rest, to share, reconnect with nature and to look inside and get inspiration.

Chỗ ở
The space is full of natural beauty, fresh air and inspiring enviroment. The cabin is rustic and mostly made with organic material like bamboo and palm because we seek to preserve the values ​​of the ancestral towns of the region and to keep the rythm and beauty of nature as much as posible as well as allow the contemplation of nature outdoors.
The most popular beach is 15 minutes walking though a beautiful natural path and the main street with all the night live and restaurants is 7 minutes walking.
The rooms are comfortable and fresh throughout the whole year. We compose, recycle and take care of water as much as possible. We also have a huge outdoor space still on progress and making better everyday. Our next proyect is create a greenhouse with a bigger diversity of native vegetables. We also keep the seeds of a large variety of native trees with the goal to replant them and contribute with the reforestation of the sierra.
We love circus arts which is other of our proyects. We have a nice silks on a Soursop tree and working on the structure to hang a lyra and other aerial aparatus. On this space we also have a big clay oven we made on a amazing comunitary workshop and we love to cook family pizza!
We are all dreamers to have a better relation with our world being more respectful with it and looking for better habits and behaviors guided with love and tolerance for all.

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Palomino, La Guajira, Colombia

Jui Chi MaMa is located in the neighborhood El Divino Niño. It is a neighborhood of local population, a community mostly of fishermen and farmers. The neighborhood offers proximity to the sea, is a 15 minutes walk through a beautiful natural path where you will see other hostels and restaurants on the way. The neighborhood is close as well to the main street of the town, just 7 minutes walk, with many restaurants, bars and shops and all the night live. So here you will find a good combination of proximity to all the fun activities in town and at the same time have a very calm and peaceful experience. Palomino is a happy town, with a very artsy, fun, natural and minimal atmosphere where you can feel very safe anywhere at anytime.

Chủ nhà Sheilly

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We like to create an environment of trust in which we all feel integrated. We love to share stories, anecdotes about the experience the town, travels and its surroundings. And information about the original communities of the region and their culture and belief system. Also we are open to give recomendation about tours and things to do.
We like to create an environment of trust in which we all feel integrated. We love to share stories, anecdotes about the experience the town, travels and its surroundings. And in…
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