Cegu Valley Family Farm and Forest

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We are located in the dry coastal foothills of Vanua Levu, surrounded by mangroves, the Tabia River and the third largest reef in the world. We have converted the old sugarcane plantation into a sustainable farm and forest where you will experience a rural lifestyle and be accepted as part of our family.
See additional rules for covering provisional meals.

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The room is dormitory style with 6 bunk beds and is clean but basic. The windows are insect screened and we have solar lighting. We can arrange the room and beds to serve your needs; such as join 2 beds to make a king-sized bed. We have outdoor compost toilets and shower blocks (with cold water only). Wi-Fi is available.
Around the farm, you may encounter mosquitoes, sand flies, bees, red ants, yellow-jacket wasps and centipedes so insect repellent and antihistamine will be provided.
We eat together as a family and can cater for most dietary needs if given advance notice. We serve mostly organic local cuisine, grown on the farm.
Whilst we live close to the sea, we are surrounded by mangroves and the nearest beach is some distance away, so trips need to be planned.
You should know that Fiji is hot and humid from December through to April.
The level of farm and family interaction is up to you. You may prefer to be left alone to read or sleep under a rain tree, or you may like to interact with the farm animals or help harvest farm produce for the table and cook it yourself. The more adventurous may don a protective suit and participate in beekeeping. Alternatively, you may hike the trail through regenerated sandalwood forest and coconut plantation and look out over the ocean.
Our farm is a platform for community outreach and we can connect you to local churches doing out-reach in other places not too far away.

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Sasa, Northern Division, Fiji

Our neighbors are friendly, hard-working sugarcane and rice farmers and welcome a visit almost anytime.
We are a 15 minute walk from Palmlea Lodge where you can enjoy great dining, a beer and a swim.
Picturesque Savusavu is a two hour drive through a mountain pass where you can see a waterfall, snorkel the "split rock" or sit at the Copra Shed and look at the yachts over a cup of coffee.

Chủ nhà Chuck

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    We have family staying on the farm 24-7 and are contactable by cell-phone and internet.
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