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Toàn bộ nhà ở. Chủ nhà Maki

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※ Up to 6th May, we have a maximum capacity of 5 people.

This is a private house (villa) in Iwaya, Awaji City.

The room is 79m². Up to 8 people can stay.
It is a 3-minute drive from Awaji Exit (Highway Oasis).
Close to Iwaya Port, fishing is also possible.
Also, Iwaya Beach is very close and the best location.
Since there is a water supply outside, you can wash various things outdoors.

The location is Awaji City Iwaya 2910.
3 minutes by car from Awaji IC on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway.

Chỗ ở
This is a large house. You can park on site.
Please feel free to relax with your family and friends while feeling the sea of ​​Awaji Island up close.

● About luggage
[Before check-in]
Even before check-in, you can leave your luggage after 10am.
From 10:00 to 17:00, it is cleaning time, so you cannot spend it in your room.

☆ Living & Bed Room ☆
3 semi-double beds
Software Bed
Air Con
Vacuum cleaner
Trash can
Iron stand
Electric heater

☆ Kitchin ☆
Electronic range
Electric water heater
2 stoves
The dishes
Kitchen knife
Cutting board
Hot pot
rice cooker

☆ Bath room ☆
Body soap
Cotton swab
Hair dryer
Washing machine
Laundry Detergent

☆ Entrance ☆

★ Garden ★
・ Barbecue cooker
* Please prepare charcoal.
・ Garden parasol
・ Table

★About Coronavirus protective measures★
We are implementing the following steps to prevent coronavirus infection.
・We put a hand sanitizer on the entrance of the house
・We put a hand soap on the room.
・Cleaning staffs are wearing masks
・We use chlorine-based detergent to thoroughly clean the bathroom and living room.
・All the sheets and bedding are cleaned by degerming agent . They are disinfectant.

★ About pet companion ★
・ If you are accompanied with a pet, we will charge 3,000 yen per pet. Please let us know when making reservation.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Baby Car (reservation system free)
Baby bed (reservation system free)
Baby chair (reservation system free)
Wheelchair (reservation required, pay)

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Awaji, Hyogo, Nhật Bản

It is a detached house near the fishing port by the sea.
Sunrise is very beautiful. We recommend that you get up early and watch the morning sun.
In the afternoon, fresh fish will go up in the fishing port. At the fish shop along the sea, it will be fun just to see a variety of freshly caught fish.
You can enjoy Bugu in winter. If you wish, you can have a puffer and eat a puffer in your room. Please ask the staff for details.

It is convenient to use the shower immediately after swimming in the beach.
You can go out for a walk to hear the sound of the waves at night.

There are barbecue stoves and table sets in the garden, so you can use them freely.

A place where you can fully enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Awaji.

Chủ nhà Maki

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こんにちは。 私のお部屋をご覧いただきありがとうございます。 大阪、兵庫県淡路島、三重県、滋賀県、と複数のお部屋を管理しています。 ご家族やお友達同士で楽しく過ごしていただき、思い出に残るような空間づくりを心掛けています。 どのエリアも楽しんでいただける観光スポットや穴場的なお勧めスポットが多数ありますのでプランに迷ったりした時はいつでもご相談ください。

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  • Erina

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Contact me whenever you are in trouble. We promise to answer you right away. For example ...
• Lost your way.
• Can't find the key. I don't know.
・ I want to arrange taxi.
・ I would like to introduce a recommended restaurant.
・ I would like to make a reservation over the phone. You can use a network up or you can use a twitter. We support you so that you can enjoy your trip smoothly. Please contact us !
Contact me whenever you are in trouble. We promise to answer you right away. For example ...
• Lost your way.
• Can't find the key. I don't know.
・ I want to arra…
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