Treehouse - Sleeping on a Durian tree

Nhà trên cây. Chủ nhà Kim & Eric

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The double-storey treehouse is built within a 16-acre sustainably farmed fruit orchard located 300m above sea level. Fitted around an 80-year old durian tree, it is built by hand with recycled wood and bamboo harvested from the land. The treehouse has no walls, only bamboo blinds that open up to the trees all around so nature comes to you.

Durians fruit only once a year at the farm, in June and July, so, worry not - no durian smell except during fruiting season in these 2 months.

Chỗ ở
This is a unique lodging set amidst an orchard, with no air condition because the air is pleasantly cool at night. At the treehouse, your stay will be a serene, peaceful and restful one with the sound of crickets and glittering stars on a clear night. By morning, you will awake to the early birds chirping out songs. About 35 types of birds have been spotted at our farm by a renowned local naturalist.

A private foot path leads to the treehouse. On the lower deck, guests sleep on artisan-made stringed beds (chapoi) with a light mattress that allows airflow. On the upper deck is space for daytime relaxation accompanied by the hanging trunk of our 80-year-old durian tree, complete with hammock, a jute-swinging chair, dining table, fridge and kettle. The bathroom comes with modern amenities where guests bathe in spring water piped to a rainshower (no electric water heater).

There's space for an extra bed for a third person. Please write to us for rates.

Your 2 nights' stay includes:

- Daily breakfast served at the common hut. Guests can expect a wholesome breakfast of freshly picked free range eggs from our chickens, country loaves, salad greens, farm-made jams, freshly picked tropical fruits and farm brews.

- A farm tour / walk with us after your check-in where we share our sustainable farming methods, pick or harvest ripened fruits or wild herbs so you can try them on the spot and discover some age-old traditional remedies.

- Durian-Fruiting Season (June and July)
If your stay is in the month of June or July, a durian tasting session is included for you and your partner to savour the flavours of different varieties of durians. Our farm is home to 450 matured durian trees of 35 varieties and another 100 of other tropical fruit trees.

- Non-Durian-Fruiting Season
If your stay is during non-durian-fruiting months, we will provide a dinner on your first night with us, a half day outing within the local village and a lunch the next day. Note: This meal and outing option is not valid for durian-fruiting-season guests in June or July.

Other facilities include a natural stream water pool where guests can enjoy a refreshing swim. Water in the pool is naturally ionized by the granite terrain of the hills that it flows through.

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Penang, Malaysia

We are located 3km away or 10 minutes' drive from the town centre in Balik Pulau, convenient for trying out local eateries and the famous Balik Pulau Laksa, exploring the local market which is open daily from morning till noon.

Chủ nhà Kim & Eric

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 năm 2015
    My husband, Eric and I have been running our family-owned farm for the last 10 years. It was our son, then 5 years old, who was our motivation as we wanted to give him farm life experience. We have all shared this incredible journey from being ordinary city folks to learning about farming and living more sustainably. We are now aware of our impact on the environment and are taking steps to make our little farm a better place. We also realize that we need to create more awareness of the environment and the way we do it is through the stomachs of our visitors. As did we, we were only convinced of the vitality of the food we ate when we had our first farm to table meal at the farm. We hope to share back to basics, chemical free food with our guests. In return, we hope that our guests will take this greener lifestyle journey with us (and convince our son as well).
    My husband, Eric and I have been running our family-owned farm for the last 10 years. It was our son, then 5 years old, who was our motivation as we wanted to give him farm life ex…

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