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Spacious for 4 to 6 guests. Special rates for 2....using downstairs only. Send inquiry.

Drive through the farm gate and you will look down upon a lovely old white farmhouse with black shutters. Next to it is a spring house with a running water cauldron that transports water through the trough and down the hill. Front and back porches will invite you to survey the rolling pastures and if you are lucky, the cows will be nearby on this day.

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If you like old houses and accept the fact that this one is old(1922) and has a few defects by today’s building standards, then this house may suit you for a few days. Some of the floors are not perfectly level, most interior walls were paneled and some have been painted to lighten the room. It is a cold house in the winter, but there are heating sources, including an oil furnace, gas logs, wood burning stove and electric heaters.

The downstairs is being offered as a comfortable, unique retreat with a large, eat-in kitchen, laundry room, den/office area, full bathroom with adjoining dressing room, entrance foyer, and downstairs bedroom with queen size bed, armoire, and desk. There is also a formal living room with a full length sofa, chair, and gas log fireplace. Three bedrooms upstairs provide additional sleeping areas. The loft has a twin bed and armoire. Next is a large room with trundle beds and a TV with Dish. The third room upstairs has a double bed. As is typical of old farmhouses, one walks through each room to get to the next. There is much charm, however, in the upstairs rooms, with their pine floors and views of the countryside. To get upstairs, the staircase is in the foyer and has a railing on one side only, so care should be taken with any children who are here.

There is WiFi throughout the house and Roku TV in the downstairs bedroom, along with Dish. The wifi password is farmhouse19.

As we come into colder weather, note that downstairs is well heated with gas logs, oil furnace, and wood stove. The upstairs bedrooms are NOT heated. There are lots of blankets and quilts, but no direct heat upstairs.

We have loved this place for more than 15 years and have worked to make it comfortable. The best features are the pastoral and long range views from the porches. Black and white cows are our neighbors. The house is on an acre surrounded by a 40 acre pasture. Cows graze within feet of our porches at various times. They are rotated for grass feeding.

Another neighbor from afar is a Christmas tree farmer. It is fun to watch them carry trees down the hills to the loading site. Actually, from the farmhouse, you will see no one, except when the pumpkins or trees are brought down. The house is completely private and you may feel that you are the only humans around. You, however, may see deer and wild turkeys.

A creek runs behind the house at the bottom of an adjoining pasture. Water runs from a spring on the hillside into a trough into the spring house and back down the hill to the creek. Water is pumped into the house, so it is always plentiful. Sitting on the front porch, you can always hear running water.

If you are interested in spending a few days in this farmhouse, please request a reservation, so I can answer any questions.

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Jefferson, North Carolina, Hoa Kỳ

The farmhouse is quiet and private. It is a place to sit and breathe deeply, meditate, write poetry, enjoy being alive.

But if you are coming for skiing:
Appalachian Skiing is 39 miles,
Sugar is 46 miles and
Beech is 53.

It is 8 miles from Jefferson, about 10 miles from West Jefferson. It is within 10-12 miles from a Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement store, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and other recognizable businesses. It is also with 10-20 miles of unique restaurants, such a Pie on the Mountain in Lansing, Shatley Springs, Smokey Mountain Barbeque.

River activities are plentiful in and around the New River which runs through Ashe County.

Chủ nhà Carolyn

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 năm 2018
  • 78 đánh giá
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
I am a retired college professor. I am a grandmother with a passion for quilting. You will see some of my quilts in this home. Enjoy them while you are visiting here.

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  • Katrina

Trong thời gian ở

336 628 1553
Feel free to text or call.

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