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Casa Lucomeni, Radda in Chianti, Siena and Chianti

Chỗ ở
There’s a real sense of luxury about this two-storey villa, even in the outside spaces. The private pool has an infinity edge, where bathers can linger and take in stellar views across the vineyards (non-swimmers can position themselves on a lounger on the paved surround or in the shade of the covered pergola). And there’s a charming stone-built loggia, furnished for dining, which flows through elegant arches onto an open terrace with uninterrupted views of the countryside.

Inside, the light-filled villa is equally easy on the eye. The cool white colour scheme, very occasionally lent a splash of colour in a cushion cover or well-chosen picture, amplifies the beauty of the materials, including wooden beams and furnishings, terracotta tiles on the floors and ceilings, and polished metal in the swish modern main kitchen. With copious sofas to relax on in the two lounges, and spacious bedrooms offering calming places to rest. Less is more in this chic uncluttered space.

Ground Floor


Table and chairs, main entrance to ground floor.


Two sofas, table and chairs, coffee table, bookshelves, main entrance.


Fully equipped.

Bedroom 1

Single bed, wardrobe, sofa, chair, doors to garden.

En-suite bathroom

Shower, sink, WC.

Bedroom 2

Double bed (cannot be converted into twins), wardrobe, desk, two chairs.

Bathroom 1

Shower, sink, WC.

First Floor


Stairs to ground floor.


Four sofas, armchair, side tables, cupboard, fireplace.


Fully equipped, table and chairs, wood-burning oven.

Bedroom 3

Twin beds (can be converted into a double), desk and chair.

En-suite bathroom

Bath with hand-held shower, sink, WC.

Bedroom 4

Twin beds (can be converted into a double), wardrobe, chest of drawers, two chairs, desk.

Bedroom 5

King-size bed (cannot be converted into twins), wardrobe, desk and chair.

Bathroom 2

Bath, shower, sink, WC.

Our Thoughts

Casa Lucomeni oozes style and is surely one of the most luxurious villas in our portfolio. This property really has the wow factor, from the structural highlights, such as the infinity pool and the loggia, to the dominance of the soft white tones that breathe air into the interiors and bring out the true beauty of the terracotta tiles and wooden beams. You won’t just go home with great memories of a holiday here, you’ll probably pick up some interior design tips, too.


Five bedrooms. Four bathrooms, two en-suite. There is no internal staircase between the ground and first floor. Each floor has its own private entrance. There is no air-conditioning but fans are provided free of charge. No pets allowed. Television channels are accessed via the internet. To access the TV signal, you must bring an internet-enabled device (eg. laptop) with an HDMI output socket.

Parking - 2 spaces on site.


The salt-water infinity pool is on a lower level in the grounds, down a flight of stone steps. The pool is fenced, with two lockable gates, and the water is accessed via internal steps. A paved surround and covered pergola provide places to relax and take in wonderful views across the olive groves and vineyards.

Pool size: 13x4.5m, 1-2m deep. Open from May through September, weather permitting. Gated Pool.

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Vị trí

Radda in Chianti, Italy, Italy

Chủ nhà To Tuscany

Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2018
  • 45 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
Over 20 years ago, I moved to Tuscany with my Italian wife and founded To Tuscany as a villa rental company. Our first rentals were in a country residence in Chianti. We offered guests a tailored vacation using our local knowledge and personal service. Today you can experience the same at over 600 superb villas. Our concierge service is included with every rental and means you save time and enjoy personalised services and experiences from the Tuscany experts such as a private chef, wine tastings and guided tours. With our unrivalled local knowledge, gain unique access to Tuscany's hidden treasures and make your trip to Tuscany an unforgettable experience. Sean Caulfield Founder
Over 20 years ago, I moved to Tuscany with my Italian wife and founded To Tuscany as a villa rental company. Our first rentals were in a country residence in Chianti. We offered gu…
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