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The Eranu b&b has two double rooms and a triple, everyone with private bathroom, air conditioned and Wi-Fi. There's also a kitchen and a big patio.
We've situated in the south of Sardinia, 3 km from the beautiful beach of Solanas, 10 from Villasimus.

You're tired of the summer, bored of collegue's pinterest about their beautiful holidays "in a secret beach"? You had an august of hard working, cause all people was away? Don't mind, autumn is coming, it's your time.

In Solanas valley, you'll thinks people have ever cheated on you.
In the garden of our b&b, olives are growing on the trees, run up for the fresh oil you can taste in a fresh salad or simply up of a slide of homemade bread.
You can pick up an apple or a pomegranate of the tree and seat on the patio, having a rest in the breeze.
You can contemplate all the september lies, in the roses blossom. Drunk of the first rain, they give new colors to the landscape.

In five minutes driving, you hit the beach, where summer crowd it's just a memory, and you think that the golden sand, the clear water and the sunset are only for you and your sweetheart.
If you have minded to carry up your running shoes, you can start your days running, in ten minutes (3 km.) of running you're at the beach. An old dirt road next to the creek lead you through the grazings, submerged by the mediterranean bush smells.

The gentle weather it's still good for a swim, and the season give to the sea colors more definites and trues.
But if you love cycling, we can help you to rent one good bike and give you some suggestion for routes and paths in the nearby. Our b&b is surrounded by beautiful hills, close to the "7 Brothers Park" and the scenic route will give you breathtaking views.
If you love hiking, we can give you some suggestion for the Sentiero Italia, a well signaled path, that ends in Castiadas, fifteen minutes driving. Or we can contact for you some local guide, that will you conduct in several excursion and off road tours in 4WD.
In 20 minutes driving, you can reach the house of the 7 Brothers park, where you can visit the deer museum, and forest rangers will give you informations about the different length's paths, and the life in the park. There are also picnic areas, and a botanical garden, where you can meet the deers, that in autumn nights make resounds their bellings and their fights.
If you interested in the story, you can join in 15 min. driving the Castiadas penal colonial, walk along the ancient jail, where thousands of prisoners stay, and work hard to drain our region.

But autumn means also no more traffic - finally - on the streets, and in half an hour you can join Cagliari, the melting pot of the island.

Our capital combine secular history and modern times.
In Marina neighborhood (its "Mitte") you can seat outdoors and taste arabic street food, sardinian fish and chips, indian food, or traditional sardinian dishes, with ripened cheeses, mushrooms and the others seasonal products, enjoining the fresh novello wines, and surrounded by the ancients pisanes buildings.
In Castello, you can spend time having a spritz on the panoramic terraces, or visit the National Archeological Museum, where you can have a taste of the ancient neuralgic culture, and admire the Giants of Mont'e Prama, all-round sculptures that are ones of the most ancient anthropomorphic sculptures in the mediterranean area.

For us too, in Eranu b&b, autumn means more quiet, and we have the time for give the best for your stay.
We have a fridge for the guests, our kitchen is at your disposal and the barbecue too, and we can give you some advice for where buy the best products in the nearby and for local recipes to cook them. Both of us we worked in restaurants before, so you can trust us!
Otherwise, if you prefer a "second honey moon" holiday, we will step aside, and just provide that flowers in the table are always fresh, and your stay simply perfect.

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Solanas, Sardinia, Italy

Chủ nhà Eranu

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