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Quarto dos Rapazes - suite - A Pausa - B&B - Alvor

Phòng riêng tại biệt thự. Chủ nhà David
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David là Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Chủ nhà siêu cấp là những chủ nhà có kinh nghiệm, được đánh giá cao và là những người cam kết mang lại quãng thời gian ở tuyệt vời cho khách.
Know as the boys room. A warm room - a languid, slow space. Direct access to the big veranda and a private bathroom across a narrow hall. Compact without feeling cramped, with practical shower bench in which you can sit while letting the hot or cold shower wash away your maladies.

An ever growing garden surrounds A Pausa. Luxury summerhouse with a swimming pool, a tennis court, a small orchard, and a large outdoor area. Just 5 minutes away from some of Algarves finest beaches. Welcome!

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Covid-19 update
We’re using the CDC recommended guidelines for an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting routine. We’ve organized a comprehensive checklist and ran it through with our cleaner to ensure that we’re taking all the necessary measures to have A Pausa be the safest place it can be. You’re welcome to express any concerns or requests you might have regarding the extra measures we’re taking. Certified "Clean and Safe".

Time flows differently in A Pausa, our 7 bedroom Bed and Breakfast. Days spent here are filled with sweet indolence and a nostalgia for the present. We’re lucky to be able to share our beautiful space and nature with our guests, and hope to impart what makes this place so special. Read on for a sneak-peak on what to expect out of your stay in A Pausa.

If you feel like staying indoors, house is still and quiet, it emanates a dignified tranquility from the polished marble floors and marked architecture. Upstairs, the blue library is well equipped for either a soulful evening by the fireplace, a cards or board games night, or to become a quiet and inspiring office space, with a view over the property and towards the mountains of Monchique. For a dinner in, the villa has plenty of spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, capable of seating a crowd. The fully equipped kitchen is centrally situated. The two big dinning rooms, one with a glass table, another with a marble table, fit well up to 14-18 people, and each has its own personality, the marble table historically having been used for either more formal occasions or huge celebrations, and the glass table for day-to-day meals. We hope you will explore both dinning spaces and see if you feel a difference. There are also the lounging areas which offer a blend of art decco and minimalist architecture, as well as more current design influences, like a home - always developing and well taken care of, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also upstairs, the typical Algarvian varanda offers a welcoming respite from the hot midday sun, overlooking the pool, front garden, and water fountain patio.

Outdoors, you’ll find an expansive garden with hundreds of species of flowers, trees, bushes, wild rabbits if you’re lucky enought to spot them, and rows of organic fruit trees - oranges, tangerines, lemons, figs, guavas, avocados, loquats, cherimoyas, almonds and more, that you’re welcome to explore, play in, practice sports in, pick and eat from. You can also cool off in the large pool, play outdoor games in the big grass field surrounding the pool, or lie on the deck and enjoy the sun surrounded by landscaped gardens. The private tennis/volleyball/basketball court (a 3 in 1) embody our belief in the importance of movement and sports. There’s also a ping-pong table, if you prefer, and we provide all the material you need for these activities. Our moorish inspired red terrace features a little water fountain with the relaxing sound of running water, plenty of seating room, and a portable charcoal barbecue.

All 7 bedrooms have been carefully re-decorated and renewed (new mattresses, pillows, bed and bathroom clothes), and each has its own charming personality. All except one have the latest air conditioning technology, and all except one have a private bathroom. Check our other listings for more information on this, or contact us for details.
A Pausa is the perfect place for a family with kids and pets travelling together, or a group of friends that need to get some work done while travelling. We’re so lucky to have had big groups like this stay and come back year after year, and that’s one of the things we cherish the most about sharing A Pausa. You can freely explore and use the whole property - we just ask you to treat it with care. Explore and enjoy!

All bed clothing, bathroom commodities, and pool/beach towels are included, as well as a daily cleaning service.

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Portimão, Faro District, Bồ Đào Nha

We’re situated about 1km away from the charming town of Alvor, with it’s beautiful beach, local restaurants and bars, and peaceful suroundings.
On the direction about 3km away we have the more lively city of Portimão, with a daily local market where you can buy fresh fish from the ocean, and all kinds of fresh produce; two shopping malls, a marina, more beaches, a little historical center and museum.
Within a 5 min walk we have a very nice local bakery called Mel & Canela as well as a local tiny market (Mercado Xavier) with all the food essentials you need. If you want to explore the surounding towns, a pausa is only a two-minute drive or 15 min walk from the town centre of Alvor, one of the few remaining Algarvian small fishing towns that retain the charm of authenticity. It has some of the most beautiful portuguese beaches (Praia dos Três Irmãos, Praia de Alvor, Praia do Alemão, and others), restaurants that are worth a long trip for (A Restinga, O Mercado da Ria), and sights you’ll carry in your heart for a long time (a ria de Alvor broadwalk). It’s a small town, but there’s also plenty of shopping to do and fantastic evening entertainment.
Just a few minutes more of travel will take you to Portimão (4km from pausa), known for its stunning cliffs, grottos and crystal clear water. Portimão is the 2nd largest city in the Algarve, so you’ll be able to find big shopping areas and malls, a great old-school style market (Mercado de Portimão) with fresh local produce, fresh fish caught by local fishermen, meat, fruit, bread, cheese, etc. You could shop your whole shopping list here.
From golf to motorsports, skydiving to scubbadiving, hiking to sailing, you will find plenty of activities near this villa in Portugal.

Chủ nhà David

Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2018
  • 60 đánh giá
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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
If you visit now ask me about Tibetan singing bowls sound therapy session, I’ll be happy to give you one for free!
Đồng chủ nhà
  • Rhina
Trong thời gian ở
We (David, Rhina, the happy reception dog Minnie, and introvert cat Baltazar) live in a small house apart from the villa on the same property. You will have your privacy and don't have to worry about making noise when enjoying the pool or having an all night party. But should you encounter a problem in the house, we will be available.
We (David, Rhina, the happy reception dog Minnie, and introvert cat Baltazar) live in a small house apart from the villa on the same property. You will have your privacy and don't…
David là một Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Chủ nhà siêu cấp là những người có kinh nghiệm, được đánh giá cao và cam kết mang lại kỳ nghỉ tuyệt vời cho khách.
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