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Với tốc độ 84 Mbps, bạn có thể thực hiện cuộc gọi video và phát trực tuyến video cho cả nhóm.
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90% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho vị trí này.


Mọi đặt phòng đều được bảo vệ miễn phí trong trường hợp Chủ nhà hủy, thông tin nhà/phòng cho thuê không chính xác và những vấn đề khác như sự cố trong quá trình nhận phòng.
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Cosy Caravan on green rustic dike. Away from the busyness of the city, a place to relax and to enjoy the sunset. Spacious garden with various vegetation surrounded by water. Perfect to relax, read, bbq, having a walk, cycle, fishing, and enjoy the country side. Just steps away from authentic Dutch Windmill build in 1841. Location between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Simplicity, cosyness and privacy.
Surrounded by nature and curious dairy cows.
A place to remember!

Chỗ ở
Come stay in our cozy caravan (24m2). The caravan is situated on a private dike with plenty of water around. It completely feels like an island. The garden (exclusive for guests) has a wide variety of vegetation.
Front view of the caravan is green grass land (meadow), where you can see cows, sheep or other animals. On the south west side of the property there is a tree hut for children to play and hang around. This tree hut goes unnoticed because of vegetation and camouflage.
The terrace is covered with a roof so you can eat outside regardless the weather situation. A private green grass yard is there for you to to relaxing, reading, sunbathing, playing, camping with kids outside to count the stars.
There is a picnic table and a barbecue (BBQ) for you to enjoy.
When you exit the property towards the south you find a gate that leads you to the top of the dike. You have a fabulous view as well. The river named “De Geer” provides you countless possibilities for activities. You can swim, fish, or cross the street where you can hike in the nature where no car can come. You can also turn left into a by trees surrounded little road and after 10 minutes you find a local organic restaurant with a watch tower with another magnificent view.

The caravan has one private bedroom, with double bed. We set for 2 people but allow for family with kids with Condition: The living room can be turned into a second bedroom. You lower the table, rearrange the pillows and you have a magnificent double bed as well. Normally 2 people (on request)
Overall we recommend bookings for 2 people.
When you face a cold evening, please do use the electrical heater to heat up the caravan in matter of minutes.

Fresh bed linens and towels included, and other amenities hairdryer and iron, helping you lighten your luggage and still have neat clothes.
There is a Wardrobe next to the room to neatly store your clothes.


The kitchen has everything you need for stay, inductie stove, Crockery, cutlery, pots, plates, microwave and oven, coffee/cappuccino maker, toaster (on request), water cooker, refrigerator.

We believe that coffee is an important part of the experience and the coffee machine is a Philips Saeco with fresh coffee beans. With the milk carafe you have the opportunity to make yourself a fresh cappuccino in the morning……or afternoon….or evening. Whenever you want.

The bathroom is located outside of caravan. 3 steps away from entrance door you find the toilet and a place to shower. You can have a convenient hot shower and be refreshed after a hot summer day (or the outdoor activities you have been doing that day)

At the moment we have several bicycles (also for children) that we offer to guest to use. Those are not the best bikes there are, but they typically fit the purpose to make a little tour. We highly recommend guest to take their own bikes with them, but in case you can find one of our bikes as a fit feel free to grab one and do a little tour.

We have 3 adult canoes and 1 child canoe for rent. Nice at a hot summer evening.

Have any questions or need more information? Just ask!
We are eager to make your stay memorable and we are eager to learn.

If you don’t like something, tell US.
If you like your stay, tell OTHERS.

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Ven sông/hồ/biển
Wi-fi nhanh – 84 Mbps
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Cho phép thú cưng
Sân sau riêng – Có hàng rào kín
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Wilnis, Utrecht, Hà Lan

Location between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Close to Breukelen train station.
It is in small village, farming area, peaceful and relaxing area, with a lot of nature, animals, water/river, birds, etc.
A perfect place to enjoy beautiful Sunrise and Sunset.
If you like nature..this is your heaven on earth place!
If you like history, just steps away from authentic Dutch Windmill build in 1841, and few kilometers away from beautiful Castle De Haar.
Walking distance from Restaurant Pavilion "De Grote Sniep", a local organic restaurant with regional products.
Surrounded by nature and curious dairy cows.

Chủ nhà Stevany

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Một người Indonesia sống ở Hà Lan. Một du khách yêu thích ẩm thực hoặc ẩm thực địa phương nơi tôi đã ghé thăm, khám phá kho báu ẩn thay vì địa điểm du lịch và tôi thích nấu ăn Indonesia. Giờ đây, điểm đến du lịch yêu thích của tôi là quê hương tôi, Manado, Indonesia.
Hãy làm việc chăm chỉ và "đi du lịch"!
Một người Indonesia sống ở Hà Lan. Một du khách yêu thích ẩm thực hoặc ẩm thực địa phương nơi tôi đã ghé thăm, khám phá kho báu ẩn thay vì địa điểm du lịch và tôi thích nấu ăn Indo…

Đồng chủ nhà

  • Peter

Trong thời gian ở

We will leave you alone, respect your privacy. But also please respect our house rules

- SMOKING WEED or CIGARETTES ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE HOUSE/ROOM. We will charges extra high cleaning fee if we smell cigarettes or weed.

And we are open to give you some tips.
"We are available when you have need"
We can be reached via an app / message for advice and specific wishes,
We will leave you alone, respect your privacy. But also please respect our house rules

  • Ngôn ngữ: Nederlands, English, Bahasa Indonesia
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